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The water boiled, and the air was suffused by a nice and attractive aroma.

Countless aquatic creatures were boiled into a giant pot of soup by Man Man, and this great smell made Yu Mu swallow his saliva in the distance. Ji Hao threw a glance at him and found that his eyes had even turned red, gazing at that boiling water. Those eyeballs couldn’t even move anymore.

That large crab roared in a fury. Man Man was cruel, that except for the ones at the senior-level and above, all aquatic warriors under the crab’s command were boiled to death. This completely infuriated the crab.

"Die!" From tens of miles away, the crab wielded his pincers and smashed his pair of hammers down towards Ji Hao’s head, along with bolts of lightning.

Ji Hao snorted coldly, trod on a beam of golden light, and rushed out. He raised the nine suns devil-destroying sword with his right hand and the spear with his left hand. These two supreme treasures started two dazzling streams of golden light and hacked on the two hammers of the crab.

This crab was powerful, and the power vibration he released was strong as well. He was probably above the grade of peak-level Divine Magi. Nevertheless, this pair of hammers waved by him were made from ordinary alloy, without any special technique.

Ji Hao scanned across this pair of hammers, which were nearly ten-meters wide, with his spirit power. He found that these two hammers were filled with holes and thin cracks, and many impurities like sands and seashells. Although the hammers had some pretty powerful spell symbols on it, in Ji Hao’s eyes, these two hammers were no different from garbage.

Bang! Bang! The pair of hammers were shattered into bits. Countless small pieces zipped out while thunderbolts burst from the hammerheads, randomly landing on Ji Hao. The stainless cloak released that dazzling golden light again and turned them into nothingness before they could even approach him.

The large crab paused in shock. His pair of stick-like eyes moved up and down for a while, then he suddenly burst with a shrill shout. He opened his mouth and let out a sharp silver-white stream of water towards Ji Hao.

A puffing noise was started. The water-stream-like thing was actually condensed from lightning bolts. This crab was quite gifted, that he could even turn lightning bolts into water-like dense streams, and accumulate it inside his body.

The dense stream of lightning bolts dazzled out, but Ji Hao didn’t dodge it, letting it pour on his head and face.

Countless bolts of lightning sizzled on Ji Hao’s body, but as the nine blazing sun flashed across, a strong golden light dispelled all the lightning bolts. Ji Hao swung his left arm forwards and threw out the nine suns spear, creating a beam of golden light in the air.

The large crab howled out loud, wielded his pair of pincers, and raised numerous hundreds of meters thick water walls from the floodwater. Dense, watery mist rolled up and shielded the crab and those water walls behind it. Nevertheless, how powerful was the nine suns spear? The water walls were split up one after another, while the nine suns spear flew swiftly towards the crab.

When the nine sun spear was only less than three-hundred meters from the crab, a red light sparkled in the boiling water behind the crab. The one hundred and eight fire dragon pearls thrown out by Man Man earlier darted out and violently struck on the crab’s back, along with an ear-piercing series of swishing noise.

Then, a quick series of thuds spread out. Those fire dragon pearls could release a destructive fire power, but they were not heavy at all, neither could they cause severe damage when smashed on someone’s back. The one hundred and eight fire dragon pearls struck down in a row, but only manage to sway the crab’s body.

However, every single fire dragon pearl injected a fearful stream of poisonous earth fire into the crab’s body. The large crab opened his mouthpart, but this time, he couldn’t let bubbles out of that mouth. Instead, what spurted from it were glowing-red streams of fire.

In the air, a nice aroma of stewed crab started spreading.

The large crab raised his head and seemed to scream in pain. But large streams of fire had been swooshing out of his mouth, disabling him from making any sound.

The nine suns spear caused another shrill swishing noise while it penetrated the crab’s body. Ji Hao locked his finger together and quickly cast a magic, deeply shouting ‘blow’. The nine suns spear blasted inside the crab’s body and released dense spheres of essence sun fire. Countless streaks of flame squeezed out from the cracks of the crab’s shell, stuck on his body, and wrapped him entirely up.

This large crab was indeed amazingly powerful. That shell of his must have been cultivated for countless years, as it was incredibly sturdy.

Within around ten breaths, the things inside that shell were burned out completely, but the shell remained perfectly undamaged. On the contrary, burned by the essence sun fire, the crab shell was added with a crystal-like luster, and even seemed like bronze-colored glass.

Nevertheless, it was the essence sun fire after all. As the golden flame lingered on the shell, the edge of that shell showed a sign of melting. Ji Hao pointed his finger out and took back the nine suns spear and all the essence sun fire.

"Great treasure!" Before Ji Hao could collect that crab shell, Yu Mu had already rushed over while drooling. He seized the crab shell as quickly as he could and said, "This treasure is with an amazing flavor. It’s perfect for making stock!"

Ji Hao paused for a second. Looking at Yu Mu’s face, which was filled with longing, Ji Hao’s mouth corner twitched, but he didn't say a word.

This crab shell could even maintain its shape in the essence sun fire for a while. Anyone would try everything to make it into a top-grade armor, no? That would be a peak-level Divine-grade magic treasure at least, and could even become an inherited treasure of a large human clan!

But Yu Mu was actually going to make stock with it!

"Foodie!" Ji Hao complained in a low voice while Yu Mu trod on water, running here and there in satisfaction. He was collecting the corpses of those aquatic warriors, meters long eels, foot-long pond loaches, chariot-sized frogs, water-tank-sized viviparidae...

The bodies of these spirit creatures were nourished by natural powers, and tasted much better than ordinary aquatic creatures. With Yu Mu’s cooking skills, these corpses could absolutely become countless delicious dishes back in Yao Mountain City.

Thinking of those incomparably delicious food cooked by Yu Mu with weird methods, even Ji Hao involuntarily swallowed his saliva.

"Ji Hao! Be careful!" While Ji Hao was silently feeling shame for himself, Shaosi’s shout came from behind him. Meanwhile, a swishing noise could be heard. The spear thrown out by Shaosi sliced the air open and flew over from above Ji Hao’s shoulder, fiercely piercing towards the silhouette that abruptly appeared in front of Ji Hao.

That man-shaped silhouette was covered in a faint layer of watery mist, with a black steel sword held in his left hand. At the moment, he was swinging the sword down towards Ji Hao’s face. Seeing Shaosi’s spear flying over, the silhouette snorted, slightly raised the black sword, and accurately hit the spearhead.

Clang! The spear thrown out by Shaosi with all of her strength was easily sent flying away by the sword. The spear zipped straight up into the sky and disappeared within a blink of an eye.

Ji Hao took a step backward, and that silhouette suddenly made a step forward, lunging the sword towards Ji Hao’s heart.

Behind Ji Hao, Yao Meng’s raging growl came from the distance, "The God of Si Water! You and my Si Water City have been friends for generations! What are you doing?!"

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