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Spirit animals, especially the ones had just gained the basic intelligence, ha simple minds— Following the powerful ones! Therefore, since the crab roared on the coming wave, the thirty-million aquatic warriors, who had just surrendered to Ji Hao, yelled out simultaneously, rushing to Ji Hao, Yao Meng and his warriors crazily.

Yao Meng vomited blood. Seeing this, warriors under his command fell into panic. Hearing that everyone in Si Water City was slaughtered, Yao Meng’s warriors fighting spirit dropped like anything, as all of them began drawing back to Yao Meng.

But those aquatic warriors who rushed to Ji Hao’s warriors were less fortunate. They squeezed together rather tight. If they had stayed motionless, they would have been fine. But once they moved, Yu Mu gave his order, following which, almost every single one of the over one-hundred-thousand Maguspriests brought over by Ji Hao threw out a handful of their secretly concocted magic poison.

At present, every human Maguspreist had learned a few magic drug concocting skills, so that they could help their clansmen live a better life. Every Maguspreist had his or her own specialties, and all Maguspreist had their own special formulas. Now, over a hundred thousand different types of magic poisons mixed together, and a terrifying result was instantly generated.

Poisonous powders and liquid spread in the air and merged with each other, creating a bright light and large clouds of poisonous smoke.

Swoosh! A colorful dense cloud emerged, covering the air for hundreds of miles. This complicated poisonous cloud quickly spread out in all directions and enveloped half of the aquatic army.

Puffing noise could be heard without an end as those aquatic warriors screamed miserably. Their shells and skin were corroded by the poisonous mist. Blood gushed out from their wounds, making them twitch on the ground in pain.

Within a few breaths, over eighty percent of those aquatic creatures died in the woods. Poisonous blood flowed down light a flood and dyed the surging floodwater red. Then, the strong poison contained in the blood killed countless more aquatic warriors in the water.

The ones who luckily survived the poison screamed crazily. Led by that large crab, they fearlessly rushed towards those elite warriors under Ji Hao’s command. Tens of thousands of Jia Clan warriors laughed excitedly. They raised their heavy weapons while flame-like blood-red airwaves rose around their bodies.

A big half of these Jia Clan warriors under Ji Hao’s command belonged to Di Family, and had followed Di Yantuo to Yao Mountain City. The power they inherited was the power of the blood curse from Blood Moon. The dense blood flame burned and coiled on their weapons.

Heavy weapons smashed down over and over again, sending up tens of thousands of dragon-like blood-red light streams. Large numbers of aquatic warriors were blown up by the blood-red light streams. Those relatively stronger ones barely fended themselves against the blood-red light, but under the effect of Blood Moon power, their bodies began withering rapidly.

Following a loud puffing noise, many relatively powerful aquatic warriors had their spirit blood drained by the blood-red light, powerlessly lying on the ground.

The wave roared in the distance, and on it, the large bronze crab screamed furiously. He let out countless fist-sized bubbles from his mouth, swishing towards Ji Hao like shooting stars.

Yao Meng was suffering a heartache, and couldn’t stop vomiting blood. Over ten-thousand elite warriors gathered around him, and those bubbles let out by the crab were like a storm that covered Ji Hao, Yao Meng, and all warriors around him.

Ji Hao’s body shone with a golden light, and nine suns rose from his body. They evaporated all the bubbles within the area three-hundred meters around him in a flash. The stainless cloak didn’t just protect Ji Hao, it also protected Yao Meng, who was vomiting blood because of hearing about the massacre that happened in his city.

But those warriors under Yao Meng’s command were not as lucky. Those seemingly fragile bubbles were actually incredibly sturdy and heavy. Each bubble contained a tremendously powerful after-world water bomb.

Many warriors raised their shields or wielded their weapons to fend against these bubbles, but as a buzzing noise was started, black streams of light exploded upon these warriors’ heads. The lingering strong power of those water bombs swept across the entire area. The attack range of each water bomb was around three-hundred meters.

A large number of Yao Meng’s warriors were killed by the wave of water bombs. Their bodies were torn apart, and their internal organs and bones were all crushed by the lingering power. Even their weapons and shields were blown into small metal pieces, flying all over the sky, except for those treasure-level ones.

Within a couple of breaths, the troop led by Yao Meng suffered a great loss. At least three-thousand warriors were killed by those water bombs.

The area Ji Hao and Yao Meng stood in was now full of bumps and hollows; the hundreds of meters tall hill was actually flattened.

On the wave, the crab waved his pincers, fiercely pointed at Ji Hao and Yao Meng and said, "Kids, kill! So many people, so much fresh, tasty food! Eat a human brain, you will become as smart as them!"

Ji Hao paused briefly, while Yao Meng quickly raised his head.

"Eat a human heart, you will become as brave as them," The crab laughed with a vicious tone, "Eat the internal organs of a human being, you can be as strong as them! Human beings, they’re our best food!"

The crab raised a pair of hammers and clanged them loudly. Immediately, thunderbolts descended from the sky and landed on his hammers. Electric bolts coiled around the pair of hammers, causing loud and shocking, rumbling noises.

"Great Gong Gong, he made this world a paradise for our water-kind. All human beings will become our food! Ah, I have my eyes on this little girl… Her meat must be so fresh and tender!"

The crab yelled loudly while straightening his stick-like eyes and fixing them on Man Man, who stood beside Ji Hao.

"My meat is not tender and fresh at all!" Man Man waved her hammers and growled ragingly, "Big thing, I’m gonna remove your shell and cook you to eat that crab cream in you!"

She said that as if she was planning to do that for real. Man Man opened her mouth and let out a hundred and eight human-head-sized fiery dragon pearls. They then transformed into three-hundred meters wide fireballs and swooshed up into the sky, smashing down towards the boundless army of aquatic warriors behind the crab along with a sky-devouring wave of flame.

Rumbling noise could be heard endlessly. This set of fire dragon pearls were a secret weapon that belonged to the Zhu Rong Family, amazingly powerful and nearly unstoppable.

Fireballs dove into the water, and next, the floodwater boiled within the area a thousand miles. Countless aquatic warriors screamed, cried and wailed, attempting to leap up from the boiling water. But the boiling water cooked them and made them sink down to the bottom while moaning.

The large crab had his bronze shell suddenly turned red, and even his voice changed.

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