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Pu Ban City, the Town Hall.

The jade box with the breathing earth in it was placed right in the middle of the hall, while the magic sandbox, which had been showing the image of the entire Midland, floated in the air. Si Xi was wearing a black robe, treading on the air and standing straight. From his hands, bright light spots drifted out as he was carefully drawing something in the sandbox.

Emperor Shun and all human ministers had been silently watching Si Xi draw a magnificent, great-scale magic formation. The Midland was his canvas as he drew the outline of mountains and rivers.

Probably because of some mysterious, immeasurable power he inherited from Emperor Xuanyuan through his bloodline, as the leader of You Chong Clan, an especially mystical, indescribable connection existed between Si Xi and the mountains and rivers in the world. He could clearly sense the weakest earth meridian in a mountain or a river, and the most inconspicuous change of earth power in the deepest area of the earth.

This sensing ability was unique and special, and no one among the alliance of the human clans could do as good as him. Therefore, Si Xi had always been holding a prominent position among the humankind; he had a great power seized in his hands. Meanwhile, he had been playing an essential role.

Back then, when Ji Hao joined the Chi Ban Mountain War, the humankind had set up an enormous defensive magic formation in Chi Ban Mountain area based on the natural land, with the powers of mountains and rivers. Ordinary magic formation masters could never achieve that, not even legendarily powerful ones like Candle Dragon Gui, and neither could the leaders and elders of the other clans do it. Si Xi was the only one capable of easily designing a tens of thousands of miles wide, tremendous defensive magic formation, and he had it perfectly done.

Ji Hao stood among the crowd. He didn’t feel any pride or happiness because he successfully stole the breathing earth from the heaven and made a great contribution. He popped out his eyes, silently watching Si Xi draw in the magic sandbox, with sweat flowing all over the head.

Apparently, What Si Xi had been doing was quite cerebral, that sweat was oozing out from Si Xi’s forehead in streams, even soaking his clothes. A mist stream had even risen from his head to three meters high.

Bright light beams were released from Si Xi’s hands one after another. Abruptly, a stream of blood surged out from Si Xi’s mouth and sprayed on the sandbox, dying the sandbox red.

"Abba!" Si Wen Ming stepped up and held Si Xi, who drifted down from the air.

"I’m fine!" Si Xi expressionlessly shook off Si Wen Ming’s hands, grabbed the jade box with the breathing earth, then slightly bowed to Emperor Shun and said with a deep voice, "Emperor Shun, I have it in my mind already. I think we should try this plan in Pu Ban City first. If it succeeds, we can carry it out in the entire Midland immediately."

"We’ve all been counting on you, Minister Si Xi!" Emperor Shun stood up slowly and nodded, seriously bowing to Si Xi and responding.

Si Xi laughed, held the jade box with both of his hands, then turned around and walked out of the Town Hall. Led by Emperor Shun, the other human ministers in the hall lined up orderly and followed closely behind Si Xi.

These ministers were not only the most powerful ones among the alliance of human clans, but they were also the strongest warriors and Maguspreists in the alliance. Si Xi was now trying to control the water and save all living beings in the world. For such a great matter, these people would not just stand behind him and make indiscreet remarks or criticisms.

Once they walked out of the hall, water clattering noise came from above their heads. The protective magic formation which covered the entire Pu Ban City, was glowing with a misty white light. Outside the screen, the rainwater had already accumulated for around ten meters deep. As a gale blew across, large waves were even raised from the water.

Fist-sized raindrops had been falling heavily, while tens of differently sized water streams poured down from the sky, loudly merging into the accumulated water.

The rain had grown heavier than before, when Ji Hao left for the heaven. More shockingly, many crocodiles, boas and other fierce aquatic creatures had been swimming around in the water. These aquatic creatures were with great defensive powers and strong vitality, much stronger than ordinary human beings. They had already adapted to the toxin in the water, and had been happily seeking food in the water.

People’s heart sank deeper and deeper.

Before, fierce aquatic creatures like crocodiles and boas usually lived by rivers and swamps. As long as human beings stayed far away from those areas, they would not be harmed by these fierce wild animals. But because of this endless rain, these dangerous animals reached everywhere along the water> This added another heavy risk to the humankind, besides the toxic water.

"These damned things!" A few daring crocodiles and water boas were even lying on the magic screen, greedily looking at those human ministers walking out of the Town Hall.

An elder from Huaxu Family, who had a pretty bad temper, abruptly raised his head and threw a fierce, threatening glance at these animals. A dreadful power vibration was released immediately, under the effect of which, the bodies of the few tens of meters long crocodiles and water boas exploded. They turned into a cloud of blood, spreading out in the water and instantly attracting countless fierce aquatic creatures.

Si Xi also glanced at these dangerous wild beasts. He took a deep breath, rose into the air and soon reached out of the protective screen.

The others flew up behind him one after another. Each one of them released a strong power vibration from their bodies and kept themselves separated from the rain. In the water, many hungry wild aquatic beasts raised their heads, greedily staring at these people floating in the air.

Ji Hao looked around, then his eye corners began twitching intensely. What a joke! He saw countless triangle-shaped fins in the water. Were those sharks? Did those sharks come to Pu Ban City from the sea? But this should be fresh water, how did those sharks get here?

Ji Hao reached out his hand and caught a drop of rainwater, then licked it. After that, he cursed rudely.

Si Wen Ming and the others all reached their hands out to catch raindrops and taste. Next, all of them cursed out, as if they had forgotten about their identities. The rainwater was salty and bitter like the seawater, actually even more tasteless than the seawater.

The soil was soaked in such kind of water. So even if the rain stopped, would the soil still be able to grow crops? No matter how rich the natural powers in Pan Gu world were, it still required one to two years for the soil to recover after being soaked in the salty water. Within this period of time, no one could ever grow any crop in a soil like that.

Without a doubt, after this great rain, a famine would start immediately.

Si Xi gave a rude curse as well. With a darkened face, he took the group of human ministers to a million of miles long mountain range on the west side of Pu Ban City.

This was a magnificent mountain range, and even the shortest peak was over ten-thousand meters tall. The chasms between peaks were extremely deep. The mountain range was winding, like a dragon. Mountains in this area were sturdy and solid, and the rocks exposed in the air were all purely black, as hard as iron blocks.

Si Xi reached his hand out and spread his fingers. A beautiful, immense magic formation blueprint appeared in front of everyone.

Tens of magic formation artists from the Magi Palace stepped out immediately, quickly working according to the blueprint in this mountain area. The mountains were split up, then enormous spell symbols were carved onto the mountains and the ground.

These spell symbols were not complicated. Instead, they were simple, with straight lines. But, each of them was enormous. Especially the ones around the core, spell symbols in that area were only with seven to eight strokes, but each stroke could extend for millions of miles, through the entire mountain range. The lines of spell symbols were winding along the mountain range, looked truly like a giant dragon lying on the ground.

With two entire days, this great magic formation was finally set up.

Si Xi gave a long and bright growl, then picked up a slight little bit of breathing earth from the jade box. He carefully spread the breathing earth on the most important thirty-six cores at the edge area of this mountain range.

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