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When the breathing earth drifted away from his hands, Si Xi locked his fingers together and began to sing a magic spell. The ground was shaking, waving like water. Before the breathing earth landed on the earth, its magical power had reached to millions of miles away.

Mountains were melted and flattened, and all peaks were gone. The dragon-like, millions of miles long stream of spell symbols shone with a dazzling light. The light grew brighter and brighter, like germinating seeds, slowly sprouting from the ground.

The breathing earth fell on the ground in a perfect circle, surrounding this millions of miles long mountain range. Within this area, mountains disappeared one after another. The ground was flattened, and only that enormous line of spell symbols was left bulging, over a thousand meter tall, looking exactly like a dragon.

Under Si Xi’s control, the breathing earth and the changing mountains turned this whole area into a tremendous bowl!

Crack! A rumbling thunder burst from the sky. Lightning bolts tore the clouds apart and struck on the ground. The thunderbolts landed on the dragon-like, giant line of spell symbols. Next, the dragon absorbed the power of lightning and burst with a wave of water-ripple-like light.

All of a sudden, no rain fell from above the heads of Ji Hao and the others anymore. Instead, in the area surrounded by the breathing earth, the rain turned incredibly heavy.

The water poured down from the sky in huge streams, roaring into this millions of miles huge area. Within a twinkling of an eye, the water accumulated to three feet deep, and a quarter of an hour later, the water-level reached to three meters. A gale raised strong waves, as an hour later, this area turned into a waving sea. At first glance, one would see layers of waves roar and countless whirlpools clap against each other, causing thunderous noises.

"It is done?" Ji Hao turned around and looked at Pu Ban City.

He opened the eye of Dao of sun between his eyebrows and released a stream of golden light that flashed across the sky. Within his sight, not a single drop of rain existed.

Si Xi created a great-scale magic formation based on this mountain range, and that dragon-like line of spell symbols had truly released a dragon power. It controlled the rain and drew the moisture over from the area a hundred million miles in radius around Pu Ban City, then concentrated all the rainwater in this area.

Inside this area, the waves had been roaring thunderously, but outside, the earth was showering under the warm sunshine.

"It’s done!" Si Wen Ming wielded his fist in the air and laughed out loud towards Si Xi, "Abba, we succeeded! We truly did it! The rain in Pu Ban City has stopped! Not even a single drop of rain is left in Pu Ban City by now!"

"We succeeded!" Emperor Shun raised his arms high. He delightfully looked at Si Xi, then gave Si Wen Ming a complicated glance. Afterward, he laughed out and said, "People, we did it! Minister Si Xi did it! If it works in this area, it will work in the other areas of Midland!"

All human ministers laughed out loud in delight. Some clan leaders even shouted out in excitement, waved their weapons and started a battle dance.

Dark clouds covered this whole area. Water streams poured down from the sky ceaselessly, while countless fist-sized raindrops slapped down without an end. The water level was rising all the time, at a shocking rate.

However, the new mountain range surrounded this area was transformed from the breathing earth. Along with the water-level, the mountain range was growing taller and taller. The mountains were always taller than the water, and were growing at a higher speed than the water.

The wall-like mountain range glowed with a bright yellow light. It was thick, sturdy and solid, seeming to be indestructible. The waves roared, undercurrents surged, and whirlpools clashed against each other, but the mountain range stayed perfectly motionless.

Si Xi stood on a mountaintop, carefully observed the change of the water-level, then said loudly and strongly, "Good, this seems to be successful for now! Right now, according to my blueprint, go set up this ten-dragon water-sealing water in the ten-thousand spots I picked!"

Calculating with his fingers for a while, Si Xi looked at those magic formation artists came from the Magi Palace and said thoughtfully, "The sooner we set up a water-sealing formation, the more people we can save. So, please, everyone!"

Si Xi held the jade box with breathing earth kept in it and deeply bowed to hundreds of thousands of magic formation artists from the Magi Palace.

All magic formation artists from the Magi Palace, all ministers of the alliance of human clans, including Emperor Shun, bowed to Si Xi deeply.

The sunlight spread on the bodies of these human leaders, all of them looking serious and solemn. Whether they had hatred between their clans or as individuals, these people now shared the same goal, that was setting up water-sealing magic formations and saving the humankind.

Facing the future of the entire human-kind, those small hatreds were nothing.

Back then, when Emperor Xuanyuan led the entire world and fought against Chi You Army, didn’t those clan leaders, who came from clans with bone-deep hatred for each other, fight side by side on battlefields, hold each other’s hands and die in battles together?

Ji Hao assembled all magic formation artists who were capable of drawing magic symbols for large-scale magic formation in Yao Mountain City, and so did the leaders of those large-scale clans. Hundreds of millions of magic formation artists were gathered up, and under Si Xi’s command, they worked day and night in the entire Midland.

According to the shapes of mountain ranges and flows of natural earth power in Midland, Si Xi picked ten-thousand spots in Midland for setting up the water-sealing magic formation. Each spot was millions of miles in radius. With ten-thousand great formations like this, and the magical power of the breathing earth, all moisture that came from the outer space in Midland and the four wastelands could be contained.

Indeed, the ten-thousand dragon water-sealing magic formation could not only seal the water in Midland. Once all ten-thousand water-sealing formations were all completed, the excessive moisture in the four wastelands would be forcibly drawn over as well.

By simply setting water-sealing magic formations in Midland, the rain problem in the entire world would be controlled.

With the breathing earth, ten-thousand water-sealing magic formations would be like ten-thousand bottomless bowls. No matter how much water poured in, these great bowls would never break.

Although this was only an option for an emergency, these ten-thousand dragons water-sealing magic formations had indeed given all human beings a chance to survive.

Ji Hao started working as well. He led hundreds of thousands of magic formation artists and set up five water-sealing magic formations in a row under Si Xi’s guidance. For half a month, Ji Hao and all magic formation artists under his command never slept for a second. Their eyes were filled with blood streaks, but they never stopped working.

When they were hungry, they took a couple of bites of solid foods, and when they were thirsty, the rainwater was all over the ground for them.

Magic formation artists under Ji Hao’s command were all great, and the toxins in the rain couldn’t harm them.

A big half a month passed like this. Five water-sealing magic formations were set up, after which, the rain stopped, and the sun raised again in Ji Hao’s Yao Mountain territory and the territories of the other few earls and marquises. All people became as cheerful as larks under the sunshine.

Ji Hao stood on a mountaintop. Under his feet was a mountain generated by the breathing earth.

Looking at people walking out from caves, leaping down from trees and coming up from boats and rafts, looking at them thrilled with happiness, Ji Hao smiled as well.

"Ah, although it's not to my credit, Man Man, seeing everybody happy, I’m happy too!" Ji Hao intimately patted Man Man’s head.

Man Man stood beside Ji Hao, grinningly looking at those happy people.

At this time, a noise came from a distance, as an angry voice could be heard, "Earl Yao, Earl Yao! Bloody water creatures, they’re attacking Earl Si’s troops!"

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