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The golden bride swished swiftly among palaces in the heaven. Splendid light surged over from all directions, as sharp as blades, piercing towards Ji Hao and the others along with shrill noises. Occasionally, a colorful light stream would fall in the dim golden light transformed from the golden bridge. The golden light would quake intensely, disabling Ji Hao and the others from steadying their own bodies. They would nearly fall down and roll on the golden bridge.

Gong Gong’s roars came from behind. Ten divine seals, a hundred and twenty magic talismans, and three-thousand and six-hundred magic formation flags had been drifting around him, constantly changing positions.

The ten seals were same as the Divine Pivot Hall; they were the controllers of the other ten great divine formations which the Heaven and Earth great formation was formed from. The one-hundred and twenty magic talismans were the vitality cores of the one-hundred and twenty lower grade magic formations that the ten great divine formations were formed from. The three-thousand and six-hundred magic formation flags coordinated to the three-thousand and six-hundred areas of the Heaven and Earth great formation. Each area was formed from hundreds to tens of thousands of small-scale divine formations, and these magic formation flags were the only tools to control those small divine formations.

Another colorful light stream struck on the golden bridge, and once again, Ji Hao and the others were shaken. The other tens of colorful light streams missed their target, brushed against the golden bridge and disorderly fell on a few palaces in the distance, igniting a massive, glowing cloud.

Ji Hao threw a glance back and saw Gong Gong’s twisted face. Hearing Gong Gong screaming hysterically, Ji Hao couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

The three priests took the Divine Pivot Hall away, which would cause a fatal effect on the Heaven and Earth great formation.

Before, with three to five powerful ones of these people staying in the Divine Pivot Hall, Gong Gong could easily attack any enemy that intruded the heaven, and control all magic formations and seals in the entire heaven. But without the Divine Pivot Hall, Gong Gong could only control those magic formations, magic seals and protective screens with these tools, which would take him a lot more time and efforts, a lot more. Looking at those colorful light streams which had been missing their target, brushing against the golden bridge and dazzling across, one would know how hard Gong Gong had been trying to control the great formation, and how low his efficiency was.

"Gong Gong, no need to walk us out!" Ji Hao suddenly yelled loudly out, "We’re in a hurry, today, so we will let you keep your head. Next time we see you, we will certainly kill you to help you atone for your monstrous sin!"

Gong Gong screamed even louder in a fury. The wave surged up from all directions while countless aquatic warriors raised their weapons, rushing up to Ji Hao and his friends.

But how could these aquatic warriors ever catch up with the golden bridge? They had been shouting pretty loudly, but they couldn’t possibly chase up the dim golden light transformed from the golden bridge. Without any other choice, they watched Ji Hao and his friends fly away.

"Stop them! Stop them!" Gong Gong growled, "They took the Divine Pivot Hall! I want them to die! I want them to die miserably!"

The golden bridge kept moving forwards, flashed across the air for a few times and dodged a few bolts of lightning descending from the sky. In the front, the space suddenly turned broad, as they had already flown out of the gate of the heaven and saw the archway, which was wrapped in coiling mist streams.

Once they flew out through the gateway, they would be freed from the coverage of the Heaven and Earth great formation, and they could send the breathing earth to Si Xi safely.

Ji Ling let out a breath, then gave Gong Gong a cold and serious glance and said, "Gong Gong is sinful, we should’ve killed him today. We would be awarded by the world for that."

The three priests stood on the golden bridge. The elderly one grinningly responded, "Jin Ling girl, you’re still full of anger, aren’t you? We shall let human beings solve their own problems. The ones who will kill Gong Gong shouldn’t be us."

Just now, Gong Gong was struck by the counterforce of the great formation, bumped on the jade pillar and broke his neck. At that time, Jin Ling showed a fierce intent of killing. She was going to pull out her sword and kill Gong Gong directly, but the three priests stopped her. Even now when she brought this up once again, the three priests hadn’t changed their attitude.

Before the priest finished, the golden bridge slightly quaked and flew out from the ancient styled archway.

The three priests laughed loudly out, then waved there sleeves. The tower floating above Po’s head and the streamer held in Gui Ling’s hands transformed into a stream of mist simultaneously, rose into the air along with the three priests, and disappeared without leaving a trace, within a blink of an eye.

Zhu Rong transformed into a fiery light and dazzled over while shouting, "Did you get it?"

Ji Hao opened his mouth, prepared to talk, but from behind the archway, a large cloud of smoke sparkled. From within it, thousands of heavily armored warriors rushed out. A muscular warrior who was over six-meter tall, with a hideous face and a head that looked like a fish head, wearing a red armor, pointed at Ji Hao and yelled, "I am Henggong Po, the current leader of Henggong Clan. Leave our old ancestor, otherwise…"

Ji Hao gave a resonant roar and immediately stepped out, dashing towards Henggong Po.

Following a popping noise, Ji Hao cracked the space and reached to Henggong Po, then ‘gently’ slapped his right palm down. Before Ji Hao’s right palm, the air rippled thickly like water. The milky-white ripples were broken by Ji Hao’s palm when they reached to over a hundred layers.

Henggong Po failed to see Ji Hao’s moves clearly before he sensed a piercing pain from his chest. Next, a hand-sized hole appeared in his chest.

Hundreds of Henggong Clan warriors rushed up, hacking down towards Ji Hao’s head with all kinds of weapons. Ji Hao laughed wildly out, dimmed down the protective light released from the stainless cloak, exposed his body and let those weapons attack him.

Loud clangs could be heard without an end. Five to six Divine Magi, sixty to seventy Magus Kings and over a hundred Senior Magi had their weapons thudded on Ji Hao’s body. Fiery sparkles were sent up against Ji Hao’s body, but no wound was left. On the contrary, all those weapons were twisted and broken, as if those were made from flour. The strong counterforce sent all Magus Kings and Senior Magi away.

Only a few Divine Magi of Henggong Clan endured the great pain from their palms, dropped their broken weapons, shouted out and wielded their fists towards Ji Hao.

Ji Hao reached out his pair of hands together. Before those palms, the air folded once again. Before the few Divine Magi could see Ji Hao’s moves, hand-sized holes appeared in their chests as well, while they were sent flying out.

"We have indeed captured the old ancestor of your Henggong Clan." said Ji Hao with a harsh tone, "Since we captured your old ancestor, today, we will let you go without killing you! Mend your ways as soon as you can. Do not follow Gong Gong to hell. Otherwise, when this is over, you would all be appointed to death because of your crimes!"

Henggong Po lied under the archway, looked at Ji Hao while vomiting blood.

Henggong fish was the old ancestor of Henggong Clan, one of the eight senior ministers under Gong Gong’s command, and the backbone of all Henggong Clan people. Henggong fish was captured by Ji Hao and his friends, so where should Henggong clan go then? Henggong Po felt in such a muddle now that he had no idea what to do.

Gong Gong’s roars could be heard again from the heaven. Ji Hao laughed out, turned around and walked right away, along with Zhu Rong and his warriors. The group of people headed to Pu Ban City at their highest speed.

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