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"Holy ancestors soul!"

Man Man, Shaosi, Yu Mu and Feng Xing looked at the Divine Pivot Hall, which was being pulled directly up from the ground, and all screamed out.

The enormous hall was surrounded by bright streams of starlight, rising like a floating mountain. Rapidly-flowing, great-river-like starlight streams dragged the hall, pulling it up from the ground.

The three Daoist priests gave resonant growls together. They pointed their fingers at the small tower floating above Po’s head. A black and yellow colored stream of mist instantly puffed out of the tower, circled around the Divine Pivot Hall, and cut all starlight streams into pieces.

Gui Ling waved the Chaos long streamer held in her hand. Countless sharp streams of sword power were released from the streamer, shredding the large stream of starlight, which was poured down from the star above the hall. Immediately after that, a muffled series of booms could be heard from inside the hall, as the connection between the hall and the Heaven and Earth great formation was cut off completely.

The youngest Daoist priest chuckled and clapped his hands. Following his moves, a white pouch flew out of his sleeve and sent out a white mist that wrapped the hall up, then flying back towards the pouch.

The Divine Pivot Hall became smaller and smaller, to the tune of hundreds of meters square from a tens of thousands of meters huge broad hall.

A raging roar came from the hall. Along with that, Xiang Liu and Wuzhi Qi rushed out desperately. They were struck by the counterforce that came from the Heaven and Earth great formation. By now, their bodies were wrapped in coiling black smoke and their clothes were torn apart. They glared at the three Daoist priests in anger. Wuzhi Qi squeezed his pair of eyes and pointed at the three priests, seeming about to say something. But Xiang Liu slapped on his mouth and stopped him from doing that.

Shaking the Heaven and Earth great formation, pulling up the core of the great formation directly, this could only be described with words like ‘terrifying’. Living beings in this world, who were with such a scarily, dreadfully great power could be counted on two hands. As Xiang Liu said, many ancient powerful beings in this world had fallen long ago, but he managed to live till now. This could surely be due to his own powerfulness, but more importantly, it was his smartness. He knew when to do what. Facing enemies that he couldn’t afford to offend, he would never, ever recklessly enrage them.

"People…" Xiang Liu squeezed a smile out of his face. But next, the words he intended to say were choked back into his throat by a furious roar.

The roar came from a long distance away, followed by a massive wave. On top of the black wave was a divine seal for controlling the Heaven and Earth great formation. The seal spun and flew in the air, releasing destructive waves of power vibration to reach the great formation.

The Divine Pivot Hall, which was already compressed to few meters, vibrated intensely. Then, countless colorful streams of glow shone from the hall and clashed against the white mist released from the pouch, generating thunderous booms.

The three priests laughed together, then simultaneously cast a spell loudly. The white pouch quaked intensely, and then the white mist released from it grew denser. The Divine Pivot Hall gave a few shrill screams in a row, then being forcibly dragged into the pouch.

The young priest raised his hand and let the pouch fly back into his hand. Thrusting the pouch into his sleeve, he smilingly nodded and said, "This Heaven and Earth great formation is incredibly powerful. We have sworn to not step in any affair of the human world without a good reason. But this Heaven and Earth great formation has fallen into the hands of the evil, and has been used for threatening all living beings in the world. Therefore, we have to do something."

Ji Hao’s eyes shone brightly. He looked at the three Daoist priests, who were transformed from a Qi of Priest Dachi, and couldn’t help but silently guess the purpose of Priest Dachi for forcibly taking the Divine Pivot Hall.

He thought of that day when Buzhou Mountain collapsed. Spirit Wa, Dong Gong, Ximu, Netherworld Priest and the other powerful beings all tried their best under the great pressure given by the Heaven and Earth great formation in the heaven. But still, they failed to save Sky Pillar from collapsing.

The Heaven and Earth great formation in heaven was powerful enough to suppress Spirit Wa and the other world protectors. Even if Priest Dachi, Priest Qing Wei and Priest Yu Yu were more powerful than those world protectors, their powers were still limited, and the Heaven and Earth great formation in heaven was still threatening to them.

At the moment, Gong Gong had intruded the heaven and controlled the Heaven and Earth great formation to harm all living creatures in the mortal world. In this kind of a situation, Priest Dachi seized the opportunity and forcibly took the Divine Pivot Hall. Did this mean that from this moment on, the lifeline of the heaven was held in the hands of Priest Dachi?

By controlling the Heaven and Earth great formation, he could control the entire heaven!

In the future…According to Ji Hao’s previous life memory, many interesting things would happen in the future. Sooner or later, the heaven would regain the dominating position. Till then, Priest Dachi would be in control of the core of the Heaven and Earth great formation, and all divine Gods in the heaven would have to do whatever Priest Dachi said!

Brilliant, truly brilliant.

Ji Hao silently sighed in praise. Priest Dachi seemed like a free and careless one,] who had been holding himself aloof from the rest of the world. But in fact, he was the cleverest one!

On normal days, if Priest Dachi broke into the heaven to forcibly take the Divine Pivot Hall, not to mention Spirit Wa and the other world protectors, Priest Mu and Priest Hua would come to stop him, and countless troubles would be caused as well. None of these would do any good to Priest Dachi’s cultivation.

However, Gong Gong had intruded the heaven and broke Buzhou Mountain with the power of the Heaven and Earth great formation. This gave Priest Dachi a nearly perfect excuse!

Once the Divine Pivot Hall fell into Priest Dachi’s hands, he would never, ever hand it out again. Not to mention Priest Dachi, even Ji Hao could come up with thousands of excuses to keep it in his own hands.

The wave surged, and the seal upon the wave released streams of starlight that covered all buildings in the heaven and raised dense and large clouds, rolling in the sky.

However, the Divine Pivot Hall was forcibly taken away by the three priests, and the Heaven and Earth great formation had lost its core.Aa single seal could never be powerful enough to control the power of the entire great formation.

Raging roars could be heard without an end. As the wave rolled up, Gong Gong abruptly showed up on top of it.

He pointed at the seal, shouted and growled, while sending out streams of light from his mouth into that seal.

All of a sudden, all surrounding buildings quaked simultaneously. Gong Gong wasn’t familiar with the power of the Heaven and Earth great formation. Instead, he was simply relying on the power of the seal to forcibly control the formation. Therefore, he didn’t manage to react timely. As a consequence, a strong wave of counterforce struck on him and made him vomit blood. The invisible, yet crushing counterforce landed on him, sending him hundreds of miles away and bumping into an enormous dragon jade pillar.

Bang! The pillar glowed brightly. Gong Gong’s neck twisted in a weird way, as it was actually broken.

The Divine Pivot Hall was taken away. As its worst consequence, the Heaven and Earth great formation could no longer be controlled flexibly. Just like a well-organized army suddenly turned into a disordered group of warriors, the power of the great formation couldn’t be concentrated anymore.

Nevertheless, the Heaven and Earth great formation still had its power, and all magic seals and protective magic screens remained perfectly same. Gong Gong’s head bumped into the jade pillar and instantly triggered the defensive power of the great formation.

Indeed, Gong Gong broke Buzhou Mountain with his head, but he didn’t have the strength to break the Heaven and Earth great formation with his head. His neck twisted weirdly, as he landed on the ground while howling. Once he opened his mouth, a large stream of blood gushed out.

"Kill! Kill every last one of these b*stards who dared to intrude the heaven!" Gong Gong screamed hysterically, "Xiang Liu! Wuzhi Qi! River Earl! Get the people and kill them! Kill them all! The heaven is mine! No one can take my heaven!"

"I, Gong Gong, am the owner of the world!"

"No one can take my heaven from me!"

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