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In the Divine Pivot Hall, Xiang Liu and Wuzhi Qi sat face to face.

A golden, round-shaped mirror floated between them. Through the mirror, Xiang Liu and Wuzhi Qi saw Ji Hao and the others tread on the golden bridge, flying swiftly like a golden dragon, with the exquisite small tower floating above their heads.

Tens of differently sized and colors dense clouds had been chasing closely after Ji Hao and the others. From those clouds, countless thunderbolts struck down on the exquisite tower like shooting stars. Yellow and black mist coiled all over the sky, taking all thunder strikes.

After each thunderbolt blast, the surrounding air would twist and shake slightly, and the surrounding buildings would vibrate. Occasionally, a few thunderbolts would miss their target and strike on a building. The defense of the building would then be triggered, and a large cloud of glowing mist would rise into the sky, looking quite splendid and eye-catching.

Even though the magic mirror, Wuzhi Qi and Xiang Liu sensed the powerfulness of those divine thunders.

"The Heaven and Earth great formation indeed amazing!" Wuzhi Qi sat on the ground with crossed legs and said with a dark face, "No wonder Gong Gong chose to collaborate with the non-humankind. If we’re trapped in such a great formation, we would certainly be turned into bone ashes. But those non-humankind beings actually managed to damage the ancient heaven despite the protection of such a powerful great formation… Truly impressive!"

Xiang Liu’s face also had a gloomy look. Greedily, he looked at the exquisite tower and the golden bridge through the mirror and cursed in a low voice, "Good treasures, good treasures, why aren’t they mine? Damn, damn you all."

Laughing coldly, Xiang Liu continued slowly, "Those non-humankind beings were indeed impressive. But if you say they could break the ancient heaven, I doubt it…As far as I know, back then, if the five divine emperors didn’t lead all divine Gods to fight against the non-humankind outside, I don’t think those non-humankind beings could ever break into the heaven."

Wuzhi Qi paused for a second, then gave a scornful laugh, and instantly, his face turned less darkened.

Glancing at the mirror, Wuzhi Qi asked, "Where’re they heading to? They killed Snake Xiu, fine. I never liked that stupid snake anyway. But they captured Henggong fish alive! This…"

Xiang Liu smiled, pointing his fingers at those floating, nebula-like light spheres in the hall. Followed by his moves, Wuzhi Qi saw through the mirror that a big half of those thunderclouds that had been chasing Ji Hao and his teammates were dispelled. Afterward, thunderbolts released from the remaining clouds turned less and weaker than before.

"Let them take Henggong fish away. The less trusted helpers Gong Gong is left with, the more he will value us!" Xiang Liu looked at Wuzhi Qi with a vicious look while continuing, "And, let them owe us one! What do you think?"

Wuzhi Qi slowly nodded and said, "If Gong Gong wins, he can only put us in important positions, as he doesn’t have too many trustworthy helpers."

Xiang Liu grinned and continued, "If Gong Gong loses, these people owe us one today. That will be enough for us to survive!"

While chuckling, Xiang Liu carried on slowly, "We have lived till now ever since the prehistorical era while many famous, powerful ones have fallen long ago. But we’re free and safe. The skills of survival… are necessary!"

Wuzhi Qi showed his teeth and gave a grin, then put his hands on his knees, slowly closed his eyes and began singing an ancient folk rhyme.

Xiang Liu stared at Ji Hao and the others through the mirror, narrowed his eyes and murmured, "You went to the treasury, what did you take? Now, what’re you gonna do? What else is here in the heaven that you want but I don’t know about?"

"I spared you this time, you better remember this! As for what you took, that’s none of my business. That should be a concern of Gong Gong! That really has nothing to do with me." Xiang Liu chuckled again.

On the golden bridge, Ji Hao and the others raised their heads and looked at those thunderclouds above. A big half of those thunderclouds had gone, and the thunders bursting from the remaining thunderclouds were incredibly loud, yet the power released was over ten times weaker than before. Thunderbolts still descended in a formidable way, but couldn’t deliver any actual effect anymore.

"Hmm? Who’s controlling the Heaven and Earth great formation now? We owe him or her one!" Po laughed and said, "It seems that people under Gong Gong’s command are not as solid and unbreakable as an iron board!"

"He goes against nature, betraying all living creatures in the world, Gong Gong is destroying himself. But among his followers, some indeed know when to stop" Jin Ling narrowed her eyes, which shone brightly with a cold light as she glanced around with an especially serious look.

A long, long while later, Jin Ling abruptly sighed and said, "The heaven is generated by the power of creation of Pan Gu world. The wills of the world itself can be spread through here. If this holy place remains empty like this, I don’t think the world will allow it."

Ji Hao stood behind Po. Hearing Jin Ling, he pondered and said, "Sister Jin Ling, are you saying that the heaven will rise again, in the future?"

Si Wen Ming raised his eyebrows. He stood aside, shook his head and remained silent. But obviously, he had his different point of view. From the angle of the humankind, it would be better for the heaven to remain empty like this. The God-kind in the heaven had fallen apart, and their bloodlines disappeared gradually. This was definitely a good thing for the human-kind.

If the heaven rose again, this new heaven should be controlled by human beings.

The golden bridge kept moving forwards. Sitting in the Divine Pivot Hall, Xiang Liu abruptly burst with a shout and said, "Weird, why are these people coming to us?"

Before Xiang Liu realized what was actually happening, the golden bridge had flashed across the long distance and showed up outside the Divine Pivot Hall at a crazy speed.

The Divine Pivot Hall was magnificent, looking like an enormous roc bird lying on the ground. A brightly glowing silver star descended from the sky, and the starlight had the entire hall covered in it. As the core of the heaven and earth great formation, his hall could build connections with stars in the heaven and control the formation in a secret and mysterious way. The Divine Pivot Hall was one of the few most important buildings in the entire heaven.

Nearly a hundred thousand, heavily armored elite warriors under the command of Xiang Liu and Wuzhi Qi guarded on the square outside the hall. Seeing Ji Hao and the others suddenly showing up from a dim golden light, these warriors growled out and formed battle formations, seeming ready to rush up and attack.

Po smiled, bowed towards the exquisite tower and said, "Elder Uncle, please."

A silvery jade clang came from the tower. Next, a clear stream of mist puffed out of it. This three-hundred meters huge sphere of mist hovered around the tower for a while, then divine light spots drifted down from it. Abruptly, the mist sphere split into three, glowing mistily. They transformed into three Daoist Priests, an elderly one, a middle-aged one, and a young one.

"My friends, after you!" The elderly one with white hair and beard bowed towards the other two.

"My friend, after you!" The other two priests bowed back towards the elderly one, then all three of them laughed out loud together. Next, they flashed to the Divine Pivot Hall.

Seeing this magical scene, Ji Hao was almost screaming in his head. One to three, this was definitely the most powerful magic created by Priest Dachi, called ‘one to three’.

The three Daoist priests transformed from the clear mist that surrounded the Divine Pivot Hall, then slightly waved their arms and said, "Up!"

The entire heaven quaked, and next, a thunderous bang came from the hall, as the tremendous Divine Pivot Hall was entirely pulled up by these three priests.

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