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Ji Hao took all earth-natured treasures in the hall. He couldn’t help but be shocked by the wealthiness of the ancient heaven. No to mention the other treasures that Ji Hao didn’t know about, Ji Hao found eighty-two ancient star cores of destroyed ancient stars from the hall. Ji Hao had seen a star core before. Po had shown it to him as an extremely treasured piece.

These ancient star cores were with different types of powers which were generated by the power of earth. These star cores could serve as perfect treasure-making materials. In the hands of treasure-making masters like Po, they could certainly be turned into a great number of powerful treasures. However, those ancient divine Gods just simply left so many breathtakingly precious treasures in the treasury.

Ji Hao silently took a guess. Perhaps, those ancient divine Gods…knew nothing about treasure-making?

After taking all treasures in the hall, Ji Hao flashed to the door.

When he remained motionless, the feeling was quite strong. But once he moved, he immediately discovered the strangeness of his body. When he moved forward, the air brushed against his skin. Probably because of his especially high speed, Ji Hao felt that the air around him moved like water, and caused him a great resistance.

He never had the same feeling before, not even when he transformed into a beam of sunlight and flew. But this time, he made one step forward and sensed a strong resistance from the air from everywhere. This resistance only managed to make Ji Hao’s body sway slightly. As he tightened his muscles and put forth his strength, Ji Hao swept across over ten miles of distance and reached the door along with a loud popping noise.

Ji Hao turned around in shock. He saw a man-shaped silhouette gradually dissipating where he stood in earlier— That was a man-shaped space crack just now. Ji Hao took a simple step forward, but by doing that, he cracked the space.

"My physical strength…"

Ji Hao finally realized something. Nothing in his body seemed to have changed after he absorbed the earth power in the entire hall. But in fact, something did change; he just hadn’t discovered it. Ji Hao couldn’t find out how great that change was, neither could he figure out how the change happened. He knitted his eyebrows, activated his spirit power once again and carefully checked his entire body.

"Oi, is my body really fine?" Ji Hao yelled in his spiritual space.

"It’s fine, I’ve been keeping an eye on you. I’m sure it’s fine." The mysterious man’s voice rumbled.

Ji Hao wanted to ask more questions, but the scene outside the hall made him give up on the thought. Swiftly, he flashed to Po.

Ji Hao sensed the strong resistance again, as if he was moving in water. This time, followed by another loud popping noise, Ji Hao cracked the space directly and reached to Po in an instant.

"Eh?" Po glanced at Ji Hao in surprise. Meanwhile, Gui Ling, Jin Ling and Wu Dang all took a glance at him.

With Ji Hao’s power, he shouldn’t be able to crack the space and teleport himself, no matter how fast he could move with the flowing sunlight flying magic. That would never be the same as cracking the space and teleporting himself.

However, five-colored thunderbolts had been sizzling in the sky. Countless bolts of thunder descended like raindrops. Therefore, Po and the other three didn’t have the time to ask any question. The four of them controlled the tower joint handedly, releasing streams of yellow and black mist. They surrounded themselves and fended against those five-colored thunderbolts.

When Ji Hao stayed by the door of the treasury hall, he only saw those colorful thunderbolts descending. But it was only when he dashed to Po that he sensed the scariness of those thunderbolts.

The thunderbolts fell as thickly as a heavy rain. Every bolt of thunder would blast against the yellow and white mist, then a destructive power would attack, shaking the bodies and souls of everyone on the scene. Ji Hao felt like his limbs were softened and powerless, his internal organs were twitching, and his brain felt like it was boiling; he was even going to lost his mind.

Ji Hao didn’t manage to react timely. He hummed in pain, then a few thunderbolts exploded on his head in a row. They vibrated him, softened his legs, and nearly pressed him down to the ground.

Shaosi and Man Man were well-prepared. They each held a hand of Ji Hao. Man Man’s face was badly pale as she screamed, "My ears are aching, my head is aching…Ahyaya, this thunder is so annoying…Did you find the breathing earth?"

Si Wen Ming nearly collapsed under the rampant violent thunderclaps as well, but on hearing the words ‘breathing earth’, he boosted up his spirit and hurriedly looked at Ji Hao.

Ji Hao nodded, took out the jade box and gave all the breathing earth to Si Wen Ming.

Si Wen Ming instantly let out a sigh of relief. He took over the box and carefully put it into his sleeve. With the breathing earth in his hand, he was now confident to deal with the rain disaster. Si Wen Ming opened his mouth and seemed to say something, but as he suddenly loosened his tightened nerves, a few thunderbolts struck on his head and put him down.

Yu Mu held Si Wen Ming up. Si Wen Ming gave a bitter laugh, then shouted, "We got the breathing earth, let’s go! The heaven is immeasurably powerful. We’ve already been discovered. We cannot stay any longer in this place!"

The breathing earth was attained already, and Si Wen Ming didn’t want any unexpected changes to happen.

Ji Hao glanced at Po. Po, Gui Ling, Jin Ling and Wu Dang had been controlling the tower to fend against those thunderbolts. The four of them nodded together. Meanwhile, five clear streams of mist rose from each of their heads and transformed into a water-clear cloud that drifted above their heads. Strands of cyan-colored light poured down like a rain. They had all boosted their powers up as much as they could to control the tower, and the power of the tower was activated by thirty to forty percent.

The ear-damaging thunder was weakened largely, and so did that great pressure that made their bodies soft. Po gave a deep shout, hearing which, Ji Hao prepared to trigger the golden bridge and bring all of them out. But all of a sudden, a clear mist puffed out from the tower, from within which, a purple talisman flew out.

Po and the others paused. Po reached out his hand, grasped the talisman and scanned it with his spirit power. Next, his eyes instantly shone with a bright light.

Seeing Po’s look, Ji Hao hurriedly asked, "Brother, what happened?"

Po remained silent for a while, then responded with a bland tone, "Let’s not leave for now and make a trip to the Divine Pivot Hall. The Divine Pivot Hall is the core of the entire Heaven and Earth great formation in heaven. Our elder uncle, Priest Dachi, told us to go to the Divine Pivot Hall, to take a look and see what to do!"

Si Wen Ming stood aside. He paused briefly, wanting to talk, but then shook his head and didn’t say a word.

From the sky, a few sky-shattering thunder burst. The terrifying thunder even made Po and the three sisters of his quiver slightly. It was not hard to tell how much pressure they had been taking.

Under the protection of the tower, the pressure that came from the sky still caused such a strong effect to them, so one could easily imagine how powerful the Heaven and Earth great formation in heaven was.

The fierce wave of thunder that burst just now was only a sign. What would come the next, could only be stronger and stronger.

Heading to the core of the great formation under such a great pressure? Ji Hao was almost driven crazy. What did Priest Dachi mean?

And why was the purple talisman hiding in the tower ahead of time?

Countless thoughts popped out in Ji Hao’s head. He gnashed his teeth, abruptly burst with a resonant growl and said, "Alright, whatever it is, let’s make it quick! Then, leave as soon as we can!"

The golden bridge flashed across the air and sent up a dim golden stream of divine light, windingly flying towards the central area of the heaven.

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