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"Did the heart of Pan Gu become the Divine Origin Pool? This is a bit…unexpected, isn’t it?" said the mysterious man rumblingly in Ji Hao’s spiritual space. But Ji Hao had fainted already, so couldn’t hear him.

Back in the Divine Origin Pool, that sphere of Chaos spirit blood, which seemed to be colorless yet also seemed to contain all colors in the world, was as heavy as a mountain yet as light as the mist, and had been releasing a prehistorical power like a fossil yet has also spreading a sense of a thriving life-force. It was just like a new tender sprout that beat slightly and silently.

In the next moment, magically and secretly, this sphere of Chaos spirit blood reached straight to the treasury hall where Ji Hao was present.

Inside Ji Hao’s body, an extremely thin trace of Pan Gu bloodline was beating strongly and quickly. Under the great pressure given by the strong earth power vibration, this slight trace of Pan Gu bloodline had been keeping Ji Hao alive with difficulty, preventing him from being crushed by the awfully great pressure.

Sensing the spirt blood power vibration from Ji Hao’s body, the mountain-huge sphere of Chaos spirit blood descended as airily as a feather. Along with a sky-shattering power, the Chaos power vibration silently merged with Ji Hao’s body, like the first flake of snow in the winter sliding into the lake.

Dong! Ji Hao’s heart beat violently, then transformed into a blood-red sphere of mist. The Chaos spirit blood quickly moved towards his heart after merging with his body. Wherever it moved across, Ji Hao’s body would be turned into a dense blood-red mist, and after it moved away, the blood-red mist would turn back into his body.

Ji Hao’s chest was empty, with nothing but the blood-red sphere of mist that was transformed from his heart, spinning swiftly.

All of the blood flow of Ji Hao’s body had stopped. Without the heart as a core, his blood has lost its motivation, but still contained a strong life-force. Under the effect of the essence sun fire released from the small cauldron, the quantity of Ji Hao’s blood was quickly reducing, yet the quality of his blood had been raising speedily.

The Chaos spirit blood touched the blood-red mist transformed from Ji Hao’s heart. A thorough change immediately happened to the blood-red mist. The color of the blood-red mist faded, yet it somehow seemed to contain all colors in the world.

This mountain-huge drop of spirit blood began shrinking, turning smaller and smaller. A few breaths later, a colorless heart appeared in Ji Hao’s chest, replacing his old heart. Colorless blood veins reached out from his new heart through the old blood veins of Ji Hao’s body, devouring and replacing them. Within a twinkling of an eye, all of Ji Hao’s blood veins were replaced.

Dong! This new heart of Ji Hao beat for the first time.

A thunder burst from Ji Hao’s body, that sounded like a whole new world was created inside that body. Hearing the heartbeat, Ji Hao felt like Saint Pan Gu had punched on his body with his heavy fist. All of Ji Hao’s pores were opened, releasing large clouds of turbid gray mist.

This punch was like a blacksmith hammering an iron block, and Ji Hao was that raw iron block, filled with impurities. Over and over again, the iron block was hammered with a power of creation, the impurities were removed, and the only purest essence remained.

Colorless blood surged out from Ji Hao’s new heart, releasing a strong power vibration. It reached to every corner of Ji Hao’s body through those new blood veins, which were thousands of times stronger than his old ones. Ji Hao’s body was strengthened thoroughly just now, and a great amount of useless after-world life-force was forced out of his body. Right now, his body was completely empty.

The Chaos blood spread into his body. Ji Hao’s empty body greedily absorbed the Chaos power contained in the blood. His bones, tendons, muscles, even hair and skin, all parts of his body began to improve and transform.

The first wave of Chaos blood was fully absorbed by Ji Hao’s body, just like a bucket of water poured into a desert; not even a drop was left.

The new heartbeat for the second time. The five-colored small cauldron sent the essence sun fire ceaselessly into the new heart, after which, Chaos blood flowed out from the new heart without an end. It was being sent to Ji Hao’s entire body by the second heartbeat.

Then the third beat, then the fourth beat, fifth beat...

Ji Hao opened his eyes, when his new heart beat for a hundred and eighth time.

In his spiritual space, the mysterious man silently showed up. The round platform, which he had been sitting on with crossed legs all the time, suddenly burst with a dazzling light. The light flashed across Ji Hao’s body for forty-nine times like a massive stream of water. Wherever it swept across, everything was turned back to its original shape, as if nothing happened to Ji Hao at all after he rushed into the hall, and everything was still the same.

However, Ji Hao could sense that something special had happened to his body.

Especially his heart. He scanned across his heart with this spirit power and discovered no difference. But instinctively, he felt something different. If his old heart was like a dragon with a strong life-force, at the moment, Ji Hao sensed that his heart had become a mysterious, indescribable thing, that was tens of thousands, even millions of times stronger than an ancient divine dragon. It was just like those fallen devil Gods which still had their powers and traces of existences lingering in the world, and were too powerful to be measured.

Nevertheless, Ji Hao carefully checked his heart with his spirit power for quite a while. It was still the same heart, nothing had changed.

"Old man…Something seems to be wrong."

By now, Ji Hao had already reached a certain level of his cultivation based on the great Dao, that allowed him to gain some understandings of the power of destiny and fortune. He couldn’t find anything wrong, but he somehow felt that a magical, mysterious, also terrifying change had happened to him.

"Nothing is wrong!" The mysterious man sat in Ji Hao’s spiritual space and seriously lied to Ji Hao, "You fainted because of the pain. I’ve been keeping an eye on you, in case your primordial spirit gets hurt. Your body is strengthened, that’s all."

"Hehe," The mysterious man laughed, then continued with a weird, unspeakably tone, "You’re awake, it’s good…Just sense it, your body now…Hmm, even if you trigger a million inner spirit stars all at once, you are now strong enough to take the pressure. With your physical strength, you can crush the other Divine Magi with just a finger."

The mysterious man then disappeared without saying any other word.

Waves of blood had been surging out from the new heart, nourishing Ji Hao’s body. The blood looked nothing different from regular blood, but was actually a completely different thing.

Every Magus acupoint of Ji Hao was now as vast as an ocean, without a boundary. Every meridian of his was now like an enormous dragon, broad and strong. Ji Hao’s physical strength had already reached an extreme degree. As the mysterious man said, he could now crush the other Divine Magi easily.

However, with an unknown magic, the mysterious man covered everything with the light released from that round platform. Due to this reason, Ji Hao didn’t find out the transformation that happened in his heart.

All of the earth power in the hall was absorbed by Ji Hao. Smilingly, Ji Hao held the jade box in which the breathing earth was kept with both of his hands, then gently picked that splendidly glowing jade box up.

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