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In the hall where the breathing earth was kept in, Ji Hao was surrounded by nine blazing suns. The strong golden light released from the nine suns fended against the yellow waves coming from the surrounding space with difficulty. Waves of nearly tangible yellow glow struck on the defensive golden light released from the stainless cloak, under the effect of which, Ji Hao’s moves had become rather difficult.

He felt like a bug sealed in rosin. He had to struggle for quite a while with all of his power to lift his foot, then make a slow step. A loud creaking noise was squeezed out of his bones. Ji Hao even felt that his internal organs were compressed, his heart had shrunk to the size of a bean, and his blood was almost frozen.

Treasures collected in this hall all had a nature of earth. Numerous different-sized yellow-colored crystal pillars stood in the hall. Within those pillars, dense spheres of khaki-colored mist had been rolling visibly. The silhouettes of yellow dragons, earth bulls, earth Qi Lin and the other legendary creatures with the nature of earth were faintly visible in the mist spheres, roaring and running.

Different sized and shaped pre-world or after-world treasures were placed on those yellow crystal pillars. Every single piece of these treasures had been releasing a dreadfully great earth power vibration. Waves of yellow light clashed against each other in the hall and created an extremely turbid force field, which made Ji Hao feel hard to breathe.

The stainless cloak released a bright golden light, fighting against the endless waves of earth power vibrations.

Ji Hao boosted his power up as much as he could, walking on a path in the middle of the hall with difficulty. Struggling for a quarter of an hour, he finally reached a crystal pillar that was located in the middle of the hall.

A yellow jade box was placed beside the crystal pillar. In the foot-square, six-inch-tall jade box was a handful of yellow dust. The dust looked like a puff of mist, also like a sphere of light and a shred of shadow. But if one looked closer, one would find countless layers in it, as if every single grain of this dust actually contained a world.

A three-foot in radius, round-shaped magic screen covered the jade box. Ji Hao carefully observed the screen, then the golden bridge released a dim golden light stream from between Ji Hao’s eyebrows and scanned across it. Countless thin light ripples spread out on the light screen, but the screen itself remained perfectly motionless.

Ji Hao remained silent for a short while, then helplessly nodded.

After all, Ji Hao had learned the art of magic formation under Yu Yu’s guidance. He tried the magic screen around the jade box with the golden bridge, then easily figured it out.

The Heaven and Earth golden bridge could move across space and break all seals. The golden bridge could easily penetrate any sealing magic formation with a weakness. The golden bridge was just like a master key, while all types of sealing magic formations were like door locks with different structures and sizes, and, the golden bridge could unlock all locks.

However, this round-shaped magic screen before Ji Hao’s eyes was not even coming from a sealing magic. This magic screen was condensed from the earth power released from all treasures kept in the hall. It was nothing but a pure layer of earth power. In other words, this magic screen was like a metal block without a single crack; it couldn’t even be counted as a lock.

As a master key, the golden bridge could unlock all locks. But, one couldn’t tear a metal block apart with it. Therefore, Ji Hao tried with the golden bridge, but nothing happened to this magic screen.

Pondering for a while, Ji Hao reached out his hands and released raging golden fire from his ten fingers. Boosting up his power once again, he burned this round-shaped magic screen with the essence sun fire. A sizzling noise was generated. Burned by the essence sun fire, the yellow-mist-like magic screen suddenly began glowing beautifully, and was added with a glass-like luster.

Ji Hao hurriedly stopped burning it. This yellow magic screen was condensed from earth power. Burning it with essence sun fire could only strengthen it, just like mortal people fire pottery products; pottery products were always much harder than clay. Therefore, burning this magic screen with the essence sun fire could do no help but make it stronger and sturdier. When Ji Hao attained the ultimate power of the great Dao of sun, he would be able to burn everything and destroy everything directly with the sun power. Then, this magic screen in front of him, which was condensed from the mixture of after-world and pre-world earth power, would be easily turned into nothingness by him. Nevertheless, at this stage, Ji Hao was still far, far away from that level.

"This is…"

Shaking his head, Ji Hao pulled out the nine-sun devil-destroying sword and fiercely hacked on the magic screen.

Following a loud buzzing noise, millions of treasures with the nature of earth placed on those yellow crystal pillars vibrated simultaneously. Next, a crushing counterforce attacked, breaking Ji Hao’s right arm instantly. The sword was bounced back, nearly hacking on Ji Hao’s own forehead.


Ji Hao swung his right arm and let his spirit blood flush across his broken bones. His broken bones and tendons recovered speedily while Ji Hao looked at this yellow magic screen, unable to say a word for a long while. This hall contained countless treasures with the nature of earth. Each one of them was a precious piece, collected by the ancient heaven, containing an immeasurably great earth power. Nevertheless, the power of all these treasures combined together and transformed into this thin layer of magic screen, covering the breathing earth.

Heaviness and sturdiness were the natures of earth. By attacking this thin layer of magic screen, Ji Hao actually attacked all treasures kept in his hall. With his current power, how could he possibly break it?

From his spiritual space, the mysterious man’s sounded, "Take them all if you can’t break it."

Ji Hao paused for a second, then slowly nodded. He pressed his hands on the thin yellow magic screen, then made the posture of everything-grow. As his body trembled, a terrifying suction force was released from his lower abdomen. Inside his body, the five-colored flame burned ragingly, while that small five-colored cauldron emerged silently.

A puffing noise could then be heard without an end, along with which, all earth power in the hall began surging into Ji Hao’s body like birds flying into the woods. Ji Hao suddenly had a weird feeling; he felt like he was a person who could have a bowl of rice for a meal, but in the past moment, someone had thrust all the rice in an entire granary into his stomach. Too much, truly too much.

Countless cracks appeared on Ji Hao’s skin, with blood surging out. Swoosh! The hall was immediately suffused by a blood-red mist. A Divine Magus could regrow even from a single drop of water. Ji Hao’s blood sprayed out, but then flew back and squeezed back into his body.

As countless streams of blood kept spurting out and flowing back into his body, Ji Hao felt that every cell of his body was about to explode. A piercing pain attacked his soul while the pure and strong earth power surged ceaselessly into his body. His body couldn’t bear this great pressure, and was being crushed into the tiniest pieces, bit by bit.

Even the cells of Ji Hao’s body were shattering and bursting.

However, under the effect of the move of everything-grow, Ji Hao’s destroyed cells had also been regrowing. The new cells had a faint yellow glow; they were stronger and sturdier than the old cells.

A yellow-colored light wrapped up Ji Hao’s body like a cocoon while yellow mist drilled into his body in streams. He had been shivering intensively, and faintly, a strange, indescribable humming noise was audible from inside his body.

The five-colored small caldron was swallowing the earth power in the hall, turning it into essence sun fire and sending into Ji Hao’s body.

Gradually, Ji Hao’s entire body turned golden, like a golden fireball, and didn’t look like a human body anymore.

At the same time, in the deepest area of the Divine Origin Pool, a sphere of Chaos spirit blood silently beat, but Gong Gong didn’t notice that.

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