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Mist puffed up in clouds while light dazzled in streams.

Ji Hao wielded the heavy golden pillar and violently smashed on the door for a hundred times, sending up waves of fire sparkles against the door. But that sturdy metal door only slightly dented.

"That Snake Xiu was so powerful!"

Looking at the result of his fierce wave of attack, Ji Hao couldn’t help but glance at Po and the three sisters of his.

Snake Xiu broke the door of the other hall with a few bumps, but such a powerful spirit creature couldn’t even fight back when facing Po and the three sisters before he was destroyed, both in the body and the soul. This showed the powerfulness of Po and his sisters.

"This door, it’s…I am such a fool!"

Embarrassedly looking at the door, Ji Hao laughed and threw away the clumsy golden pillar, pulling out the nine suns devil-destroying sword. The seed of Dao spun slowly, sending streams of golden light into the sword. Nine suns gradually emerged from the nine sun spell symbols on the sword.

"Break!" Ji Hao gave a deep shout while wielding the sword. Making the steps according to the positions of stars, Ji Hao darted forwards, leaving tens of shreds of afterimages in the air. The sword raised a golden arc light while ‘gently’ hacking on the door.

Following a sizzling noise, the three-meter-thick metal door melted suddenly, with glowing red metal liquid flowing everywhere.

"Good!" Po, Gui Ling, Jing Ling and Wu Dang praised simultaneously. The sword move performed by Ji Hao just now showed about one ten-thousandth of the essence of Yu Yu’s art of the sword.

Ji Hao had been Yu Yu’s disciple for less than a hundred years, and it had only been a few months since Yu Yu officially taught him the art of the sword. Attaining one ten-thousandth of the essence of Yu Yu’s art of sword within such a short span of time, this great talent of Ji Hao could already be described with the word ‘scary’. Many of Yu Yu’s titular disciples and outer sect disciples had followed Yu Yu’s guide for tens of thousands of years, but even they were not as good as one-thousandth of Ji Hao.

Ji Hao put the sword into the sheath, stepped back, still according to the locations of stars.

Hair-thin golden light beams were released from the sword edge. The light was so bright, that some of the people on the scene couldn’t even bear to look at it directly. These golden light beams silently swept across the space, causing a loud, long lasting puffing noise, along with which, the doors of the other ten halls nearby were sliced broken. Heavy pieces of those metal doors collapsed, quaking the ground.

"These people all died."

Feng Xing was sealing the hall, which had its door smashed open by Snake Xiu earlier. Meanwhile, he said quickly, "Many people, I didn’t hurt them, but they still died!"

Po waved his arm and clenched his fingers towards those warriors who bled and died suddenly, then sniffed his fingers. Next, Po said in a harsh and serious tone, "They were poisoned to death by Snake Xiu’s spirit Dan power…Hmm, not good, I’m afraid some already know that we’re here!"

Before his voice faded, a red watery cloud roared over from a distance.

In the watery cloud was an over three-hundred meters long fish, entirely red, having fins glowing with a faint fiery light. This odd-looking fish swayed its head and tail while roaring furiously and dashing over. Its scales had been moving flexibly, opening and closing while the fish was flying, causing loud clangs.

"Henggong fish?" Gui Ling laughed, "Back then, I’ve met him once under Kunlun Mountain. I wanted to recruit him as a spirit creature to guard my place, but he escaped. This thing is nearly invulnerable, no weapon can harm him. He’s also fireproof… Pretty hard to deal with."

Henggong fish, a magical creature, also came from the Chaos. He was the ancestral totem of the Henggong Clan in the Northern Wasteland.

From a long distance, Henggong fish largely opened his jaws and let out thousands of fish-scale-shaped red blades, zipping towards Ji Hao and the others like a thunderstorm. Meanwhile, a furious voice came from his mouth, "Snake Xiu, he was my best friend! You killed him, so you better kill me as well! My master doesn’t allow me to make any move without permission…But how can I let you live?"

While yelling, Henggong fish had already rushed above Ji Hao’s head.

Tens of thousands of Henggong Clan warriors trod on watery clouds, wearing red fish-scale armors and holding large crossbows as they rushed over. From tens of miles away, these Henggong Clan warriors released waves of arrows. Glowing-red arrow lights flashed across the sky like shooting stars, disorderedly striking down towards Ji Hao and his friends.

Po waved his broad sleeve and let a warm cloud rise from his head. An exquisite small tower emerged from the cloud, wrapped in coiling yellow and black mist streams.

This exquisite tower was a defensive treasure of Priest Dachi that Yu Yu borrowed for Ji Hao. Po was powerful, and activated by his power, the power of this tower could be released by ten to twenty percent.

Yellow and black mist streams swooshed while countless sparkling divine light spots drifted down, transforming into a magic screen that covered Ji Hao and everyone else. The blades let out by Henggong fish fiercely struck on the black and yellow mist, then spun swiftly, crazily hacking the mist cover.

These blades were made from the scales that fell off from Henggong Fish’s own body. They were incredibly hard and sharp. However, this exquisite tower had an amazing defensive power. The yellow and black mist drifted airily, but when the blades landed on it, the mist turned to be hundreds of times solid than anything in the world. A quick series of clangs could be heard without an end while many of these blades were shattered by the strong counterforce.

Swoosh! Along with the loud noise, the arrows released by tens of thousands of Henggong Clan warriors had already reached to Ji Hao and his friends. Seeing these arrows falling on the yellow and black mist released from the tower, Feng Xing suddenly leaped up into the air while a massive wave of arrow lights dazzled out of his body.

Having swallowed the linden seed given by Ji Hao, which came from Priest Mu’s true body, along with the help of his divine bow, Feng Xing had already broken into the level of Divine Magus within the past short period of time. He had chosen an ancient star to be his spirit star, and his first inner spirit star had been growing.

Arrow light surged out from his body. Meanwhile, those arrows falling down from the sky suddenly froze. Led by Feng Xing’s arrow light, these arrows turned around, swishing back towards those Henggong Clan warriors, ten times faster than before.

A long series of puffing noise was started. Tens of thousands of Henggong Clan warriors, who didn’t manage to react timely, had their vital bodies parts penetrated by their own arrows, letting streams of blood squeeze out of their bodies.

Feng Xing roared resonantly towards the sky and said, "In the future, no one should play with bows and arrows in front of me!"

Feng Xing waved his hands, and followed by his moves, tens of thousands of crossbows flew up from the hands of those Henggong Clan warriors, flying towards Feng Xing along with a buzzing noise.

Ji Hao shouted in praise, clapped his hands and yelled, "Great aw! Marvelous aw!…Feng Xing, you pay for the booze when we get back! Aw!"

"Aw, aw, aw!" Po slapped on Ji Hao’s forehead and said, "Go find that thing! What are you waiting for?"

In front of all these people, Po didn’t say the name of ‘breathing earth’.

Ji Hao gave a bright growl, then hurriedly rushed towards the hall with Man Man, Shaosi and the others. Breathing earth was kept in this hall.

On the fiery cloud, Henggong fish roared in anger. His body flashed across the air and transformed into a ten meters tall, red-skinned muscular man. He carried a pair of machetes, descended from the sky and blocked the door of the hall.

"Wanna go in? Not before you have killed me!" Henggong fish shouted rudely while raising the pair of machetes. He hacked straight down towards Ji Hao’s head, leaving two beams of cold lights in the air.

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