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The heaven, in the Divine Origin Pool.

Gong Gong sat on a throne that belonged to a divine emperor, decorated with a hundred embossed dragons. He was laughing out loud with his eyes were fixed on a blood-red divine light sphere.

Within the light sphere, a strong and muscular man silhouette was faintly visible. Magical streams of light had been driving into the silhouette’s head. If one listened carefully, one would hear the silhouette moaning in pain.

A short while later, the blood-red light sphere dissipated suddenly, exposing the figure of a strong and handsome man in a golden armor.

A five-colored cloud emerged from the air, steadily carrying the man up. Between the man’s eyebrows, a golden light sparkled brightly. He opened his eyes, expressionlessly looking at Gong Gong.

Carefully looking at Gong Gong for a while, the man put the long golden spear held in his hand on his back. A pair of tiny dragon claws opened on his back, which grasped the long spear.

This man then kneeled on the five-colored cloud on one knee, politely saluted to Gong Gong and said, "Your Majesty, I am Thunder Tooth, belonging to the thunder department of the ministry of war of heaven."

Following Thunder Tooth’s moves, a three meters wide golden thunder light spread out from behind his body, rippling like water. Within the strong golden light, a fierce-looking saber-toothed cat was faintly visible. Along with a sizzling noise, the image of the saber-toothed cat dissipated gradually, leaving its pair of long and sharp teeth to transform into two golden lightning bolts that swiftly rotated around Thunder Tooth.

"Thunder Tooth, from the thunder department, the ministry of war!" Gong Gong grinned, "Good, good, good, you even have a name. You have saved me a lot of time… Good, good, wonderful! Wait aside for my order!"

Thunder Tooth expressionlessly stood up, swung his arm backward and grabbed his long spear. Then, the colorful cloud drifted, carrying him to Gong Gong’s side. Thunder Tooth stood as straight and steadily as a mountain, completely motionless.

Same as Thunder Tooth, over a thousand strong men had been standing beside Gong Gong, each with a divine light spot glistering between the eyebrows. Behind their bodies, were dazzling thunderbolts, roaring hurricanes, rippling water, shining golden blades…They were with different powers, but every single one of them had been releasing a great sense of power, judging from which, they had all reached the stage of peak-level Divine Magus.

A black sphere of watery mist floated next to Gong Gong, within which, River Earl’s pale face was partly visible.

Seeing Thunder Tooth stand into the group, River Earl laughed delightfully and said, "Master, I didn’t think the secret magic taught by Dishi Cha could truly allow you to wake up these new divine Gods ahead of time. But shamefully, being waken up like this, they are less powerful than they should be."

Gong Gong chucked, looked at Thunder Tooth and the other strong men in pleasure, shook his head and said, "No, no, no, they’re only the lowest grade divine Gods in the Divine Origin Pool. We can afford to lose some low-end powers, what’s the big deal? They’re peak-level Divine Magi… That’s more than enough."

Conveniently pointing at a few tremendous light spheres in the deeper area of the Divine Origin Pool, Gong Gong happily laughed, "They are the foundation! In the future, I will be relying on them to rule this Pan Gu world. As long as we can wake them up... hehe, how can the powers of ordinary warriors like Thunder Tooth ever compare with theirs?

While Gong Gong was laughing, a tens of thousands of meter in radius sphere of fiery light had an enormous silhouette visible in it.

Sparkling beams of light had been flashing around inside the fiery light, drilling into the head of that enormous silhouette. Meanwhile, that silhouette had been roaring deeply while murmuring, "Zhu Rong…Fire generates everything in the world…Zhu Rong."

Gong Gong suddenly leaped up from his seat, staring at that enormous fiery light sphere in both shock and surprise as he said, "Zhu…Zhu Rong? Haha, is the one inside this light the new original Fire God, Zhu Rong?! Haha, how can I be so lucky?!"

Impatiently rubbing his hands, Gong Gong raised his head and yelled at the sky, "Wake up, original Fire God! Hahaha, when you wake up, I want you to kill the current Fire God yourself! Ahaha, haha, I can’t wait, just wake up!"

The silhouette in the fiery light abruptly opened its eyes. Those eyes were blazing with a raging fire, like a pair of erupting volcano vent, fixed on Gong Gong.

"Emperor…South Emperor, the Emperor of Redness…Divine Emperor…I…Zhu Rong…"

Inside the fiery light, the new original Fire God was still in an incubation stage, and was mumbling. Gong Gong and River Earl glanced at each other in confusion. A while later, River Earl murmured, "Back in the ancient heaven, did the throne of the South Emperor belong to the original Fire God? I am nothing but a God of mountains, so I don’t know much about the position assignment in heaven."

Gong Gong was confused as well. He turned around and looked at that tremendous fiery light sphere, slowly shaking his head.

Gong Gong and River Earl were about to start a discussion regarding which family of Gods possessed the throne of the South Emperor back in the ancient heaven. But all of a sudden, among those of Water God warriors who were guarding inside the Divine Origin Pool, over ten-thousand fell down with blood gushing out from their nose, eyes, ears and mouth. These warriors were treading on clouds and holding long spears, but suddenly, they vomited blood and died simultaneously for an unknown reason. They fell into the pool and bumped into those light spheres. Followed by the rumbles of thunders and the roars of winds, over ten-thousand elite Water God warriors were turned into strands of smoke by those light spheres. They couldn’t even make a scream.


Gong Gong popped out his eyes in a great shock and confusion, "What happened?"

Not like him, River Earl screamed out in panic, "Snake Xiu died! Snake Xiu, Xiang Liu, Snake Gou, these snakes are born to be suspicious. They always worry that their warriors might betray them. Therefore, they’ve been controlling their warriors with spirit poisonous pills. All these warriors were close guards of Snake Xiu. They died, that means Snake Xiu has fallen. The poisonous pills in these warriors’ bodies exploded, so these warriors died along with Snake Xiu!"

Gong Gong’s face couldn’t help but twitch instantly.

Snakes were innately suspicious creatures. Xiang Liu, Snake Xiu, Snake Gou, these powerful spirit snakes under Gong Gong’s command never trusted their warriors. Therefore, when clansmen from the clans ruled by them grew up and decided to join the armies under their commands, they would control all these new warriors with their spirit poisonous pills.

If they stayed safe, nothing would happen. But once they died, all warriors controlled by them with spirit poisonous pills would die.

Over ten-thousand elite warriors bled and died all of a sudden, and they were all under the command of Snake Xiu. This proved the death of Snake Xiu.

"Master!" River Earl turned around, nervously looked at Gong Gong and said, "Snake Xiu is plundering the treasury…He died, this means we have intruders. They broke into the heaven. They must be from Emperor Shun’s side. But… how did they get in?"

Gong Gong stood up, took a few circles around the throne, then sat back into it.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at that quickly squirming, huge fiery light sphere. He said with a deep voice, "Let them be. Go tell Xiang Liu and Wuzhi Qi to stay in their positions. The other areas don’t matter, as long as the Divine Origin Pool stays safe…Let them do whatever they want!"

Hearing Gong Gong, River Earl nodded slowly.

Outside another treasury hall, Ji Hao carried up that golden pillar, which was used by Snake Xiu earlier, and smashed on the door with all of his power.

Followed a thunderous bang, the door slightly vibrated, then clouds of purple mist and fire sparkles rose.

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