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Henggong fish moved fast, but Ji Hao was faster.

Making the Big Dipper step, Ji Hao moved as fast as a gust of wind. As a few shreds of afterimages flashed across the air, Ji Hao had already broken into the hall.

Henggong fish’s pair of machetes almost brushed against Ji Hao’s body, yet failed to even touch a hair of his. The pair of machetes hacked on the white jade ground outside the hall and generated a thunderous bang, along with two long streams of fiery light. However, not a mark was left on the ground.

Henggong fish roared towards the sky in a fury, then swiftly turned around and released a whirlwind-like stream of blade light. He gave up on chasing Ji Hao, who had already rushed into the hall. Instead, he rushed up towards Man Man and Shaosi.

Although Henggong fish was furious at the moment, his mind remained clear.

Seeing Ji Hao dash into the hall at lightning speed with the Big Dipper steps, Henggong fish understood that he could never catch Ji Hao, as he only had great physical strength, but was never a good magic user. Rather than wasting time on Ji Hao, he should just attack Man Man and Shaosi, who seemed to be two weak little girls.


Seeing the pair of machetes hacking down towards her head, Man Man raised her hammers and rushed up excitedly.

Man Man was also with a stunningly great physical strength. Zhu Rong had been strengthening her body with all kinds of resources ever since she was a baby. Man Man even had taken an incalculable amount of spirit blood traded from the dragon-kind. Therefore, in terms of physical strength, Man Man was totally a human-shaped dinosaur.

Wielding the mountain-heavy lotus-bud-shaped hammers, thousands of afterimages were left in the air by Man Man. Following an endless series of clangs, Man Man’s hammer violently clashed against Henggong fish’s machetes, sending up a puff of fire sparkles, along with streams of smoke. Suddenly, the few spell symbols on Man Man’s hammers, which were carved by Yu Yu himself, flashed with a dazzling light, and a thunder-flame sphere burst.

Along with an earth-shaking boom, the pair of machete held in Henggong fish’s hands were blown up into pieces. Those pieces zipped all over the sky, brushing against Henggong fish’s body and raising countless streams of fiery light.

Man Man swung the hammers sideway, smashing on Henggong fish’s head from both sides. Dong! Dong! The loud thuds sounded like the rings of a bronze bell, yet Henggong fish’s look remained perfectly unchanged. Meanwhile, his water-tank-sized fist fiercely punched on Man Man’s chest, leaving an arc trace in the sky.

"Ah!" Punched by Henggong fish, Man Man failed to stand steadily and was sent back flying.

From the red armor worn by her, the silhouettes of a few fire dragons roared into the air and condensed into a flame shield, neutralizing most of the power of this punch. This punch didn’t manage to harm Man Man, but it did scare her and made her pink face turn pale.

Shaosi gave a deep shout. Seeing Man Man being sent away flying, she lunged her long spear along with a series of light spots, piercing Henggong fish’s body three-thousand times in a row within a blink of an eye. Her moves were as natural and smooth as a gentle breeze.

The long spear poked on Henggong fish’s body and caused a quick and loud series of clangs and dazzling puffs of fire sparkles. Shaosi’s wrists were vibrated by the strong counterforce, such that she couldn’t even hold the spear tight. However, not even a scratch was left on Henggong fish’s skin.

"Little girl, piss off!" Henggong fish roared and opened his mouth wide. A strong gale blew out from his mouth, along with which, thousands of fish-scale-shaped blades swished out, flying towards Shaosi in a destructive way.

Shaosi had no choice but to teleport herself nearly a hundred meters away. Countless beams of blade light dazzled across, almost brushing against her body, flying towards Yu Mu who was standing behind Shaosi. Those blade light beams were eye-piercing, and a strong cold power was spreading from them. Yu Mu screamed while raising the large iron pot carried on his back, shielding himself like a turtle shell.

The wave of blade light landed on the iron pot, making it glow. The blade light hacked down violently, causing a long series of thuds, yet the iron pot showed no signs of breaking.

Jin Ling and Wu Dang popped up their eyes, looking at those spell symbols on the pot, which had been releasing flowing streams of light. They both laughed out and said, "Our Shifu was indeed in a good mood, he even made such a large pot? Look that that glossy shining pot, the little fatso must have cooked quite a lot delicious food with it!"

Po and Gui Ling only smiled, not wanting to continue this topic.

Yu Yu hadn’t made many treasures himself, but the pot he made for Yu Mu was definitely the strangest one among all treasures he had made. As Yu Yu’s disciple, Po and Gui Ling didn’t want to give any comments on the pot, as that might accidentally offend Yu Yu… And disciples shouldn’t ever offend their Shifu.

Yu Mu huddled behind the pot, daring not to raise his head. Vividly colored mist puffed out from his body, drifting to Henggong fish like nimble wriggling snakes. These smokes were carefully made magic poisons. With Yu Mu’s current power, even Divine Magi could be killed by his magic poisons.

Nevertheless, Henggong fish opened his jaws and swallowed them all.

Next, Henggong fish swung his arms backward and pulled out another pair of machetes. He showed his teeth in a grin and said, "Hmm, flavorsome! Can I have more? Little fatso, I, your Master fish, like strong natural poisons the most!"

Before his voice faded, Feng Xing stood in midair, gave a resonant roar and clenched his right fist in the sky. Thousands of arrows left by Henggong Clan warriors flew towards him. Next, the bowstring of his divine bow vibrated, and those arrows screamed to Henggong fish as if an invisible hand had given a strong push to them.

Henggong Yu laughed out wildly. He wielded the pair of machetes and hacked down towards Feng Xing’s head, without even taking a glance at those arrows, letting them disorderedly fall on his body.

Those purely metal arrows with all kinds of powerful spell symbols shattered against Henggong fish’s skin one after another. Not a single arrow managed to break his skin. Henggong fish didn’t cast any magic, protecting himself from those sharp arrows by completely depending on his strong skin.

"This thing!" Feng Xing was stunned as well. Under the control of his divine bow, each of those arrows was as powerful as one released from a Divine-Magus-level bow. Thousands of arrows were sent to Henggong fish, but not a single one could break his skin. How strong was his body exactly?

"Henggong fish is not powerful, neither does he have any other special ability. But, he does have a gift, that he is weapon-proof, immune to fire power, water power and all poisons, as well as thunder power…He is pretty hard to deal with." said Gui Ling slowly.

When speaking, Gui Ling frowned slightly, and she sounded not too happy.

Back then, she intended to capture Henggong fish and force him to become the guarding spirit beast of her place. But in the end, with his strong defensive power, Henggong fish escaped from Gui Ling. Therefore, Gui Ling hadn’t forgotten him even after so many years.

Gui Ling was so powerful, but still, Henggong fish managed to escape from her without being harmed. Clearly, Henggong fish’s defensive power was unreasonably great.

"Are you saying that…We can peel off his skin and make it into an armor?"

Swayingly, Taisi finally began talking. He seemed to be sleepwalking. His eyes turned pale as he coldly glanced at Henggong fish.

Zip! The Nail Head Seven Arrow Book transformed into a black shadow, flashed out and penetrated Henggong fish’s body. The Nail Head Seven Arrow Book didn’t hurt Henggong fish’s body. Instead, it directly attacked some other things.

Henggong fish shivered immediately, then burst out with a scream. Following that, a large stream of black blood spurted out from his mouth. A fiery cloud rose as Henggong fish took a glance at Taisi, then flashed across the air and attempted to run.

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