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Liang Zhu City, twelve streams of white light reached straight into the sky.

Dishi Yanluo stood beside the base formation, silently looking at the faintly visible spell symbols in the white light. All of a sudden, a popping noise came from the portal, while countless spell symbols that had been spinning like gears paused. Next, all spell symbols merged together perfectly and transformed into a smooth stream of light that spread out.

A Xiu Clan elderly man walked to the base formation, seeming to be quite experienced. He grasped in the air, then put his hand to his nose, sniffed and said while smiling, "Hmm, a world with rich water power. Poor human beings, this rain is not gonna stop!"

The non-humankind had occupied countless worlds. About the possible changes that might happen to a world after it was connected to another world by portals, they clearly knew about it. Pan Gu world was connected with another world that was dominated by water power. Thus, the strong water power seeped into Pan Gu world through the portal, and broke the balance of natural powers.

If Sky Pillar still existed, the moisture that came from another world wouldn’t cause any effect on Pan Gu world. But according to the recent news, Gong Gong broke Buzhou Mountain. Therefore, an endless rain, a flood, all these would be reasonable. These non-humankind beings had witnessed such scenes countless times in those worlds they occupied before.

Dishi Yanluo seriously nodded and murmured to himself, "A world with rich water power? Hmm, hope we can find some nice things in there!"

Raising his head and looking at the sky, Dishi Yanluo knitted his eyebrows. He abruptly raised his staff and knocked a Xiu Clan master aside, who was responsible for building the portal. The staff thudded against the Xiu Clan master’s body and almost broke his shoulders, as Dishi Yanlou growled harshly, "The rain has lasted for so many days. This proves that the portal of another family was completed earlier than ours!"

Pointing at the Xiu Clan master, Dishi Yanluo gave a cold smile and said fiercely, "This proves, the magic formation artists working for my Dishi Family are not as useful as theirs! You have to work harder. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind replacing you!"

A group of Xiu Clan people lowered their heads, daring not to say a word to Dishi Yanluo, who was so badly annoyed.

Snorting slightly, Dishi Yanluo waved his hand. Large groups of Jia Clan warriors rushed into the portal. As the white light dazzled, they dispersed in the base formation.

After one-hundred-thousand Jia Clan warriors stepped into the base formation, a group of Yu Clan nobles sitting in all kinds of flying forts, protected by their guards, flew into the portal. Great numbers of materials for building magic formations were carried in these flying forts, because they needed to build another stable portal base magic formation in the other world. Thus, they would be able to achieve the transportation between the two worlds with the lowest cost.

Thousands of miles away, in a manor that belonged to Dark Sun, Yemo Luoye sat in a large black armchair with a sour face while sneering, "Shanye is not willing to come back…She is such a humiliation to our Yemo Family."

Turning around, Yemo Luoye snorted and said to a handsome Yu Clan young man, who was standing by the armchair, "Yemo Tian, that unruly little sister of ours, you go handle her. Bring her over and teach her some rules!"

Yemo Tian smiled faintly, then the erect eye between his eyebrows slightly opened. Within it, an evil light had been rotating slowly.

If anyone who knew him were on the scene, he or she would realize that he was one of the six masters of the prison manager, who daringly sold Ji Hao a great number of prisoners from Black Shark Castle.

Smiling as warmly as a spring breeze, Yemo Tian said with a soft voice, "Sister, Shanye and I never liked each other. I think it’s better for you to bring her back by yourself, don’t you think so? As for this new world, why don’t you let me…"

Yemo Shanye waved her hand, interrupted Yemo Tian, and said coldly and blandly, "Things like conquering a new world might be too difficult for you now. After all, you never led an army."

"Because you and Yemo Shanye never liked each other, I am sending you to bring her back. If I send anyone else, I’m afraid, none of the others would dare to do anything to her. Therefore, I can only send you."

Yemo Tian bit his lower lip, then said in that soft voice of his, "But sister, just because I am inexperienced, I think…"

Yemo Luoye slapped Yemo Tian’s face. She stared at that handsome face of Yemo Tian and said slowly, "What you think doesn’t matter. Yemo Tian, do you think that I will give you the military power of Dark Sun? Don’t think about impossible things."

Throwing a threatening glance at Yemo Tian, Yemo Luoye continued coldly, "I give you ten-thousand warriors. Take advantage of this great rain and go bring her back. This heavy rain will be largely helpful to you. Do not disappoint me!"

Yemo Tian lowered his head and said ‘yes’ with a low voice.

Clang! The portal base formation of Dark Sun had located the targeted world as well. A Xiu Clan master walked to the formation, grasped in the air and sniffed. But immediately, he took a few steps back, as his face turned slightly dark.

Hurriedly taking out a few antidotal pills, this Xiu Clan old man said to Yemo Luoye in shock, "Your majesty, that should be a ‘water’ world. But the water in that world has a great corrosive power…"

Yemo Luoye and Yemo Tian’s eyes sparkled simultaneously. Yemo Luoye then laughed out and said, "Corrosive power? It’s nothing but a low-degree evolution of the power of devouring. In this case, good, very good… This world is worth for us to spend some time on it."

Large groups of armored Jia Clan warriors rushed into the base formation with big steps.

Almost at the same time when Yemo Luoye’s base formation successfully located the targeted world, a thin and faint darkness was added to the heavy rain in Pan Gu world. All plants touched by the darkness began withering and rotting.

In another manor, the base formation that belonged to High Moon located the targeted world as well.

An experienced Xiu Clan master quickly figured out the overall situation of that world. It was also a water-dominated world. But surprisingly, the water in that world was with a complicated toxicity that could paralyze and eventually kill living creatures.

High Moon people were violent and straightforward. They didn’t care about any toxicity, as they had strong bodies. High Moon warriors marched into the portal, heading to the new world.

A barely visible, colorful glow appeared on the rainwater descending from the sky of Pan Gu world.

Many relatively weaker animals lost their strengths to struggle, being paralyzed and flushed away by the water.

The remaining portal magic formations that belonged to the non-humankind located their targets one after another. Meanwhile, the composition of this restless rain in Pan Gu world became more and more complicated, more and more lethal.

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