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The water was moving, and the movements of water had always been unpredictable.

People said that water flowed downhill. From a place with rich water resources, the water would always flow towards places with poor water resources.

Pan Gu world was a fertile world with rich natural resources. All natural powers in this world had been in a great balance, stable and perfectly ordered. Therefore, compared to Pan Jia world, the water power in Pan Gu world was naturally weaker than in Pan Jia world. For this reason, after the portal between these two worlds was activated, the water power in Pan Jia world automatically permeated into Pan Gu world without much extra effort.

If Sky Pillar was not destroyed, and the natural defense of Pan Gu world remained undamaged, it would serve as an especially strong protective screen. Even if the exceeded water power came from the outer space, it would be blocked by the protective screen.

But Gong Gong broke Buzhou Mountain and destroyed the core of the world. The earth meridians fell into disturbance while the natural defense of this world was weakened by ninety percent. The water power from Pan Jia world surged straight into the portal, easily seeping into Pan Gu world once it sensed it from the portal.

The density of water power in Pan Gu world was rising speedily.

No clouds could be seen in the sky. Yet, the moisture had been rising crazily fast. Within a couple of days, the air turned weak and sticky, even in caves and rooms. Visibly, tiny water drops had been ceaselessly condensed from the air, dripping on the ground.

The heavy rain never stopped in Midland and the four wastelands. Not a single area in this world wasn’t under the rain by now.

The rain dominated the world. The water accumulated on the ground, with the depth of around a foot. Waves roared and surged in every river and stream, with water flowing down from all mountains in large streams. Except for those thousands of years old ancient trees, all slightly younger trees already had all branches broken by the rain, leaving tree trunks slantingly pointing at the sky.

Ji Hao returned from the heaven with no result. He reported to Emperor Shun regarding what happened by the gate of the heaven and then left, heading back to Yao Mountain territory. In Pu Ban City, Ji Hao couldn’t do much. He didn’t know how to deal with this sudden crazy rain, neither did he have any idea about how to deal with Gong Gong, who had been hiding in heaven. These important things should be discussed and decided by Emperor Shun and those ministers, clan leaders and elders.

Ji Hao was a young earl. He had just built his foundation and attained his territory with large numbers of clansmen. Under the current situation, his responsibility was to stay in Yao Mountain City to comfort his people, and help fend against the coming disaster. These were the things that needed to be done by the leaders of small to middle scale human clans when a disaster was coming.

Returning to Yao Mountain City as fast as he could, Ji Hao went to check the portal. He had already sensed that this rain might be somehow related to the portal connected with the Pan Jia world, but he couldn’t prove it. He did not want to tell Emperor Shun and the other ministers about his guess either, because that would do no good except for getting himself more troubles and accusations. Besides, what could possibly change even if he shut the portal down?

Twelve portals existed in the territory of the non-humankind, same as the one in Yao Mountain City. The portal that belonged to Dishi Family also led to Pan Jia world. If Ji Hao guessed right, the other eleven new worlds provided by Dishi Cha were all dominated by water power, just like Pan Jia world.

If that was true…

Ji Hao’s heart twitched from time to time. If that were true, in order to stop this great rain, human beings would have to take the initiative and start a war against the non-humankind, wouldn’t they? They wouldn’t have to break into Liang Zhu City to destroy the twelve portals, right?

But how could things be so easy?

The Golden bridge moved as fast as lightning. Followed by a dim golden light, Ji Hao silently descended from the air and penetrated into the coverage of the Heaven and Earth great formation, reaching to the portal’s magic formation base.

The portal had been running faultlessly, and the large light stream reaching straight into the higher sky seemed to be much more stable than before.

Ji Hao took a circle around the base formation and carefully sensed the watery power coming from it. Indeed, a small amount of moisture seeped into Yao Mountain City through the portal. But the amount that permeated into Yao Mountain City could fill a small pool tops. It could never cause such a destructive, overwhelming rain that affected the whole Midland and the four wastelands.

Raising his head and knitting his eyebrows, Ji Hao ignored the greetings given by his people and flew swiftly up along the large light stream.

As the golden light dazzled all the way, Ji Hao reached tens of thousands of meters high. Standing where the light stream reached into the void, Ji Hao spread his spirit power and carefully scanned across the surrounding area. In this area, the moisture Ji Hao sensed from the light stream was in a greater amount than it was in down below, but the difference wasn’t too huge.

The air around Ji Hao sparkled as Shaosi twisted the space and came beside him. Gently, she asked, "What happened? The rain is getting heavier and heavier these days in our territory. Except for the area under the coverage of the Heaven and Earth great formation thirty-thousand miles in radius around Yao Mountain City, all crops in the other areas are ruined."

"Do we have enough food in storage?" Ji Hao asked Shaosi frowningly while trying to not show too many worries on his face.

"Not enough." Shaosi shook her head, looking at Yao Mountain territory, which was swept by the rain, also with a worrying face.

Yao Mountain territory was a new territory. Compared to those human territories with long histories, it was much weaker and fragile. The grain yield of Yao Mountain territory could barely feed their own people in these years. A large quantity of food still needed to be purchased from the outside.

A certain amount of grain was stored in Yao Mountain City, but that could only feed Yao Mountain people for a month. After a month, the entire Yao Mountain territory would be run out of food.

Seven-colored mist coiled above Yao Mountain City. The Heaven and Earth great formation was fully activated, covering the area thirty-thousand miles in radius around the city. Not even a single drop of water could seep into this area. However, outside this area, the rain never stopped. Water roared in streams, and the main channels of quite a few large rivers were already flooded. From time to time, meters high waves would rise.

Bang! Right under Ji Hao’s eyes, a hill near a river was burst by the flood. That hundreds of meter tall hill fell into the river and blocked it.

Rumbling noise could be heard without an end. The surging river was blocked, so it immediately overflew from the river channel, rampantly roaring towards both sides of the river. The turbid waves destroyed woods, submerged farmlands, and a few villages near the river were crushed right away. Fortunately, people who lived in the villages had moved away long ago.

"Hmm, at least the crops around Yao Mountain City are still safe."

Looking at the flood striking onto the protective screen created by the Heaven and Earth great formation, seven-colored mist rose and drifted, while the hundreds of meters high waves smashed on the protective screen, yet caused no effect.

Ji Hao raised his head, looked at the sky for a while, but then froze.

He saw what he had seen in Pan Jia world …

In the midair, a small dark cloud floated quietly in the sky. From it, a fist-thick water stream was pouring down rumblingly.

No raindrops anymore. Instead, it was a stream.

Ji Hao popped his eyes out in shock. Surrounding him, more and more clouds like this emerged. Within the blink of an eye, over a thousand small clouds quietly appeared in the sky.

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