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In the main hall of Yao Mountain City, Ji Hao, Ji Xia, Qing Fu, Shaosi, Man Man, Taisi, Yu Mu, Feng Xing and all the other leaders had gathered up, staring at Di Yantuo.

Confirmed by Di Yantuo, Ji Hao’s guess was right.

The non-humankind had conquered countless worlds. Therefore, they knew everything about those potential changes that could happen when two worlds were connected by a portal. Ji Hao only threw one question to Di Yantuo, but Di Yantuo told him everything he knew regarding the experiences summed up by the non-humankind in the past countless years.

Indeed, this continuous heavy rain was related to the portals of the non-humankind.

Pan Jia world was a water-dominated world. Therefore, the dense moisture in Pan Jia world would certainly seep into Pan Gu world, which was a balanced world. If Sky Pillar were not destroyed, the moisture from Pan Jia world would only slightly raise the density of water power of Pan Gu world. As a consequence, the rainy reasons in Pan Gu world might be lengthened for a few days within the next three to five years, but this would be the worst.

However, the Sky Pillar collapsed, and the natural defense of Pan Gu world was almost destroyed. The water pouring down from Pan Jia world turned Pan Gu world into a rainy zone. The rain never stopped for a second. Even worse, the water started to pour from the sky in streams.

"What if we shut down the portal?!" Ji Hao sat in the middle of the hall and asked Di Yantuo.

"We can’t!" Tushan old man yelled anxiously, "How much have we spent on that portal? We haven’t even earned our money back. How can we shut it down just like this? We can’t do bad bargains!"

Ji Hao and all the others turned to Tushan old man. The entire hall fell into a deathly silence, without even the slightest sound.

Taisi, who normally knew nothing, abruptly began talking, "Old man, a bad bargain is better than rotting in water, isn’t it?"

Tushan old man’s face twisted. Then, he embarrassedly cupped his hands towards Ji Hao and said, "Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean it. It came out of my mouth naturally, and I couldn’t help it. I apologize."

Brushing his beard with his fingers, Tushan old man then continued with a darkened face, "But, what would change even if we shut down our portal? The non-humankind still have twelve portals!"

Ji Hao stood up and held his hands behind his body, walking around in the hall.

Tushan old man was right. Even if the portal in Yao Mountain City were shut down, the non-humankind would still be having the twelve portals. Without destroying all those portals, this rain would never stop.

However, destroying those portals would be incredibly difficult. In order to do that, human warriors would have to break into the base of the non-humankind to fight with their lives. For all these years, the human-kind had been suppressed by the non-humankind and could barely breathe. How could they possibly defeat the non-humankind under the current situation?

While pondering, Ji Tian suddenly rushed in. He bowed to Ji Hao in panic and shouted, "Shifu, something’s wrong! This rain is poisonous!"

Ji Hao’s look changed in shock. Glancing at the others, he took the lead and rushed out of the hall.

Flying up into the sky while leaving a golden light beam in the air, Ji Hao flew out of the protective screen of the Heaven and Earth great formation. The rain poured on his face while tens of water streams descended along with a great pressure.

Ji Hao reached out his hands and let the colorful raindrops fall in his hands.

Locking the fingers of his left hand together and casting a waterproof magic, Ji Hao protected himself from the rain. Then, he sent out a stream of power, locked a fist-sized raindrop in his palm, and gave it a closer look.

The raindrop was multicolored. Ji Hao wasn’t a master of magical medicines and poisons. He scanned across the raindrop with his spirit blood and found out that the raindrop was toxic. Yet, he couldn’t name the toxins in the rain, neither could he tell about their effects.

After all, his body was now even stronger than ordinary human Divine Magi. The toxin might be lethal to ordinary human beings, but it would be completely ineffective to Ji Hao. He wouldn’t be harmed even if he drank this drop of rain right now. Therefore, it was difficult for him to know exactly how harmful the rainwater would be.

Fortunately, Yu Mu flew up like a meatball. Ji Han handed the raindrop to him. Yu Mu took it over and flicked his fingers. From the chubby fingers of his, a few thin streams of mist rose, then the color of the raindrop began changing quickly.

Along with a puffing noise, a few strands of mist spurted out from the raindrop, with black, green, blue, and purple colors.

Yu Mu took a long breath and inhaled all these mists, then closed his eyes. He carefully sensed them with his body. A while later, Yu Mu’s face darkened. "This toxin is ineffective to Magus Kings and Divine Magi. For Senior Magi, soaking in this water for a long time might cause them illness. For Junior Magi, exposure under this rain would kill them within no more than two months." said Yu Mu.

Ji Hao’s face turned dark as well. He didn’t know how many Magus Kings and Divine Magi existed among human beings, but he did know that even in Pu Ban City, the main body of the humankind was formed from people under the level of Senior Magi.

In this rain, even Senior Magi would fall ill, and Junior Magi couldn’t last for two months. What about those Novice Magus and ordinary people? They might be killed by the toxin in the rain in half a month or a shorter span of time.

"How could this happen?" Ji Hao raised his head, looking at the sky. The water in Pan Jia world was not toxic, it was especially pure and clear, rich in life-force. Pan Jia world water could even serve better as drinking water than Pan Gu world water.

Since Pan Jia world water couldn’t be toxic, the toxin could only come from the other worlds. Those were connected to Pan Gu world as well through the other portals that belonged to the non-humankind.

Bang! A vulture with the wingspan of over fifteen-meter fell down thudded against the protective screen of the Heaven and Earth great formation and bounced back up a hundred meters high.

The power vibration released from this vulture was disturbed, judging from which, it was as powerful as ordinary Junior Magi.

This vulture was probably starved in its nest, and chose to come out into the rain to seek food. But exposed in the rain for a while, it was affected by the toxin and fell down from the air.

Ji Hao waved his broad sleeve and sent out a strong and soft stream of air that rolled up this vulture. He brought it into the arms of Yu Mu and said, "Try with this bird. See if you can detoxify it!"

Man Man, Shaosi and the others all rushed out. Ji Hao glanced at Qing Fu in concern, as she was the weakest among all, then said hurriedly, "Amma, don’t come out. This rain is indeed toxic. You can’t expose yourself to it for too long!"

Next, Ji Hao transformed into a golden beam of light and flashed across the air, flying towards Pu Ban City. Meanwhile, he shouted, "Yu Mu, you and Amma work together, see if you can concoct an antidote. I’m going to Pu Ban City to meet with Emperor Shun. This time, we’re in a serious trouble…Perhaps, bigger troubles are expecting for us!"

Somehow, Ji Hao had imagined some extremely scary scenes. A toxic rain, how many human beings would it kill?

‘Damn you, Gong Gong, damn you!’

‘And those non-humankind beings, damn you all!’

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