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Pan Jia world…

In the air, a black bolt of lightning dazzled.

Space was broken, and a bean-sized hole appeared, from which, countless black lightning bolts burst and shattered the surrounding space piece by piece. The tiny hole expanded speedily, reaching the size of a bowl within a blink of an eye, then the size of a dish. Soon, the hole turned to be as big as the mouth of an ordinary well. Soft white light streams surged out of the hole, and followed a swishing noise, these white light streams transformed into countless dazzling light beams that dazzled everywhere.

Boom! A stream of white light hundreds of meter thick burst in the air and struck the boundless water of Pan Jia world. A water column rose hundreds of meters high. The white light was powerful, as it shattered the water column and forced the water to move outwards. The column turned into a, hundreds of meter tall water wall, spreading out and roaring in all directions.

Evil mermaids and mermen fiercely darted out of the water surface while showing their sharp teeth, holding all kinds of weapons and looking at the white light stream that descended from the sky in a daze.

The vast ocean of Pan Jia world was incredibly deep, at the bottom of which, Pan Jia had been leisurely drifting in the water. She lazily opened her eyes and murmured, "Hmm, have those people mentioned by Ji Hao arrived? Just let them do whatever they want. Those things were not important anyway."

Gently waving her hand, a magical ripple spread out towards the entire Pan Jia world, along with the surging water streams.

All spirit mermaids and mermen raised their heads simultaneously, leaned their heads and seemed to be clearly listening to something. They moved, diving down towards the deepest area. Crystal palaces were located in the bottom area of the ocean, and as these spirit mermaids and mermen swam into them, the clear water became turbid, completely covering all these underwater buildings.

Only those evil mermaids and mermen didn’t receive any alarm. They popped out their mouths and showed their teeth while fiercely waving their weapons towards the white light.

A dragon roar tore the air apart and descended into this world, following which came a dreadfully strong power vibration. Ao Li bumped out of the white light with a heavy armor. He spun for tens of times in the air, then abruptly opened his mouth and began vomiting due to the dizziness, into the ocean down below.

That vomiting was heavy, and Ao Li almost threw his gallbladder up. Finally, he stopped vomiting, slowly shook his head and saw the world clearly.

"Ah, Amma, this portal almost killed me! Good ancestors soul, I am a strong one already, but that was…Oh, my…"

As he just managed to murmur a few words, Ao Li sensed another storm from his stomach. Widely opening his mouth and straightening his tongue, the vomiting started once again. Just now, everything in his stomach was squeezed out already, and by now, Ao Li’s throat squirmed intensively, causing a loud, weird noise.

While cursing, Ao Li released his dragon power, surging in his body. He forcibly boosted up his spirit blood to comfort his body. Then, he opened his eyes and glanced around.

His body froze suddenly. He popped his eyes out, as if he couldn’t believe those eyes. Then, Ao Li began laughing wildly and crazily.

While laughing, Ao Li took off his heavy armor, dropped his weapon, and transformed into a, thousands of meters long golden dragon, jumping into the vast ocean while roaring.

Dark clouds gathered in the sky, lightning bolts dazzled across the sky and thunder rumbled. With the great power he was born with, Ao Li created a storm that stirred the entire area with a radius of tens of thousands of miles. Waves rose, and rapid undercurrents and whirlpools emerged.

Hundreds of evil mermaids and mermen rushed to Ao Li while screaming. They wielded their weapons, pouncing on Ao Li. In the eyes of these instinctive creatures, Ao Li was huge, and could serve as a perfect meal.

Ao Li snorted coldly, as a massive wave of silver electric bolts was released from his body. Next, the electric bolts sizzled in the entire area, creating loud popping noise from time to time. Those evil mermaids and mermen were burned one after another. They howled, sank into the water and died.

"Wonderful place! What a wonderful place!" Ao Li reached his upper body out of the water surface. That tens of miles tall dragon body straightened upon the water surface, with countless thunderbolts landing on it, making him look even more powerful and dreadful.

"What a wonderful place!" Ao Li roared happily, as loud as he could.

The water power in this place was so pure, and all the other types of natural power were thin and weak. This was a world of water, perfect for the dragon-kind and those aquatic creatures under their command to live in. Spreading the seeds of spirit water plants from Pan Gu world into this ocean, those plants would grow thrivingly and speedily. Next, large batches of lower aquatic animals could be raised in this place, serving as food. Afterward, this place would become the paradise of the dragon-kind and the other spirit aquatic creates.

In Pan Gu world, the dragon-kind had to fight against Gong Gong Family for territory, and every year, countless conflicts would burst between them because of that. But for this perfect water world, Gong Gong wouldn’t be able to touch it, and the dragon-kind would become the only owner of it!

"Bloody non-humankind beings, if you want to take this world from me, you will die!" Ao Li thrillingly roared towards the sky.

If Pan Jia world had mountains, plains or other types of land area, Ao Li would still worry that he might not be able to defeat those non-humankind beings who would arrive in this world later. But this was a world of water, without any land, and the water was immeasurably deep. Just now, Ao Li measured the depth of the water with his power, and found out that the average depth of this vast ocean was over ten-million meters!

This water-dominated world was created for the dragon-kind, and no other creatures could ever fight the dragon-kind in this place, not even the non-humankind!

Swishing noise could be heard without an end while the eight dragon kings and a large group of dragons flew out of the portal.

Same as Ao Li, those younger dragons all started vomiting once they came out of the portal. The eight dragon kinds stood in the midair stunned, staring at this boundless ocean as if they couldn’t believe their eyes.

"This, this, this…Dragon ancestors soul!" The eight dragon kinds raised their arms high, roaring in a wild joy.

Bright fiery light shone out of the portal, following which, Feng Qinxin impatiently rushed out with a large group of phoenixes. Once they arrived in this world, the dense water power surged up from all directions. Feng Qinxin and her people didn’t see this coming, and the strong water power gushed into their mouths and nostrils, making them cough severely.

"Phoenix ancestors soul, what a damnable place is this?!" Feng Qinxin screamed in pain.

The portal was opened and connected to another world. Even Pan Jia didn’t notice that large streams of watery power had surged into the portal, sending it to Pan Gu world. Through the portal, Pan Jia world began pouring water into Pan Gu world ceaselessly.

Ao Li was still roaring in excitement while Feng Qinxin was screaming and complaining in pain. As for Tushan Family people, they had already started to explore valuable natural resources of this world with all kinds of tools.

Pan Jia world became noisy.

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