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Everyone was enlightened by Ji Hao’s words.

With the suppression that came from the Heaven and Earth great formation in the heaven, it was almost impossibly for this mountain to be corrected. Since it couldn’t be corrected anymore, then it should be melted and turned into something else. This Buzhou Mountain was known as Sky Pillar, the core of the world, but it was nothing else but a part of the spine of Saint Pan Gu. Cultivators could even make the bodies of ancient divine dragons into zombies, so making a magic treasure with the spine of Saint Pan Gu sounded just normal.

Besides, this wasn’t for anyone’s personal benefits. Instead, this was for saving the whole world!

"Absolutely right!" Priest Dachi blandly glanced at Ji Hao, nodded in praise and said, "If we cannot correct it, we should melt it then. Rather than harming all living beings in the world…This is our only choice."

Priest Qing Wei’s eyes sparkled with a magical light. He looked at this enormous, incredibly heavy and long broken half of Sky Pillar, laughed out loud abruptly and said, "Big Brother, you’re right. Melt it, just melt just. I’ve been planning for years, always wanting to craft an after-world supreme treasure with the natural award I earned back then. But the only thing I lacked was a suitable material!"

Spirit Wa gave a cold snort and cast a sideway glance at Priest Qing Wei.

Dong Gong laughed coldly, also throwing Priest Qing Wei a quick glance.

Ximu didn’t make any sound, yet her pair of eyes were popped out widely, staring at Priest Qing Wei with anger, as if she was staring at the man who killed her father.

Netherworld Priest remained silent as well, but the black and white pair of swords held in his hands screamed shrilly for no reason, while extremely evil and strong intent of killing reached straight to Priest Qing Wei.

All the others were on the same page by now. A Half of Sky Pillar, Priest Qing Wei wanted to turn such a magical thing into an after-world supreme treasure. Wasn’t he too greedy? Even a silly one could understand that once that piece of treasure was completed, it would absolutely be an earthshakingly powerful one.

Priest Qing Wei coughed slightly. He looked at Spirit Wa, Dong Gong, Ximu and Netherworld Priest, then his lips slightly moved, as he secretly sent his voice to all of them by using his spiritual power. The looks of the few powerful beings changed quickly. A while later, Spirit Wa shook her head, seeming to refuse to agree, while the other three all showed unhappiness. Clearly, Priest Qing Wei didn’t manage to persuade them.

Priest Qing Wei’s eye corners twitched. He looked at Spirit Wa and said something to her individually.

Spirit Wa remained silent for a while, then slowly nodded. She coldly looked at Priest Qing Wei and said, "You can have it this time, but don’t forget what you promised!"

Priest Qing Wei had a slightly serious look as he then turned to Dong Gong and Ximu, talked to each of them individually, and next, glanced at the heaven.

Dong Gong and Ximu paused briefly, then each showed a faint smile. They relaxedly nodded and said, "Since you, our friend Qing Wei, are in such a good mood, we will surely let you have it. If you need any help when making the treasure, maybe we can offer some help!"

Netherworld Priest narrowed his eyes and laughed loudly, "Qing Wei, my friend, what did you promise them? I am not that easy to bribe. Without enough benefits, I will never give up on this half Sky Pillar. Don’t even think about it!"

Priest Qing Wei smiled, then pointed down at Midland and said a few words to Netherworld Priest.

The Netherworld Priest paused for a second, then a pink hue emerged on his pale face. He remained silent for a short while, then looked at Priest Qing Wei and said, "Don’t lie to me. I am indeed not as powerful as you and your two brothers. But I have a kingdom in the netherworld. If you trick me today, I will make you restless every day and night!"

Priest Qing Wei seriously nodded, then pointed his right forefinger at his heart, then at the sky.

The Netherworld Priest raised his arms and waved hid broad sleeves. Abruptly, the pair of swords held in his harms disappeared. He rolled up his sleeves and laughed, "What are we waiting for then? It’s so stupid for us to waste our powers in here. Come, come come, all together, let’s melt this half of Sky Pillar!"

The evil purple face on the gate of the heaven roared rumblingly while widely opening its mouth and sending thunderbolts down like rain.

Priest Dachi snorted scornfully, then the water and fire hassock under his feet raised a yellow-colored hurricane up into the sky. The yellow hurricane covered the sky, and countless thunderbolts landed on it. Priest Dachi quivered slightly, while faintly visible electric bolts burst from between his hands.

"Alright, do it. We have no choice!"

Looking at the half Sky Pillar, which was almost parallel to the ground, Dachi sighed slowly and said, "But if the core of the world is melted, this world in the future…Hehe, Gong Gong, good, good!"

Priest Dachi had always been a mild and gentle one. Yet, his tone was now filled with a bone-piercing cold vibe of killing.

Ji Hao shivered intensely. He was now curious as to how Gong Gong would die exactly, as he had already offended such a group of scarily, legendarily powerful beings in the world. Ji Hao decided that when it truly happened, he would certainly go to witness the death of Gong Gong, because that would be so interesting!

Priest Qing Wei gave a loud shout. He opened his mouth and let out a three-colored flame.

A crazily great heat roared across the broken half of Sky Pillar almost instantaneously. Plants, sands, rock and soil on Sky Pillar melted immediately into a seven-colored liquid, then were forced into Sky Pillar by the heat.

This was called Samadhi true fire, cultivated by Priest Qing Wei himself. With his power, this fire was countless times more powerful than the essence sun fire that Ji Hao could control at this stage. In terms of the quality of fire, the essence sun fire was no weaker than the Samadhi true fire. Yet, Ji Hao’s was still too weak as of now. Consequently, the essence sun fire turned to be less powerful in his hands.

Priest Dachi gave a smile, then opened his mouth and sent out an invisible stream of flame.

This was the divine flame of great Dao transformed from Priest Dachi’s life-force. This flame was invisible and traceless, and couldn’t even change the temperature around it. However, it was immeasurably powerful. This invisible stream of flame wrapped the half Sky Pillar up, then the surface of Sky Pillar began melting gradually.

Spirit Wa gave a cold snort, then locked her fingers together. Her bodies glowed with a splendid light while a large, colorful stream of fire swooshed out and covered half the Sky Pillar.

Dong Gong and Ximu launched their moves together. They each released their own unique types of fire to help Priest Qing Wei melt the Sky Pillar. Even Netherworld Priest released a pure-dark yet ice-clear, magical stream of fire. The black fire merged with all the other fires let out by the other powerful beings, instantly delivering a series of changes.

Thunderbolts descended from the heaven without an end. Priest Dachi was trembling all the time. Five streams of mist rose from his head, as he was trying his best to block the thunderbolts that came from the heaven.

The group of powerful beings had combined their powers, under the effect of which, Sky Pillar melted speedily. Gradually, Sky Pillar shrunk to around ten miles in radius, and it was turned into a colorful, transparent sphere of liquid.

Priest Qing Wei hurriedly waved his hands, and within a twinkling of an eye, he sent out countless Chaos natural inhibitions.

A thunder blast occurred. Meanwhile, a square golden seal gradually emerged, seeming to be between liquid and solid state. It released countless dazzling beams of golden light that made people’ eyes ache.

Priest Qing Wei laughed out loud, pointed at the seal and said, "This Treasure can turn the sky upside down!"

This was only an embryo of a treasure. It needed to be processed, nourished and cultivated. It also needed to absorb a huge amount of natural reward power to become a real after-world supreme treasure.

When Priest Qing Wei named this treasure, two gusts of wind blew over. Following that, Priest Hua and Priest Mu darted out from the air.

Looking at the embryo seal, Priest Hua sighed.

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