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The gate of the heaven shut tightly. Layers of multicolored mist covered the gate, with faintly audible thunderbolts sizzling behind the gate. No other sounds could be heard.

Priest Qing Wei held the long streamer and silently waited by the gate for a while. Seeing nothing came out from the heaven, he laughed coldly. Flicking his wrist, Preist Qing Wei sent out a Chaos thunderbolt and struck on the gate, making it quake slightly. Endless colorful light streams surge out from the gate, and even half a sky was dyed colorful.

Priest Dachi slightly bent his arms and flicked his ten fingers. Clear airstreams puffed out of his fingertips. Meanwhile, the transparent lotus transformed from airstreams bloomed more and more thrivingly. Soon, tens of thousands of lotuses bloomed on the slanting Buzhou Mountain. Fire sparkles and electric bolts burst from where lotuses grew out, while sands and stones ceaselessly broke and fell from the mountain.

Seeing Priest Qing Wei prepared to break straight into the heaven, Priest Dachi gave a deep shout, "Qing Wei, calm down. The heaven is where the laws of the world came from. How can people like us offend the stateliness of the world?"

Qing Wei had already rolled up his sleeves, but on hearing Dachi, he paused briefly. Then, he cast a threatening glance at the gate covered in colorful mist streams and shouted coldly out, "Alright, alright, alright, I will not break into the heaven. You better not let me catch you outside the heaven!"

Ji Hao grinned aside while staring at the closed gate of the heaven with an extra vicious look.

‘Gong Gong, you shall pay for what you’ve done. Priest Qing Wei is not a merciful one. You have offended him, and now your entire Gong Gong Family can say goodbye to your good lives.’ thought Ji Hao.

Priest Qing Wei flicked the long streamer again. Then, a giant stream of Chaos power transformed into countless enormous hands and descended straight down, holding the slanting Buzhou Mountain and seeming to pull it directly up.

Spirit Wa, Dong Gong, Ximu and Netherworld Priest and Zhu Rong saw that two powerful helpers had joined in, and all gave a deep shout. Then, they boosted up their powers once again. Dense mist surrounded the broken half of Buzhou Mountain, slowly pushing it and trying to correct it bit by bit.

The forty-five-degree tilted mountain was slowly pulled up, and the angle of inclination reduced to thirty-degrees, twenty-degrees, ten-degrees…

The broken part of Buzhou Mountain nearly pushed up to its original position. After that, with some works and some powerful divine materials, the fracture of the mountain could be fixed. Then, with the miraculousness of this mountain, it wouldn’t take too long for it to heal itself.

However, a twisted evil face suddenly showed up at the gate of the heaven. The eyes of this enormous twisted face, that was covered in blue and purple thunderbolts, opened. They blandly glanced at Priest Dachi and the others, who were trying to correct the mountain. Then, it abruptly opened its mouth and let out a heavy breath.

Seven-colored light sparkled in the mouth of this enormous face. The dazzling electric bolts looked like flowing liquid silver, screaming out of that mouth shrilly. They transformed into countless water-tank-sized lightning bolts and struck down towards every powerful being who had been trying to correct the mountain.

"Gong Gong!" Zhu Rong roared out resonantly. His eyes began burning, glowering at the heaven.

"Gong Gong, you’re seeking death!" Ji Hao rushed up into the sky with the Pan Xi divine mirror floating above his head. A dim stream of light instantly covered half of a sky, while he activated the power of the mirror as much as he could, barely shielding half of the slanting mountain.

Emperor Shun was exhausted already. But still, he bit his tongue and let out his spirit blood. Then, he forcibly boosted his last bit of power up, raised the Xuanyuan sword and flew up, hacking straight down at the frontal gate of the heaven. He was the emperor of the humankind, but now, he broke the law of the world and wielded his sword towards the heaven, which was a symbol of the stateliness of the whole world. Emperor Shun had reached the most extreme state of his anger, and dropped everything else.

The lighting bolts poured on the Pan Xi divine mirror-like water streams. This was the evil-suppressing divine thunder that came from the heaven, which was generated by the will of the world.

The Pan Xi mirror was indeed a supreme treasure. But on one hand, it came from another world, and was still suppressed by the natural powers of Pan Gu world, and on the other hand, Ji Hao’s power was limited. At the current stage, he couldn’t release all of the mirror’s power. The mirror took most of the effect of the wave of lightning bolts for Ji Hao. But still, a small half of those lightning bolts landed on his body.

The stainless cloak sent up nine blazing suns and released a bright golden light that shielded Ji Hao’s entire body.

The cloak blocked all lingering power of the lightning bolts. Yet, Ji Hao’s body still couldn’t cope with great pressure brought by the lightning bolts. Inch by inch, Ji Hao was pressed down. A few breaths later, he bumped on the mountain.

Landing heavily on the mountain, Ji Hao felt that he was carrying ten-thousand towering mountains. The mirror and the cloak took all powers of those lightning bolts that struck on him. But these two great treasures had no power left to dispel the crushing pressure caused by the divine lightning bolts.

Following a cracking noise, Ji Hao’s bones were crushed inch by inch.

The great pressure crazily stimulated Ji Hao’s potential. The small cauldron in his lower abdomen spun swiftly, with the Pan Jia sun quickly digesting in it. Dragon-like golden streams surged into Ji Hao’s body and roared into every meridian and acupoint of his, lighting all inner spirit stars up one after another.

His broken bones healed quickly, then were crushed again, and then healed again.

The Pan Xi divine mirror remained activated, covering half of the slanting part of the mountain with its power.

"Good kid!" Netherworld Priest cast a complicated glance at Ji Hao, laughed out abruptly and said, "Kid, will you join me after death?"

Priest Dachi and Priest Qing Wei simultaneously looked at Netherworld Priest. Their gazes were frigid. Together, Dachi and Qing Wei snorted coldly.

Netherworld Priest slightly quivered, then raised his head, glanced at Dachi and Qing Wei and laughed embarrassedly. Swiftly, he scanned across Ji Hao’s body with his eyes and finally discovered a slight trace of natural inhibitions left on the protective golden light that surrounded Ji Hao, which came from the stainless cloak that was crafted by Dachi, Qing Wei and Yu Yu together.

Priest Corpse didn’t say another word. Instead, he only gnashed his teeth and focused on controlling the eight-hundred giant zombies, trying his best to correct the slanting mountain as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, half of the slanting mountain was exposed in the air without the protection of the Pan Xi divine mirror, and was under the attack of the divine thunderbolts. The strong impact force delivered by the thunderbolts slanted the mountain even more suddenly. Following a terrifying cracking noise, the mountain, which was about to be corrected, began crushing down, and within a blink of an eye, a ninety-degree angle was formed between the lower half and the broken half of the mountain.

Emperor Shun’s sword light struck on the gate of the heaven. The purple-blue, twisted face roared at him, then a water-like bolt of thunder dazzled out and landed on Emperor Shun’s chest. It sent him flying to over a thousand miles away, with black smoke puffing up from his body.

Emperor Shun vomited blood, looking at the motionless gate in despair.

He had boosted his power up to an extreme degree, but how could he, a human emperor, ever be able to open the gate of the haven? Even though he was holding the Xuanyuan sword left by Emperor Xuanyuan himself, he couldn’t even leave a mark on that gate.

Black, purple, golden, silver, white, red, clouds with all colors gathered before the gate of the heaven.

A dreadfully strong power of thunder and lightning even made Priest Dachi and Priest Qing Wei knit their eyebrows.

Ji Hao helplessly gave a resonant roar, then said, "Elders, if we can’t correct it, then let’s melt it!"

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