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The sky-turning seal was not completely shaped yet, it floated in the sky while shining dazzlingly.

Divine thunderbolts poured down from the heaven like a rain, stirring up the yellow mist released by Priest Dachi. The water and fire hassock seemed about to fail to block the fierce waves of divine thunderbolts soon.

The few powerful beings stood in the midair, looking at Priest Hua and Priest Mu coldly.

Ji Hao gasped and shielded his whole body with the power of the Pan Xi divine mirror. He slowly drifted near Netherworld Priest, then laughed, "Seeing these two elders, I suddenly thought of a hilarious phrase!"

Priest Hua, who had just given a long sigh, narrowed his eyes, looked at Ji Hao and said, "What is so hilarious?"

Ji Hao seriously looked at Priest Hua and said with an extra earnest look, "For great treasures, virtuous people shall have them. My friends, this treasure is destined to be mine!"

Spirit Wa tittered instantly, covering her mouth with her hand. But soon, she seemed to realize that she shouldn’t laugh like that. Therefore, she forcibly curved his mouth corners back down and showed a cold and serious look. She glanced at the heaven, then gave a few frigid snorts, flashed across the air and disappeared.

In midair, an enormous thunderbolt sliced the air open. A gigantic snake tail, which was wrapped in colorful clouds, gently swayed in the sky, then ‘accidentally’ whipped on the gate of the heaven.

A thunderous bang seemed to shake the entire world. Countless dark bolts of thunder spurted out from the heaven gate, then a deep buzzing noise was let out. The heavy-rain-like waves of divine thunderbolts stopped suddenly.

Probably because of Spirit Wa’s anger, or because it was meaningless to continue attacking, since the broken half of Sky Pillar was melted already, Gong Gong had finally stopped attacking.

Netherworld Priest looked at Priest Hua and Priest Mu, who were both with sulky faces. He abruptly bent his body, held his belly with his hands and laughed out wildly, "Hahaha, this treasure is destined to be mine! Ahaha, haha, I haven’t heard this for years ever since the prehistorical era! Good, good, good, Earl Yao Ji Hao? What an interesting boy, I will remember you!"

While smirking, Netherworld Priest waved his finger in the air. Then, the dark spooky gate opened. He rushed into the gate with eight-hundred flying zombies, after which the gate disappeared, leaving a black mist rolling in the air for a while. Netherworld Priest seemed to be quite afraid of Priest Mu and Priest Hua.

Dong Gong and Ximu nodded to Priest Qing Wei and Priest Dachi. They then glanced at Priest Hua and Priest Mu, who were quite embarrassed at the moment, and smiled. Dong Gong hopped onto the back of his crane and flew eastward, while Ximu rode on a beautiful cyan bird and flew westward. They left like gusts of wind, and were singing the same ancient melody.

Priest Dachi took back the fire and water hassock and sat on it. Calmly looking at Priest Hua and Priest Mu, he remained silent.

Priest Qing Wei held the long streamer, stood beside the seal and blandly asked, "My two friends, you seem to be interested in this small piece of pie? Come, come up here, let me see what you can do. If I lose to you, you can just take this sky-turning seal!"

Priest Hua and Priest Mu hadn’t said a word. A long while later, Priest Hua glanced at Ji Hao and said blandly, "My friend, you misunderstood. We came to save the humankind from a disaster, not to take your treasure."

Ji Hao had already stepped behind Priest Dachi. Priest Dachi sat on the hassock, and Ji Hao trod on a golden light, reaching his head out from behind Priest Dachi.

Looking at Priest Hua’s complicated look, Ji Hao said coldly, "Let's not mention if you want the treasure or not for now. In front of the human emperor and all these human leaders, I just have one question to ask — Since you came to save the humankind from this disaster, why are you so late?"

Priest Hua narrowed his eyes and threw a glance at Ji Hao.

Priest Mu held his hands in his sleeves, gave an especially bitter sigh and said, "My brother and I are late, only because…"

Rudely interrupting him, Ji Hao continued, "Because you were busy at destroying the evidence of your crime and unifying your statement, right?"

Priest Dachi abruptly began talking, "Ji Hao, Hua and Mu are elders. How can you be so impolite? What evidences of crime? What statement? If you lie, don’t blame me for punishing you, even though you’re a senior human minister!"

Ji Hao chuckled, then turned to Emperor Shun and said, "I am only curious about one thing. Why was Gong Sun Ming, the leader of You Xiong Family, possessed by the sky devil? And why did that sky devil help Gong Sun Tianming, who was ‘made’ by Priest Hua, to attempt to take the highest right of You Xiong Family?"

Quickly, Ji Hao told everyone on the scene about the fact that he had encountered the sky devils back in Southern Wasteland, and heard Priest Mu admit that those sky devils were attracted to Pan Gu world by himself. Ji Hao had then fought with a solid effort to finally wipe out those sky devils, and also told those people about how he found out that Gong Sun Meng was possessed by a sky devil in You Xiong City.

Emperor Shun’s face was almost twisted in a fury, that his eyes could even generate fire now.

The looks of the group of human ministers changed as well. Subconsciously, they looked at each other. There was more than one sky devil? A massive group of them? Were they all capable of devouring souls, occupying bodies, and manipulating human behaviors?!

You Xiong Family elders stared at Priest Hua and Priest Mu with glowing red eyes. You Xiong Family was nearly torn apart. An internal war had almost burst between them, and their loyal warriors were even about to start killing each other. All this was because of these two priests?

"Give back the life of our leader!!" A You Xiong Family elder burst with a raging roar. Then, he wielded the large ax in his hand and hacked down towards Priest Hua and Priest Mu, as if he had forgotten about all the injuries of his.

Priest Hua and Priest Mu sighed again. They both bitterly glanced at Ji Hao, then disappeared, as silently as they came. Perhaps, they had been wondering why on earth did they come.

Perhaps, Ji Hao was already in their killing list!

Priest Dachi and Priest Qing Wei glanced at each other and murmured simultaneously, "Outer space sky devils…hmm!"

Emperor Shun put his sword back into the sheath. He abandoned his broken flax clothes and changed to that luxurious, beautiful crown costume, that belonged only to the human emperor. Then, he walked to Priest Dachi and Qing Wei with a solemn face.

"Elders!" Emperor Shun bowed to Priest Dachi and Qing Wei.

Dachi and Qing Wei had their looks slightly changed. They hurriedly stood up, slightly lowered their heads to salute back to Emperor Shun and said, "You’re the human emperor, this is too much."

Ji Hao clicked his tongue aside. So Priest Dachi and Priest Qing Wei turned to be so polite to Emperor Shun. Emperor Shun was indeed the owner of the fortune of the whole world, and even powerful beings like these were willing to be polite to him.

While pondering, a fist-sized raindrop landed on Ji Hao’s head.

Ji Hao raised his head and looked at the cloudless sky.

Fist-sized raindrops fell one after another, quicker and quicker. A few breaths later, a heavy rain descended from the sky, and a dense watery mist covered the whole Midland.

Loud water clattering noise covered all sounds in the world. No one could hear anything but the sound of rain.

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