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The void was quiet, with no other sound but the roars of the fierce gale.

Exhaustedly, Emperor Shun, Ji Hao and everyone else had been looking at the broken Buzhou Mountain, which was slanted, remaining motionless in the air. The falling half of Buzhou Mountain was only temperately stopped from falling by Spirit Wa, Dong Gong, Ximu joining hands. If any of them failed to bear the pressure, the mountain could began falling once again at any time.

Quickly clearing up his torn clothes, Emperor Shun solemnly bowed towards Spirit Wa, Dong Gong, and Ximu

A multicolored stream of light flashed across Spirit Wa’s body as she gave a deep shout, "Save it, try to find a solution. How should we deal this half piece of rock? Pan Gu, good, indeed amazing. You left a spine in this world, but together, the three of us still can’t deal with it?"

Spirit Wa sounded not pleasant at all. Drops of blood flowed down along her snow-white face. Apparently, she wasn’t in a good mood at all.

Dong Gong had his pair of hands raised in the air. The millions of miles in radius pair of cloud and misty hands in the sky barely supported the broken mountain. But Dong Gong had been shaking all the time with sweat oozing out of his skin. He couldn’t even talk by now.

Ximu, who bumped herself away earlier, cast a raging growl while darting straight back up, as fierce as a mad devil. Her body was glowing with a beautiful light, while the hazy silhouette of a scary-looking unknown creature emerged above her head. It expanded to tens of thousands of meters, violently waved its claw and pushed against the falling mountain.

The fierce airflows in the higher sky stopped, while those rosy clouds dissipated. As Ximu joined in, the looks of both Dong Gong and Spirit Wa seemed a lot better than before.

However, how heavy was the Buzhou Mountain? All three of them had been shaking slightly. Obviously, they could only, temporarily stop this mountain from falling. But if the situation lasted too long, and if their powers were consumed up, they wouldn’t be able to do anything to this falling mountain either.

Emperor Shun looked at the broken enormous Sky Pillar miserably. Spirit Wa told him to find a solution, but what solution could he possibly come up with?

Abruptly, a metal gate, which was purely dark and decorated with the portraits of countless evil ghosts, creaked open in the sky. From the gate, a dense cloud of death power surged out. From within, Netherworld Priest drifted out. He was wearing a long black robe, with the black and white pair of swords held in his arms.

Seeing such a horrible scene, Netherworld Priest showed no sign of worry. On the contrary, he seemed to even be quite happy. "Emperor Shun, this time, I will help you. But in the future, if you have more brave warriors dying in battles, you will persuade the souls of ten-million of them to join me!"

Spirit Wa gave a cold snort, then cast an unpleasant glance at Netherworld Priest.

Netherworld Priest slightly quivered. He raised his head, looked at Sprite Wa, then laughed with a slight trace of cautiousness, "Spirit Wa, Spirit Wa, I know you value the souls of these human beings, you don’t want those souls to join me and leave the natural transmigration. But this is my Dao! We have to be reasonable. I can’t fight for the humankind with nothing in return, can I?"

Spirit Wa’s look slightly changed, then she closed her eyes.

Netherworld Priest smiled, then a black stream of mist rose from his head. Followed by a thunderous roar, eight-hundred enormous silhouettes darted out from the black mist. A strong power vibration swept across the whole area. Facing the blowing wind, these hundreds of meter tall silhouettes began expanding speedily.

Ji Hao took a closer look and found that these silhouettes released by Netherworld Priest, were nothing else but flying zombies made from the bodies of Longbo Country people.

These Longbo zombies were thousands of meter tall, with their bodies thickly covered in black dragon scales and dragon horns on the foreheads. The sense of power that came from these Longbo zombies was similar to both the humankind and the dragon-kind, between life and death, containing immeasurably great evil power.

As these zombies widely opened their mouths, sparkling black mist puffed out from and flowed back into these eight-hundred zombies’ months. From their bodies, muffled sounds of waves could be heard without an end, making people unable to help but guess exactly how great the power was which had been surging inside their bodies.

The rumbling noise never ended. The scales on the backs of these enormous zombies were opened, then hundreds of meters long wings grew out from under those scales. They flapped their wings and flew straight up, raising their arms to support the mountain.

Along with that rumbling noise, the slanting mountain began slowly rising back up. Strong friction was generated between the fractured surfaces of the mountain, as a sky-burning fire was raised along with the thunderbolts.

Netherworld Priest quickly incanted a spell. Meanwhile, large clouds of black mist puffed out of his body. Streams of black mist were swallowed by those enormous zombies, stimulating them greatly. It made them roar towards the sky and made their muscles swell and harden.

Now, Netherworld Priest had also joined in. Together, these four powerful beings should be able to right the slanting half of Buzhou Mountain, and in the future, with some efforts, perhaps, human beings would heal the broken mountain.

However, higher in the sky, a seven-colored, warm stream of mist flashed across. Then, along with dreadfully loud thunders, hundreds of water-tank-sized, colorful divine thunderbolts struck down. Every thunderbolt landed on Netherworld Priest.

Netherworld Priest had squeezed the last bit of his power out to control the eight-hundred enormous flying zombie to correct Buzhou Mountain. He didn’t even leave a slight strand of power to defend himself. Hundreds of destructive divine thunders struck down, immediately making the Netherworld Priest scream in pain. Large waves of ripples were stirred up from the black robes he wore as countless thunderbolts drilled into his body, through the robe.

Netherworld Priest was pursuing the Dao of netherworld. His power was negative, and the divine thunder that came from the Heaven and Earth great formation in the heaven could largely suppress his power.

Normally, Netherworld Priest could perfectly fend himself with his great powers, and no harm could be done to him, not even if the Heaven and Earth great formation were fully activated. But just now, his power was all released, and his body was empty. Hundreds of divine thunderbolts struck on his body simultaneously and created countless holes in his body, almost destroying his true spirit.

"The heaven!" shouted Netherworld Priest, "Who’s controlling the heaven?!"

A huge stream of blood was squeezed out of his mouth, then the black mist that rose from his body turned lighter. The eight-hundred giant zombies trembled in the sky, then their arms were crushed by the incredibly heavy mountain, inch by inch. Dragon scales fell off from the arms of these zombies while large clouds of black mist puffed out of those arms.

Netherworld Priest gave a muffled hum, then he opened his mouth and let out another mouthful of dark blood. His face turned paler as he fell down for thousands of meters.Then, with a solid effort, he finally stabilized the cloud he trod on.

The looks of Dong Gong, Spirit Wa, Ximu and Emperor Shun all changed suddenly. They could never even dreamed that the strongest strike landed on them was launched by the Heaven and Earth great formation in the heaven. Buzhou Mountain began to slowly fall once again, while blood flowed out from the mouths of Dong Gong, Spirit Wa and Ximu.

"My friends, how can you forget us?"

A refreshing gust of wind came from beyond the sky. Priest Dachi was sitting on a hassock, which was surrounded by fire and water, wearing a long red robe, decorated with the patterns of flames and water streams. He flew over along the gust of wind. Seeing the slanting Buzhou Mountain, he gently flicked the horsetail whisk held in his left hand, then countless transparent lotuses condensed from that refreshing gust of wind emerged in the sky, gently yet strongly supporting the falling mountain.

Priest Qing Wei followed. He was holding a long gray streamer, with Chaos power streams surging around his body, even stirring half of the sky up. He stood in the highest area that people could see and waved the long streamer holding in his hand. A Chaos divine thunderbolt was generated, creating a massive fire in the sky. The gate of the heaven was blown open by this scary divine thunderbolt.

"Who’s controlling the heaven?! Get the hell out! Let me see your face! Who has the guts to harm this world like this?!"

Priest Qing Wei’s face was filled with a sharp fierceness, and the strong aura of killing that surrounded him was even tangible.

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