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Liang Zhu, in a mansion outside the city.

Tens of human girls wearing veils had been singing and inducing, leering at Dishi Cha, who sat in a cluster of flowers, drinking by himself.

Dishi Cha raised his head, looking at the direction of Sky Pillar.

When the sky-shaking bang came, he saw dense rosy clouds pushed out by fierce airflows, and large puffs of fire sparkles rising because of the friction of the air. Dishi Cha slapped on his lap excitedly and growled, ‘Done!’.

The sky was darkened, while surrounding natural powers were turned into a mess. Dishi Cha was a powerful one, yet even he felt it hard to breathe, as if he was soaked in water. The disordered natural powers clashed against each other, causing tiny electric bolts in the air.

Gusts of wind blew over from all directions, bumping into each other and raising different sized columns of air streams. Dishi Cha dropped the wine pot and darted straight into the sky, followed by a blood-red light stream.

From a long distance, Dishi Cha still saw that collapsing Sky Pillar. Buzhou Mountain stood in the core area of Midland. Normally, no one ever noticed its existence. Even in the best weather days, ordinary people couldn’t easily see the mountain, unless they walked to its foot.

However, at the moment, Buzhou Mountain was broken by Gong Gong, and a half of it fell down. The natural magic screen around the mountain was destroyed, after which, any living creature in Midland that had eyes, could see an enormous mountain surrounded by dense smoke and blazing fire, and a half of it smashing down.

With Dishi Cha’s great eye power, he even saw countless tiny sparks flying towards Buzhou Mountain, over and over again.

"Stupid barbarians, this is the core of your world. How could you ever stop it with your fragile bodies and slight powers?"

Dishi Cha murmured to himself with a taunting tone, "But it’s good though. The ones taking the lead to rush up under such circumstances must be those leaders among those barbarians, who like to call themselves ‘heroes’, right? You just die, die, the more of you died, the easier will I conquer you."

He chuckled, then narrowed his eyes and laughed, "When I conquer this world, your faith will be given to that greedy old man, and I, only need your bodies. Barbarians, slaves, you will be my best slaves!"

Lowering his head and looking at those human girls in the yard who were huddled together, shivering in fear, he showed a twisted grin.

"Hmm, slaves with such a high quality will be worth a lot. Beautiful women will be the best toys, while those strong men, they will be qualified warriors. They will fight battles for us. They are much, much better than those useless frog-like things.

Above You Xiong City, Ji Hao had been growling while the Pan Xi divine mirror had its light dimmed down, and both the nine suns spear and nine suns devil-destroying sword let out shrill screams, as they couldn’t bear the heavy pressure anymore.

Buzhou Mountain was the core of Pan Gu world. It was transformed from the spine of Saint Pan Gu. Fighting against Buzhou Mountain equaled to fighting against the crushing natural powers of a big half of this world.

Ji Hao’s internal power and power of Dao were almost consumed up, his spirit blood was nearly drained, while his bones were all broken. Tens of long and deep slashes were on his body, that exposed his golden, transparent bones.

The seed of Dao of sun was now dim and lusterless. As waves of destructive pressure struck down, the seed of Dao was almost crushed.

Emperor Shun was exhausted.

Hao Tao had fainted.

All clan leaders of elders were severely injured, and couldn’t even struggle back up from the ground. Zhu Rong had a big half of his body destroyed, only leaving a dim sphere of fiery light, floating in the sky.

Warriors from all clans fearlessly rushed up towards the falling mountain. Clouds of blood-mist blasted in the air one after another. Blood sprayed down like rain. Many relatively weaker Magus Kings had their bodies struck into pieces right on the spot, while those powerful Divine Magi were wounded seriously and fell back to the ground.

But none of them drew back, none of them were frightened. Everyone was cursing Gong Gong loudly while gnashing their teeth and bumping towards the mountain with the last bit of their powers.

The rain of blood grew heavier and heavier, dying the You Xiong City red.

On the blood-red land, You Xiong Family Maguspriest began singing a sad song, begging the Gods in the world and the souls of all human beings’ ancestors for mercy.

Bu Zhou Mountain collapsed. The natural defense of this world was destroyed. Countless warriors risked their lives, flew up to thud against the falling mountain. But they could only, slightly slow the falling mountain down.

If no one came to save the day, You Xiong City would be crushed by the mountain, and Pu Ban City, the capital of the alliance of human clans, would be destroyed too.

Some Maguspriest raised blade jade daggers and deeply cut into their own chests. They offered all powerful yet mysterious beings in the world their own blood and flesh, their lives and souls, to try to save the humankind from this disaster.

A tremendous bolt of lightning tore the sky apart. The dark sky was suddenly split into two, but that lightning bolt.

From the crack of the sky, an enormous snake body flashed across.Then, countless bolts of thunder struck down like a storm. Meanwhile, seven-colored, warm clouds gathered from all directions. Next, a beautiful silhouette showed up in the sky.

That was Spirit Wa, she had the upper body of a beautiful, young girl, and the lower body in the form of a splendidly glowing snake tail. She trod on a purple cloud, with her long hair hanging loosely on her back, hands holding a long red ribbon. She glanced at the falling Buzhou Mountain. Her stunningly beautiful face was cold, with the corners of her eyes twitching ceaselessly. A fierce aura of killing instantly filled the world up, seeming to freeze the soul of everyone who saw her.

"Gong Gong…Good, Good, Good, you are indeed daring enough!" A long red stream of light rose from Spirit Wa’s hand. Followed by a swishing noise, the red light stream took thousands of circles around the falling mountain. Then, she coiled the ends of the ribbons on her pair of hands and pulled up fiercely. Instantly, a muffled, earth-shaking series of thunder came from the sky.

The purple cloud that Spirit Wa trod on shattered immediately, while her body sank straight down. The red ribbon broke Spirit Wa’s arms, letting drops of seven-colored blood drip down from the wounds.

Spirit Wa’s beautiful face turned deathly pale, with blood flowing out from her nose, eyes, mouth, and ears.

"Spirit Wa, I’m here!"

From a great distance, an enormous white crane flew swiftly over. Dong Gong was standing on the crane’s back, wearing a straw raincoat, and with a wrinkled, darkened face. He was holding a four-inch-long bronze ruler. From far away, he reached his hands out, palms facing the falling mountain.

Mist and clouds coiled and condensed in midair and transformed into a pair of giant hands, that gently rose against the falling mountain.

Another series of thunder burst. Meanwhile, Dong Gong’s wrinkled face immediately turned pale, and blood gushed straight out from his nose and ears. He swayed on the crane’ back. Then the crane screamed out in pain and vomited a huge stream of blood.

"Old man, you’re so old. Why are you still pushing yourself?"

Followed by that deep shout, Ximu dashed over. She was wearing a luxurious long dress, yet the power vibration from her was as fierce and violent as a giant Chaos beast. She roared in a deep rumbling voice, then bumped straight into the mountain, as violent as those human warriors.

Along with the third series of thunder, Ximu gave a muffled moan, then she fell to the ground, as speedily as a shooting star.

Spirit Wa, Dong Gong and Ximu stopped Buzhou Mountain from falling by joining hands, and slowly pulled the mountain back up by a little bit.

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