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A dense purple cloud rose from Emperor Shun’s head. Eighty-one spirit inner stars rose within the mist, and every single one of them shone even brighter than true stars in the sky while releasing an ocean-like, strong power vibration.

Ji Hao turned around and took a glance at Emperor Shun. Instantly, his pupils shrunk to the size of a needle point.

What cultivation method did Emperor Shun use?

The power contained in each of his inner spirit stars was hundreds of times greater than the power contained in each inner spirit star of Ji Hao. Therefore, even though Emperor Shun only had eighty-one inner spirit stars, he was scarily powerful.

Judging from such a great power, it was not hard to imagine exactly how strong Emperor Shun’s physical body was. Among human Divine Magi, not too many were able to rival Emperor Shun.

"Hold on!"

Emperor Shun gave a deep yet resonant growl while the Xuanyuan sword gave a high-pitched scream in his hand. The long golden sword was pointed at the sky. The rosy clouds and fierce airflows caused by the fallen mountain struck on the Xuanyuan sword violently. Emperor Shun quivered instantly, then bone-cracking noise could be heard from his body, as quick as the sound of popping corns. The sword was pressured into a curve like a crescent, with countless golden light streams flowing on its edge. A golden light spot lit up on the sword tip and turned brighter and brighter. It eventually grew as shiny as a golden sun floating in the sky, destroying waves of fierce airflows and rolling clouds raised by the falling mountain.

"Hold on!"

Hao Tao and Xie Zhi bumped over. A black cloud had been roaring above Hao Tao’s head, within which, eighty-one enormous inner spirit stars had been sparkling and hovering. Followed by a thunderous boom, tens of flakes of rosy clouds smashed on Hao Tao’s body along with a sharp gust of wind. A half of Hao Tao’s body was dented, while his face turned badly pale and a stream of blood spurted out from his mouth to tens of meters away.

Xie Zhi lowered his head and zipped swiftly over, with his horn facing the falling mountain. When he was thousands of miles away from the mountain, an unstoppably strong airflow raised by the falling mountain slapped on his head. Xie Zhi screamed in pain while his horn was crushed, along with half of his skull. Blood was squeezed out of his mouth in streams.

"Hold on, brothers!"

The current leader of Lie Mountain Family shouted towards the sky while spreading his arms and slapping in the air.

The air was vibrated while large flakes of iron-board-like rosy clouds struck on his arms and body along with a fierce gale. Lie Mountain Family leader’s eyeballs popped out of his eye sockets. Because of the great pressure that landed on him, those eyeballs exploded right away, while tens of sharp streams of blood ejected out of his body.

"Hang on! People! Don’t humiliate our ancestors!"

The current leader of Huaxu Family rushed up with a few elders, with their teeth gnashed tightly. The mountain was falling overwhelmingly, as if the sky was falling. Under this situation, all fighting skills were useless. They boosted up their powers while flying straight up towards the falling mountain, like flying moth darting into a fire.

Muffled bone-cracking noises could be heard without an end. Huaxu Family leader howled in pain as all muscles on his arms were blown up. Then his chest blasted out, exposing his squirming internal organs.

The few Huaxu Family elders growled out together. Blood splashed everywhere from their bodies. Bright streams of light flew through their bones. Those bones broke, then healed themselves, then broke again. They cursed loudly and wildly while bumping against the falling Buzhou Mountain, over and over again.

"If we die, we die good! Haha!"

A few elders from Kuafu Family and Longbo Country expanded their bodies as much as they could. Kuafu Family elders were around five-thousand-meters tall, looking like giants standing on the ground with the heads reaching to the heaven. They wielded their weapons, madly and hacked and smashed on the falling Buzhou Mountain. Their weapons shattered and their arms broke. Their blood shed like rain. They gritted their teeth and bumped straight into the roaring rosy clouds in the sky.

Longbo Country elders shouted and yelled. They breathed deeply and quickly, and within a blink of an eye, they all expanded to tens of thousands of meters tall, as enormous as the ancient Longbo Country people.

They raised their tremendous arms and slapped on those rolling rosy clouds and swooshing fierce airflows that had been descending from the sky.

They were so gigantic, hence the pressure they had been withstanding was largely greater than any of the others. Ji Hao witnessed that those blade-like, dark fierce airflows screamed across their bodies and brought large pieces of muscles away.

Following a ceaseless puffing noise, Longbo Country elders were even turned into bloody skeletons within a blink of an eye by the strong airflows caused by the falling mountain.

Fortunately, Longbo Country people had nearly inexhaustible life-force and rich spirit blood. While the fierce airflow was slicing their skins and muscles off, new skin and muscles had been growling on their bodies without an end. The airflows brushed against their bodies and sent up large puffs of fire sparkles. The few Longbo Country elders roared in pain, but still endured this brutal torture.

Clan leaders and elders, who were all influential and powerful with high positions, rushed up while howling and shouting, one after another.

Normally, they had true powers seized in their hands. Wherever they went, countless people would revere them.

Facing the falling Buzhou Mountain, they rushed up the first.

No fear, no one was frightened. No one hesitated, not even for a single second.

This wasn’t a beautiful era. This was a damned, chaotic era. Yet, this was also a marvelous era. For most of the leaders, they shone in their own ways and somehow, they could always make your blood boil!

As the leaders from the human clans, one could call them ‘heroes’!

The Buzhou Mountain kept falling. The enormous mountain had almost covered the entire sky. The air was squeezed by the speedily falling mountain and turned into nearly tangible airstreams. A strong fraction was generated between the mountain and the air. On the mountain, ancient trees, magic herbs, and other plants were all starting to burn under the effect of friction, turning into a five-colored mist that surrounded the falling mountain.

Countless divine creatures living on the mountain fell down. They flew up desperately, screamed and tried their best to run. Yet, the rapidly flowing airstreams from all directions were like countless sharp blades that easily stirred them into pieces.

"Fight with your lives!"

Ji Hao rose as a dazzling golden light and bumped into an airstream stirred up by the falling mountain.

When the destructive pressure landed on his head, Ji Hao’s bones and muscles, which had just recovered from the last injury, were shattered once again. Blood surged out from his body while the soul-piercing pain even vibrated his seed of Dao of sun.

The pain even made him want to die. As loud as he could, Ji Hao yelled with all of his power, "Gong Gong, f*** you! F*** you! F*** you!"

Emperor Shun was vomiting blood. He gave a bitter grin and remained silent. Hao Tao and all the other human ministers had now been shedding blood, yet all laughed out wildly, shouting what Ji Hao had just said, which was probably the worst language they had ever heard. The flood-like sound wave even swept across half of Midland.

Everyone now understood that today, among everyone on the scene, including Ji Hao, as long as one survived, Gong Gong would end up as a deadly enemy of the entire humankind!

A fiery light dazzled down. Zhu Rong bumped into Buzhou Mountain as well while loudly cursing Gong Gong.

Buzz! Half of Zhu Rong’s body was crushed while a hundreds of meters thick layer of rosy cloud was dispelled by him.

From down below, bright light streams rose one after another. All warriors in You Xiong Family acted. Whichever clan they came from, as long as they were able to fly into the higher sky, every single one of them rushed up without the fear of death. They bumped into Buzhou Mountain, seeming ready to give their lives away.

Blood fell like a heavy rain, dripping towards the earth!

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