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Dragons were able to tread on clouds and mist, raise waves, cause thunder and lightning, start hurricanes and storms. Ever since the prehistorical era, dragons were the dominators among all aquatic creatures.

Back in the peak period of the ancient heaven, by relying on the heaven, the family of Gods with the nature of water could still, barely suppress the dragon-kind. But now, the heaven had fallen, and among all these Gods, only Gong Gong survived. However, the dragon-kind remained domineeringly powerful.

The hundred zombie dragons dried the water. This dreadful pressure given off by them even made Gong Gong’s heart shake. Snake Xiu, Xiang Liu, who had been widely attacking Bo Qiuji and his disciples, subconsciously transformed back into the shape of a human being, trod on watery clouds and hurriedly fled back.

Both Snake Xiu and Xiang Liu were strong prehistorical creatures. They were snakes, but the dragon-kind were the domineer of all aquatic creatures. Therefore, dragons could naturally frighten and suppress all creatures with scales. As the hundred zombie dragons roared out, Snake Xiu and Xiang Liu felt that even their bones had been softened. Before they could make any move, their powers were weakened by seventy to eighty percent.

Gong Gong’s eyes shone with a bright divine light. He glanced at the hundred dragons, laughed out loud and said coldly, "Ancient divine dragons? If they were alive, I would turn around and walk right away. But they’re nothing but a hundred dead bodies…How, how dare you, how dare you make zombies with the bodies of ancient divine dragons?"

Despite the fact that Gong Gong was now burning in rage, cold sweat still flowed down from his forehead because of the daringness of Priest Corpse.

A whole hundred ancient divine dragons, where did Priest Corpse find so many ancient divine dragon bodies? And how dare he make so many divine dragons into zombies? If the members of the dragon-kind saw these dragon zombies, they would definitely hunt Priest Corpse till the end of the day.

Priest Corpse took out an especially long golden spine with an evil look. The spine was over thirty meters long, especially soft, twisting in his hand like a living thing. This was a magic weapon made from the spine of a divine dragon.

"Gong Gong, today, one of us will die… I’ve told you this already!"

Priest Corpse took a deep breath, then his scrawny body bumped through space, dashed to before Gong Gong’s face while lashing the golden dragon spine onto his head. Meanwhile, a linden seed magic talisman blasted in his left hand, released a bright beam of light and struck on Zu Rong Tianming’s body. Zhu Rong Tianming’s body transformed into a golden sphere of light, abruptly flashing out from Gong Gong’s hand.

Gong Gong roared out fiercely while lunging his trident towards the golden dragon spine violently.

Following an earth-shaking boom, the dragon spine and the trident bumped into each other. Nine black dragon silhouettes flashed across the trident. Priest Corpse let out a mouthful of blood while the golden spine was cut into two by the trident. From the cutting edge of the bone, countless tiny spell symbols flew out in streams.

High up in the air, the thunder hammer and lightning chisel clashed thunderously against each other, sending down golden bolts of lightning, descending towards Priest Corpse’s head.

The bodies of the hundred zombie dragons shrunk to around three-hundred meters long, swishing in the air like ghosts. After each thunderbolt descended from the sky, a zombie dragon would rush over and block the lightning with its body. These dragons wielded their claws, fiercely slapping and shattering the thunderbolts. But at the same time, smoke puffed up from their claws, and a few zombie dragons even had their claws struck into pieces.

Some dragons roared down towards Gong Gong. They hit Gong Gong with their horns, bit him with their teeth, tried to tear him apart with their claws and smash him with their tails. Those dragons tried their best to attack Gong Gong, making a dense layer of water ripple spread quickly out from around his body, forcing him to pay attention to these fearless zombie dragons.

Some dragons hovered in the sky with their jaws opened, ceaselessly letting out green streams of poisonous flame, that was generated from the power of death. These poisonous death flame were made by Priest Corpse with his spirit magic; it was powerful and brutal. With a slight touch of it, one would fall into a huge disaster.

Facing that poisonous flame, even Gong Gong dared not to be careless. He threw out a fist-sized purple web that transformed into a purple stream of mist and wrapped his whole body up. The death flame spread on the purple mist, causing clouds and purple smoke to rise. Yet, it couldn’t harm Gong Gong at all.

With the help of these dragons, Priest Corpse easily withdrew from Gong Gong’s attack range, even though the long golden spine of his had been destroyed. He flashed across the sky and caught up with Zhu Rong Tianming, who was sent a hundred miles away, grabbed him up and attempted to escape.

Gong Gong snorted coldly, then shouted, "Nothing but dead bodies, how can they save that little bastard?"

Before Gong Gong’s voice faded, the sky dimmed down.

Ji Hao and the others raised their heads in a great shock, and saw an enormous pair of wing cover almost the entire sky. This pair of wings slightly flapped and instantly threw the sky into darkness. Then, countless whirlwinds roared up from the ground.

Clouds of mist rose into the sky, covering that tremendously huge, nearly a million miles wide pair of wings up. Then, a scrawny silhouette floated below the pair of wings, looking at Priest Corpse and gave a cold smile.

"Damn it!" Seeing that scrawny silhouette, Priest Corpse yelled out and immediately locked his fingers together. Thirty-six golden dragon beads flew out from his sleeves and formed a complicated magic formation that surrounded Zhu Rong Tianming.

The thirty-six dragon beads shone and spread their faint golden light on Zhu Rong Tianming’s body.

Through the golden light, a large lotus with a pearl-like luster was faintly visible.

High up in the air, the scrawny silhouette laughed scornfully, raised a giant hammer with both of his hands, then dove straight down from the sky. He violently smashed the hammer on Zhu Rong Tianming, leaving a black trace in the air. The hammer seemed to be ordinary.

"Kun Peng! You old bastard! You are seeking death!" Priest Corpse screamed hoarsely and furiously, "This kid is chosen by my Master Shifu!"

"Bull-shit! Will I be afraid of them? Come deep into the North Sea to find me, if you have the guts!" Kun Peng was awfully scrawny and ugly. He gave a twisted grin, and next, as a black stream of light sparkled on his body, a full-power strike was already launched by him.

Above Zhu Rong Tianming’s head, the lotuses collapsed while the thirty-six dragon beads were struck into ashes. The giant hammer held in Kun Peng’s head smashed right on Zhu Rong Tianming’s head. A fiery light was released from Zhu Rong Tianming’s head, within which, Zhu Rong’s furious face was faintly visible.

‘Kun Peng!’ It was Zhu Rong’s voice.

"Your son has died!" Kun Peng laughed viciously. He lifted up the hammer, then swept across the air with his right hand.

Zhu Rong Tianming gave a howl. In the next moment, his head was sent flying into the sky. Kun Peng had beheaded Zhu Rong Tianming. Blood ejected out from Zhu Rong Tianming’s neck in endless streams.

Priest Corpse screamed shrilly while Gong Gong laughed out wildly.

In Priest Corpse’s sleeve, a magic talisman exploded and released a splendid light. From the light, Priest Hua walked out in big steps, with a wooden staff held in his hand, and a grim face.

Kun Peng, who sounded so fierce earlier, now gave a loud shout and flew up into the sky right away, desperately fleeing like a homeless dog. However, no matter how fast he ran, how could he escape so easily from Priest Hua’s hands?

The wooden staff vibrated in Priest Hua’s hand, then spun up. Next, Kun Peng let out a resonant howl, because the wooden staff abruptly showed up behind him and struck violently on his back, even though he had already fled ten-thousand miles away.

From ten-thousand miles away, Ji Hao and his friends all heard a thunder-like, muffled series of booms, along with the noise of bone cracking. God knew how many bones of Kun Peng were broken by this strike, that made him flee towards the North like a drowning mouse, along with a strong gust of wind and a series of black clouds while vomiting blood. He dared not to even turn around.

Priest Hua looked at Zhu Rong Tianming’s head that hadn’t fallen on the ground yet, slightly sighed, then showed a faint smile on his mouth corners.

"Alright, since you’ve already been silenced, this is your destiny. Come, come, come… Today, you shall break up with Zhu Rong Family… and join us formally!"

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