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A fiery light rose from Zhu Rong Tianming, within which, Zhu Rong’s figure flashed across, fending against the lethal strike launched with the trident. But still, Zhu Rong Tianming vomited blood. He screamed in fear while desperately fleeing.

"Man Man?"

When Gong Gong spread his arms and attempted to seize Zhu Rong Tianming, Ji Hao turned around, glanced at Man Man and called her name with a low voice.

Wuzhi Qi was pouring the tea into his mouth with the teapot. Hearing Ji Hao, he immediately put his hand on his iron stick while casting a fierce glance at Ji Hao. Although they didn’t truly start a life-risking fight tacitly, Wuzhi Qi had his own bottom line.

If Ji Hao did not do anything to save Zhu Rong Tianming, they would be fine. But if Ji Hao intended to do something, Wuzhi Qi would be having no choice but try his best to stop him.

"Nah, nah, let him die!" Man Man sat on a hassock with her legs crossed while swaying her body like a tumbler. Her little face was twisted at the moment, and her eyebrows were knitted.

Pondering for a while, Man Man seriously nodded and continued, "Let him die! Ahh, he liked to take things from me ever since we were little kids. He’s not a good guy. Hmm, even the berries Abba gave me, he tried to snatch them. Just let this asshole die!"

"Fight harder, make it louder." Ji Hao didn’t say anything else, only picked up a cup of tea and turned around, saying to those Jia Clan warriors who were pretending to fight.

Those Jia Clan warriors raised their heavy weapons while gasping loudly, trying their best to clang their weapons. As fire sparkles dazzled towards all directions, the muffled clangs grew louder and quicker while the power vibrations coming from these Jia Clan warriors turned stronger and fiercer.

Wuzhi Qi gave a few loud and long shouta, then cursed towards the air to prove that he had been engaging in a life-risking fight against Ji Hao.

The group of people quietly sat in the watery mist, silently looking at Zhu Rong Tianming desperately running and Gong Gong viciously laughing. Just like a giant chasing an infant, Gong Gong reached out his large hands and madly scratched Zhu Rong Tianming.

Gong Gong’s fingers streaked across Zhu Rong Tianming’s body from time to time, leaving deep and bleeding slashes on him. Blood spurted out from Zhu Rong Tianming’s body ceaselessly, making him scream in pain. His face was even covered in tears by now.

If Zhu Rong Tianming didn’t understand that Gong Gong would never forgive him for killing his son, he would have kneeled down, crying and begging Gong Gong for mercy long ago.

"Ahh, so humiliating!" Man Man looked at Zhu Rong Tianming disgustedly and said, "He truly is not a good guy. My big brother told me that ever since he took that Bo Qiujia as his assistant, for a while, he tried to take my big brother’s positon…The entire Zhu Rong Mountain is thrown into a mess by him."

Man Man sounded cruel and coldhearted, yet on seeing the blood flowing out from Zhu Rong Tianming’s body, her small face twitched time from time. Obviously, she was hesitating. Man Man seemed to be a heartless one to Zhu Rong Tianming, that she wasn’t willing to think too much about him and truly disliked him. However, seeing Gong Gong torturing Zhu Rong Tianming so brutally, that feeling coming from their shared bloodline made Man Man hesitate.

Save him or not?

Zhu Rong might be sad if Man Man did not save Zhu Rong Tianming. But if she saved him, Man Man and his friends had to fight against Gong Gong. Not to mention how terrifying Gong Gong was, Wuzhi Qi, Xiang Liu, and Snake Xiu, as three senior ministers under Gong Gong’s command, were never easy to deal with either. If she endangered Ji Hao and the other of her friends for saving Zhu Rong Tianming…Subconsciously, Man Man believed that it would be better to just let Zhu Rong Tianming die.

Just now, Priest Corpse was sent flying away by a giant wave rose by Gong Gong. But now, he rushed back while gasping quickly. Seeing Gong Gong torturing Zhu Rong Tianming, he shouted out angrily with a high-pitched voice, "Gong Gong, today, one of us will die! I am fighting you!"

Gong Gong gripped Zhu Rong Tianming’s neck, slightly clenched his fingers and made him show the whites of his eyes. Tauntingly, Gong Gong looked at Priest Corpse and said, "Eh? One of us will die? Why do you think you can talk to me like that?"

Tens of miles away, Snake Xiu flicked his tail and sent Bo Qiujia and tens of disciples up into the sky. Snake Xiu was way too powerful, that except for Bo Qiujia and a few disciples who were under the protections of great defensive treasures, the other tens of people were torn apart by this destructive power. Their bodies blasted in the air, looking like pink blooms in the sky.

"Ah, broken, not tasty!" Snake Xiu laughed creepily, then opened his mouth and sucked, swallowing all blood and body pieces.

Seeing his disciples killed and eaten by Snake Xiu like a snack, Bo Qiujia’s eyes turned red in a fury, then hysterically roared out towards Priest Corpse, "Fight! Fight with all your powers today! Gong Gong Family dares to go against us, they won’t end well! Not a single one of them!"

Priest Corpse gasped deeply. Following his breath, his skin and muscle withered quickly and soon, turned into a transparent golden layer that tightly wrapped around his skeleton. From his shining golden skeleton, a splendid glow spread out. Meanwhile, Priest Corpse said with a deep and evil voice, "Indeed, fight with all our powers. Gong Gong, remember… Today, you caused a destructive disaster for your family!"

Gong Gong gave a twisted smile. He slanted his head, looked at Priest Corpse, scornfully shook his head and said, "A destructive disaster? You were talking about yourself, weren't you? Priest Mu and Priest Hua? Hehe, I’ll remember this! Sooner or later…"

Priest Corpse chuckled and interrupted him, "Gong Gong, merely with the power of your Water God Family, you don’t get to talk about our Master Shifu. Today, I will annihilate you in both your body and soul. You will disappear from this world, and will never be saved!"

Gong Gong remained silent, but raised his trident high. The thousands of meter deep water that covered a hundred thousand miles area rose into the sky. Countless different sized whirlpools moved and collided in the water, causing muffled, thunder-like rumbles. They roared towards Bo Qiujia and the few survivors like giant mouths.

Priest Corpse turned his palm around with a dark face. Next, a purely dark coffin appeared in his hand.

The black coffin was completely lusterless, dark and heavy, and over three meters long. With a slight hesitation, Priest Corpse glanced at this coffin, then gnashed his teeth. He abruptly opened the coffin and sent the lid up into the sky. Afterward, he began to quickly incant a spell.

A sky-devouring stream of evil power slowly flew out of the coffin. Visibly, black mist surged out of the coffin like water streams. Followed by a serious of frictional noise, an enormous dragon head slowly reached out from the coffin. The dragon-head came out along with a strong aura of death. It took a glance at Gong Gong, then slowly let out a deep and hoarse dragon roar. Then, this dragon head moved abruptly and swooshed into the air.

Within the blink of an eye, a five-hundred meters long Dragon flew out from the coffin, hovering int he sky. Next, more enormous dragons flew out one after another. Within the span of a single breath, a hundred enormous dragons hovered in the sky. Every single one of them was with a strong vibe of death, and blazing green fire in the eyes.

Wuzhi Qi leaped up, pointed at those enormous dragons and shouted, "What the…These are ancient divine dragons… All living dragons in the world are their descendants. Someone truly dares to make zombies with ancient divine dragons!"

A hundred zombie dragons flew out from the coffin, hovered for a while then lowered their heads and took a long and deep breath.

The water surging in the air was drawn up into the higher sky, being swallowed by the hundred dragons. Within the span of a few breaths, this water raised by Gong Gong was drunk entirely up, without leaving even a drop.

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