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Gods didn’t have souls, because their bodies and souls were combined. Therefore, once their bodies were damaged, their souls would be injured as well. For this reason, despite the powerfulness of Gods, they would need a long time to recover once they were injured.

Zhu Rong Tianming wasn’t a pure-blood God. Instead, he was a mix-blood, given birth by Zhu Rong and a human girl.

Priest Hua pointed his finger out, and followed by his move, Zhu Rong Tianming’ s head exploded, letting out a cloud of blood mist. Within that cloud, a fire-red human-shaped silhouette was faintly visible, that looked like Zhu Rong Tianming.

Gasping heavily and quickly, Zhu Rong Tianming kneeled in the blood mist, desperately kowtowing to Priest Hua while yelling, "Master Shifu, Master Shifu, save me, please save me! I don’t want to die! I haven’t become the human emperor yet! I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die!"

The wind blew fiercely. Zhu Rong Tianming’s voice was as slight as the roar of an ant. Yet, along with the wind, what he said was clearly heard by Ji Hao and the others.

Wuzhi Qi showed his teeth, gave a loud scornful laugh, then said with a deep voice, "Zhu Rong raised such a ‘backboned’ son… Hehe, next time when I see Zhu Rong, I have to ask him if someone had peed in the ancestral temple of his family!"

Laughing wildly, Wuzhi Qi abruptly raised his iron stick and fiercely smashed down towards Ji Hao.

Although Ji Hao had invited Wuzhi Qi to have the tea and fruits with his friends and himself, and everyone seemed to be friendly to each other all this long, but in fact, Ji Hao had been silently vigilant towards this violent old monkey, who was incredibly moody. Seeing Wuzhi Qi swing the iron stick down, the Pan Xi divine mirror released a dim light and flashed across Ji Hao’s body. Followed by a loud bang, Wuzhi Qi’s stick violently slapped on his own forehead.

Fire sparkles were sent out in all directions along with blood drops. Wuzhi Qi broke the skin on his own forehead and almost smashed his own scalp. He howled out in pain, turned around and attempted to leave. But Ji Hao moved at lightning speed, made the steps according to the locations of stars, and dashed swiftly to beside Wuzhi Qi. Meanwhile, the nine suns devil-destroying sword gently poked on the back of Wuzhi Qi waist, along with a stream of fiery light.

Wuzhi Qi was wearing a flax long shirt on the outside and the dragon-scale tight armor underneath it. The armor sparkled brightly, seeming to be an especially powerful defensive treasure. However, the sword easily penetrated the armor and also punctured Wuzhi Qi’s body.

A golden stream of flame puffed out as the nine sun spell symbols dazzled on the sword. Followed by a loud boom, a sphere of pure positive thunder-flame burst from one sun spell symbol and drilled into Wuzhi Qi’s body through the sword. Wuzhi Qi’s long hair stood up one after another, and every single hair had a strand of smoke rising from it. Fire puffed out from his nostrils, ears, and mouth. He hurriedly flew out of the watery mist, rushing towards Gong Gong while shouting and howling.

He ran pretty fast, yet Man Man and her friends did not move slowly at all. When Wuzhi Qi started to run, Man Man’s pair of hammer heavily landed on his forehead while Yu Mu’s handful of poisonous powder spread right on his face, Shaosi’s spear pierced into his left arm, and Taisi’s life-taking magic curse talisman slapped straight on his back. Yemo Shanye and Feng Xing cooperated perfectly; Yemo Shanye opened her erect eye and released a dark beam of divine light that struck on Wuzhi Qi’s back and dimmed down the protective light screen on his back. Immediately after that, an arrow released by Feng Xing screamed over and went into Wuzhi Qi’s body through the dim area of the defensive light screen.

Within a few seconds, Wuzhi Qi’s body was covered in wounds. Fire and smoke rose from all over his body, making him scream in pain while leaping to Gong Gong. Before he could say a word, a flake of essence sun fire came from his mouth.

Gong Gong had been glowering at Priest Hua, seemed to start a fight against him. Yet, he dared not to. Seeing Wuzhi Qi flee back and be seriously injured, Gong Gong was startled. Hurriedly, he patted on Wuzhi Qi’s body with a pair of hands that were wrapped in flowing watery light. As streams of watery light flowed into Wuzhi Qi’s body, the essence sun fire and all the other powers lingering inside Wuzhi Qi’s body were finally dispelled for good.

Working on Wuzhi Qi for a while, Gong Gong finally boosted up the courage, took a step forward and growled out towards Priest Hua, "Priest Hua, you’re an elder. Back then, you signed an agreement on Sky Pillar. Do you still remember it?"

"I do, I do… I surely do." Priest Corpse gave a faint smile, nodded to Gong Gong and said, "Unless the humankind is facing a destructive disaster, we cannot step in the interior affairs of the human-kind."

Frankly admitting the agreement he signed back then, Priest Hua changed his tone and continued, "But, today, I didn’t step into any interior affair of human beings. Instead, I came to save my disciple…I can’t watch you kill my disciple, can I?"

Gong Gong opened his mouth, glanced at Zhu Rong Tianming’s soul, which was surrounded by the blood mist. Gong Gong’s eye corners even began to twitch in anger.

If Zhu Rong Tianming were a pure-blood god, he would have died just now when Kun Peng beheaded him. But, Zhu Rong Tianming was a mixblood, half god, half human. His soul wasn’t entirely combined with his body. Instead, it was separated from his body.

Priest Hua saved Zhu Rong Tianming’s soul. Therefore, Gong Gong could no longer decide his fate.

Forcibly restraining his rage caused by Gong Gong Wuyou’ death, Gong Gong gnashed his teeth, sneered and said, "Good, good, good… In this case…"

Casting a vicious, cold glance at Priest Hua, Gong Gong said with a deep and creepy voice, "Today…"

Priest Hua flicked his wooden staff and asked with a mild voice, "Lord Gong Gong, are you going to fight me? Although I don’t want the others to see me as a bully, with the powers you inherited, you’re only slightly weaker than your ancestors. Actually, I would love to know what you can do!"

Gong Gong raised his trident, but hesitated for quite a while. At last, he turned around silently, trod on a black cloud, rose into the air and disappeared within the blink of an eye.

Wuzhi Qi, Snake Xiu, and Xiang Liu each gave a complicated glance to Priest Hua, then nodded. They silently led the thousands of Water God warriors and followed Gong Gong away.

All three of them were famous Chaos creatures who lived since the prehistorical era. They deeply understood that they could never bear to offend a few beings from the Chaos, and on this blacklist, Priest Hua and his brother, Priest Mu, were definitely top-ranked.

If one offended Priest Yu, he would do nothing more than giving you a sword hack. If one could survive this sword strike, he would let them go, because he would be too lazy to hunt them down. However, if one offended Priest Mu and his brother, it would be like stirring up a hornet’s nest. They and that giant group of disciples of theirs would follow one literally everywhere until one was dead, and would never give up before that.

Therefore, Wuzhi Qi and the other two all remained silent, daring not to say a single word, and left quite gloomily.

Priest Hua smilingly glanced where Ji Hao and his friends were, then slowly took out a transparent bottle. A fist-sized drop of yellow-colored spirit blood floated inside the bottle, giving a strong pressure, that even made Ji Hao feel hard to breathe.

Gently, Priest Hua began talking, "This is your fortune too. Tianming, this drip of spirit blood belonged to Emperor Xuanyuan. It’s perfect for rebuilding your body."

"From now on, you have pure Gong Sun Family bloodline, from Emperor Xuanyuan himself. You can now compete for the throne of the human emperor even more reasonably."

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