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Yu Mu was smilingly watching Yemo Shanye slice the fish. From time to time, he raised his head and took a glance at Feng Xing.

Yu Mu’s eyes were filled with helplessness and a faint dissatisfaction.

‘Since you like this girl, even though she’s a non-humankind being, you should get access to her. Just talk to her more, shouldn’t you? Why are you following her day and night from tens of miles away? What is this?’ thought Yu Mu.

From tens of miles away, Feng Xing could clearly see every single fine hair on Yemo Shanye’s face with his eye power. But Yemo Shanye didn’t even know where Feng Xing was!

"You bastard!" murmured Yu Mu while taking out a few vividly red pieces of fire rirmiana wood from a bag beside him and throwing them into the bonfire. Fire rirmiana wood was the best firewood in the world. Earlier, the phoenix-kind sent a large group of people to Yao Mountain City to help build the perpetual portal, and from them, Yu Mu traded for some of this firewood with especially strong fire power, with quite a high price.

The firewood blazed ragingly. The fire had a light cyan color, and the temperature was high enough to melt even gold and rock.

On the surface of the large iron pot, black spell symbols had been sparkling while the soup contained in the pot was boiling. Fist-sized, nearly transparent fish slices had been rolling up and down in a group, releasing a magically amazing aroma that would make anyone drool.

Yu Mu stopped complaining about Feng Xing, and instead, focused on the pot of soup. Carefully, he put a few different types of mosses and mushrooms that he collected with solid efforts into the pot. These mosses and mushrooms could ensure a better flavor of the soup.

Swish! A black light screen suddenly covered the sky. From the light, a fierce arrow, that was as large as spears used by human beings, zipped down. Along with a shrill swishing noise, the arrow pierced straight towards the back of Yu Mu’s neck.

Yu Mu snorted slightly, then his neck abruptly, and magically, split up. His skin, bone, blood veins, everything split into two. The large arrow flew through his split neck, then fiercely banged against his pot.

Swoosh! The split neck merged back together. With a special magic learned from a Magi Palace master Magi recently, Yu Mu dodged the arrow. Yet, he helplessly watched the pot of soup be turned over.

"My soup!"

‘You shall never curse the parents of a dutiful son to his face, and you shall never destroy delicious food, that was expected by a food lover, right in front of his face either’, because either of the above two things could infuriate someone and make them put up a desperate fight against oneself. This was what Yu Mu had been thinking at the moment. The soup he elaborately made was destroyed. The other things were not so important, but those spices and secret ingredients of the soul were collected and prepared by him with genuine efforts; that was all done painstakingly!

Followed by a raging growl, a dense dark cloud emerged from above Yu Mu’s head. A strong gale rose, while a drizzle fell down from the dark cloud. The crystal-like sparkling drizzle was blowing slanting down by the wind, towards those Yu Clan and Jia Clan warriors, rushing out of the woods in the distance. Meanwhile, the Disease God streamer emerged behind Yu Mu. Gray streams of mist drifted into the dark cloud ceaselessly, making the poison contained in the drizzle more and more powerful.

A few Yu Clan elderly men raised their wands while opening their erect eyes. Seven-colored beams of light hovered in the air. These Yu Clan people were all from Moho Family of the Full Moon, and could control the surrounding natural powers. Strong gusts of wind rose from the ground one after another, fighting against the Yu Mu’s dark cloud, protecting those non-humankind warriors. Not even a single drop of the rain could approach those warriors.

Nevertheless, the strong poison contained in the drizzle had spread out. The movements of many non-humankind warriors slowed down abruptly, while their skins began turning green and black, speedily.


A Jia Clan warrior raised his head and looked at Yu Mu. As he slightly flicked his left hand, a fist-sized meteor hammer, that was thickly covered in sharp thorns, roared out.

Yu Mu gave a deep roar, along with which, his large pot rose and hovered in the air, shielding his chubby body behind it. However, that meteor Hamer exploded all of a sudden and released a dazzling sphere of thunderbolt that wrapped the large pot and Yu Mu in it entirely, like a rippling pool of water. The thunderbolt sphere flashed and sizzled, letting out countless electric bolts. Fierce thunderbolts drilled into Yu Mu’s body in a row, making his chubby body quiver from time to time. His skin, blood and fleshy were partially burned by the thunderbolt, that forced Yu Mu to scream in pain.

Feng Xing shouted out brightly and resonantly while zipping straight up into the sky with his bow pulled open. A roaring gust of wind followed behind him closely. Nevertheless, as he leaped up for less than three meters, the erect eye floating upon the black divine tower released a water-tank-thick black stream of divine light and violently struck on Feng Xing’s body. Feng Xing gave a scream, because half of his body withered immediately, making him look like a human skeleton. With all this happening, Feng Xing only managed to release three arrows.

Golden arrows flashed across the sky. Three Jia Clan warriors rushed to Man Man and Shaosi, but before they could do anything, a golden arrow pierced into the spot between the eyebrows of each of them. Puff! The heads of these tree Jia Clan warriors were blown up simultaneously, that took their lives right away.

Man Man picked up her hammers while Shaosi held the shield with her left arm, gripping her long spear with her right hand. Man Man and Shaosi shielded Yemo Shanye behind them from both sides.

Yemo Shanye looked at those non-humankind warriors who had been rushing over, and shouted out harshly, "They’re my friends! Who dares to hurt them? Aren’t you afraid of the revenge of Yemo Family?!"

All non-humankind warriors stopped immediately while staring at Yemo Shanye in fear and shock. They had done enough mental preparation before they came. But right now, as they were actually doing the job, these elite non-humankind warriors suddenly realized that the one they were supposed to bring back was the youngest princess of Yemo Family, the most beloved one!

The little princess of Dark Sun, the most special one, the most beloved one!

In the hearts of some powerful beings from Dark Sun, Yemo Shanye was much more important than Yemo Luoye, who was the current emperor in power of Dark Sun, in Liang Zhu City and had a great political power within her grasp. To those Dark Sun powerful beings, Yemo Luoye was just a capable descendant, while Yemo Shanye was the most ‘beloved’ descendant!

Capable descendants were merely tools and fighters, but beloved descendants were the blood of their hearts!

Therefore, no one dared to neglect Yemo Shanye’s threat. The moves of these non-humankind warriors slowed down while they all turned around and looked at the Yu Clan elderly man who was in charge of this mission.

The elderly man looked at Yemo Shanye with a bitter face, not knowing how to respond to her threat. However, a bigger threat approached speedily.

From a grass wood beside Yu Mu, a large puff of soft and dry grass was kicked up into the sky. Then Taisi, who was in a deep sleep in the grass wood, rushed out.

Looking at Yu Mu, whose face was burned black, Taisi’s eyes instantly and entirely turned gray, even before he completely woke up.


Taisi’s voice was cold and creepy, sounding like the roars of soul-eaters that came from the hell.

A tiny book flashed across his palm. Next, Taisi raised an anciently styled tiny arrow and poked it straight into his own thigh, without even making a moan.

Blood gushed out while the arrow sparked with a dim light. Taisi began incanting a spell with a low voice. Following his voice, the tiny arrow suddenly transformed into countless shreds of shadows that spread out silently.

The Nail Head Seven Arrow Book was activated with his own spirit blood, because that was the fastest way to activate it.

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