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On the Heaven and Earth golden bridge, Ji Hao shouted out loudly.

Tens of thousands of arrows had been released simultaneously, screaming over from all directions like a rampant group of locust. Ji Hao wasn’t the only target of these arrows. Behind him, Qing Fu and the other Gold Crow Clan people were all targeted.

Apart from Qing Fu, the others that came to Midland with Ji Hao this time were his younger brothers and sisters and his close relatives. They could be counted as the closest clansmen of Ji Hao among the entire Gold Crow Clan. But the enemies hiding in the woods had launched a lethal attack against all of them. Without a doubt, this triggered Ji Hao’s anger.

The flame of rage rose straight into his head from his heart while the Pan Xi divine mirror swished out of his body. The thick and heavy mirror buzzed slightly and released a dim stream of divine light, hovering out and covering the entire golden bridge up.

Over ten-thousand arrows pierced into the divine light along with an ear-piercing scream, then all disappeared. Afterward, countless shocked and angry howls rose from the woods down below.

From the few different sized mountains down below, thousands of silhouettes swished up into the air, trod on gales and stood in midair. They were wearing tight feather armors that only Eastern Wasteland archers would wear, and had faintly visible cyan-colored gusts of wind roaring behind them. Within the winds, hazy silhouettes of legendary creatures like rocs, golden eagles, cranes and cyan birds could be seen flapping their wings.

Qing Fu raised her long pair of eyebrows and asked, "Eastern Wasteland people? Hao, how did you offend them?"

Ji Hao snorted coldly, looking at those Eastern Wasteland archers, who were obviously affected quite badly by the reversed attack just now, and responded, "Amma, I didn’t offend them. Instead, they just keep bothering me…They have truly been seeing me as a pushover."

Qing Fu slowly nodded. She put down her arms and let extremely thin strands of powder drift out from between her fingers. Once the powder made contact with the air, it immediately transformed into invisible streams of mist, spreading out silently.

Among the four wastelands in Pan Gu world, only Southern Wasteland was hot and moist. This allowed all weird kinds of poisonous bugs to live in the forest. Therefore, although the drug users in Southern Wasteland were not experts in saving people, speaking of killing people with poisons, they were definitely top-grade ones among all.

Qing Fu was a master of the mysterious Southern Wasteland art of poison, and all poisons she used came from Southern Wasteland bugs. Especially after the Gold Crow Clan was brought under the protection of Zhu Rong Family and began serving under Zhu Rong Tonggong’s direct command, the resources possessed by Zhu Rong Family were all opened to Gold Crow Clan. This allowed Qing Fu to attain more top-grade materials that came from rare types of bug to do her research. For this reason, although her power hadn’t improved too much, her poison-using skill had already reached a scary level.

Thousands of Eastern Wasteland archers floated in the air, staring at Ji Hao coldly and fiercely.

Ji Hao turned his eyes and looked coldly at them. This place wasn’t too far away from Yao Mountain territory. For Magus Kings, if they rushed at their highest speed, they would be able to reach Yao Mountain City in one hour tops. With such a short distance, and with so many Eastern Wasteland archers sneakily gathered in here, something was certainly not right.

Among those over three-thousand archers floating in the air, nearly a hundred were Divine Magus, nearly a thousand Magus Kings, while the other two-thousand were all peak-level Senior Magi. They were all wearing specially crafted feather cloaks. Even as Senior Magi, they could fly with the powers of their cloaks.

A few breaths later, another seven-thousand archers rose from the woods down below. These archers were much weaker than the first batch rose from the woods, and were mostly ordinary Senior Magi. Wearing the same leather cloaks, they trod on a wind and floated in the air, facing Ji Hao.

The power vibrations released from these Senior Magi archers were disordered. Many of them had blood stains on their clothes. Apparently, when the Pan Xi divine mirror sent back those arrows, these seven-thousand Senior Magi didn’t manage to dodge the arrows released by themselves, and were injured.

"What are you doing here?" Ji Hao held his hands behind his back, with the nine suns stainless cloak dazzling. Except for his faintly visible face, he looked just like a sphere of flame and light, that no shape could be seen at all.

A terrifyingly great heat spread out. Qing Fu and the other Gold Crow Clan people only felt that their whole bodies were warm, while those archers felt like they were being burnt by a raging fire. Their feather cloaks even started to emit a smell of burnt food. Some archers even had their skins cracks because of the dryness, with blisters popping out of their skins.

This was the power of the nine suns stainless cloak. Ji Hao had only slightly triggered the sun power of the cloak, and a crazily great heat was released immediately, burning most of those archers powerless.

The battle formation of those archers began shaking. An Eastern Wasteland elderly man with white hair and straight back growled resonantly out, "Fight!! Kill this guy! Kill Earl Yao right here, right now! Everyone will be awarded! Prince Yi Shen will certainly award us with whatever we want when we return!"

Yi Shen? Again?

Ji Hao’s face turned dark. Why did Yi Shen send over ten-thousand archers to ambush around Ji Hao territory?

Was he playing another trick?

Was he still desiring for Feng Xing’s bow?

‘Well, since you’re already here, you shall not think about returning.’ Ji Has thought while glancing at those archers with a sulky face.

Inside his body, inside his acupoints, over a thousand golden light spots had been slowly yet steadily growing. The seed of Dao of sun floated in his spiritual space, dazzling with a golden light. The pure positive power surged like blood, roaring in and out of the seed of Dao like hundreds of flying dragons.

Over ten-thousand Eastern Wasteland archers pulled their bows open together, and this time, they all aimed at Ji Hao.

They prepared to launch a joint attack to kill Ji Hao with their greatest power. As for Qing Fu and the other Gold Crow Clan people behind her, these archers didn’t take them seriously at all.

The bowstrings buzzed, and those arrows were about to be released, while Ji Hao pulled out the nine suns devil-destroying sword.

Making the steps according to the locations of stars, Ji Hao wielded the sword with both of his hands and slowly made the first sword move taught by Yu Yu.

Hacking down in the air, a golden beam of light flashed across the sword edge, then an arc-shaped sword light flew out. Under the control of Ji Hao’s great spirit power, the sword light split into thousands of thumb-sized light flakes once it was released from the sword edge.

These light flakes pierced straight towards most vital body parts of those archers, leaving countless beautiful golden arcs in the air.

The sword move taught by Yu Yu seemed to be powerful enough to reverse the time. Once the move was made by Ji Hao, the sword light had already chased up with the passing time. This sword move was way too fast, even faster than time itself.

Starting from that elderly one with white hair, thousands of Eastern Wasteland archers had a stream of blood spurting out from between their eyebrows. Their souls were burned straight out by the essence sun fire. These archers shivered in the air, then all Divine Magi, Magus Kings, and Senior Magi fell into the woods.

By now, the poison released by Qing Fu hadn’t even begun working. Yet, Ji Hao had already taken out over ten-thousand strong enemies with a single sword move!

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