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Taisi and Shaosi had each absorbed a Candle Dragon pearl. Shaosi attained the ability of teleportation. With her current power, she could send herself anywhere within the area one hundred miles in radius in a flash. This made her as powerful as the sky devils, because the enemies wouldn’t even be able to attack her. Taisi attained the power of time-reversal. He could control the time within a small range, that allowed him to freely chose to attack his enemies at a point of time that was in the future or in the past. Taisi was already a master of magic curses, but this new power made him even harder to deal with, and made his attacks harder to predict.

Thousands of shreds of shadows transformed from the tiny arrows sliced the air open. Those elite non-humankind warriors hurriedly activated all of their defensive treasures and talismans. Layers of magic light screens covered their bodies up, with all kinds of defensive spell symbols sparkling. Afterward, these non-humankind beings showed relieved smiles.

The non-humankind had been fighting against the humankind for countless years. Therefore, these non-humankind beings knew quite much about the magic curses created by human beings, and had developed effective defensive methods to fend against the magic curses cast by human Magi. Taisi was scrawny, and looked like a hypogenetic teenager. Non-humankind beings clearly knew that among human Magi, older ones were always more powerful than younger ones. Especially those who were capable of cursing the enemies to death from millions of miles away, such human Magi were no different from ten-thousand years old zombies.

Merely judging by Taisi’s appearance, he couldn’t possibly be too powerful.

Countless shreds of arrow shadows penetrated the bodies of those non-humankind warriors. Yet, the protective magic light screens surrounding their bodies remained perfectly motionless. As they estimated, those arrow shadows released by Taisi didn’t seem to cause them any harm.

"He was bluffing! Kill this little bastard!" A Jia Clan warrior growled out, then raised an especially huge three-headed flail and violently smashed down towards Taisi.

Taisi raised his head slowly, staring at this Jia Clan man with his deathly gray, emotionless eyes.

Taisi was surrounded by a magical layer of time-ripple. The three-headed flail fiercely swished across Taisi’s body, yet it seemed to move across the body of a phantom, failing to even shake Taisi’s body slightly.

The Jia Clan man looked at Taisi in shock. Everyone on the scene witnessed his three-headed flail, that was sparkling with eye-piercing lightning bolts, smash into Taisi’s body. But why, why did he fail to kill him?

"You’re dead already…" Said Taisi with a creepy smile on his face, "You’re all dead people now…"

Swaying slightly, Taisi continued with that deep, spooky voice of his, "As for me, I am present one day later than you. Unless you can twist the time, how can you kill me, when there’s a time difference between us?"

Taisi laughed with an evil voice, that made the Jia Clan warrior tremble. It was something he couldn’t help but do.

The power of time; among all types of natural powers in this world, the power of space and the power of time were the ones most difficult to control. Time and space were like two coordinate lines that formed the foundation of this world. Anyone possessing the power of time or the power of space was definitely a top-grade powerful being that one could not bear to offend.

Could Taisi actually twist the time?

Was he not present in the current time?

Was he actually one day ahead of the others?

The Jia Clan man was deeply confused. He tried, but he couldn’t figure out why Taisi stood right in front of him, talking to him as he claimed that he was a day ahead of the others. Besides, he said ‘you’re all dead’, what did that mean?

All of a sudden, the hearts of over a thousand elite non-humankind warriors began aching piercingly. In a great panic, they lowered their heads. On the chest of each of them was a small, thumb-thick hole left by an arrow. From the hole, transparent blood had been ejecting out. The blood was completely colorless, as if all the essence of the blood had been drained by an unknown, mysterious power, already.

No reaction was made by their defensive treasures and magic talismans. Not even a ripple was stirred up from those protective magic light screens surrounding them. Before they sensed any attack, they were attacked already, and that attack was lethal.

"Three days ago, I killed you!"

Taisi gave another evil, creepy smile. Shaosi stood aside and cast a sideway glance at him, then showed the whites of her eyes helplessly. Ever since Taisi began learning all kinds of evil and cruel magic curses from that old monster, Candle Dragon Gui, his smile became uglier and uglier, while the sense of power released from him turned eviler and eviler. By now, Taisi looked exactly like a moving ghost; he was nothing like human beings now, nothing at all.

Having a brother like this was truly a bit humiliating!

Nevertheless, even Shaosi had to admit that Taisi’s magic curses were indeed terrifying, and had been getting more and more terrifying.

Taisi twisted the time and attacked these enemies three days ago. Three days ago, the power of the Nail Head Seven Arrow Book had punctured the hearts of these enemies.

These enemies with thick armors had fully prepared for magic curses. All defensive magic talismans and treasures worn by them were especially powerful, and were designed for the evilest magic curses created by human beings. With Taisi’s power, even though he could control the Nail Head Seven Arrow Book, without building an altar and performing a blood offering ceremony to increase the power of his magic curse, he could harm one or two among these enemies face to face at most. But, he could never cause any lethal harm to over a thousand emeries simultaneously.

But three days ago…

Non-humankind beings loved luxurious fashion styles. Three days ago, they were certainly in exquisite and luxurious clothes, holding the hands of their girlfriends, or hanging out with their friends. They would never stay armed to the teeth twenty-four hours every day, keeping their defensive treasures activated and wasting their magic talismans to wrap themselves up with magic light screens all day long.

Taisi launched the attack on these enemies three days ago and killed them easily, as they were defenseless back then!

"What a…weird curse!" A Yu Clan elderly man quivered. His skin turned paler and paler, until no redness could be discovered in his skin anymore, as if his spirit blood had been devoured by an unknown power. "A curse to twist the time…We, we underestimated you!"

The Yu Clan elderly man thudded against the ground, twitching intensively, but completely powerless.

With difficulty, he raised his head and continued stutteringly, "Damn it, Gong Gong gave us the wrong information. He said you’re just a bunch of weak kids…Damn it, Gong Gong Wuyou, he lied to us!"

The Yu Clan elders man screamed out with a hoarse voice, "Gong Gong Wuyou brought us here! He covered us, helped us sneak into Yao Mountain territory! He lied to us! Damn it, he lied to us! Your powers, your powers…"

A series of muffled thuds was started as those elite non-humankind warriors fell to the ground one after another. They looked at Taisi despairingly. Through the holes on their chests, their life-force were drained speedily, that made them turn old and withered.

The power vibration released from Taisi was boosted up instantly while the life-force of over a thousand elite non-humankind beings was taken away by an unknown, terrifying being. Ten-percent of that life-force merged quickly with Taisi’s body.

"Ao…." Taisi gave a long and shrill howl while a gray light spot sparkled between his eyebrows. A dim spirit star began growling inside his body. The life-force that came from over a hundred non-humankind beings pushed him straight up into the level of Divine Magi.

High up in the air, a star, that had an evil vibe and could give anyone goosebumps at first glance, abruptly started shining. It released a gray stream of straight and poured down onto Taisi’s body.

Taisi chuckled, then said with that spooky voice, "Gong Gong Wuyou? You can’t run… Chase the soul, go!"

Following his deep growl, Taisi flicked his finger, and a dark arrow shadow flashed out, merging with the air immediately.

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