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From hundreds of miles away, those sky devils had already sent an overwhelming wave of spirit power attacks towards Yu Yu and Ji Hao.

Illusions generated by the powers of those sky devils struck Ji Hao’s soul and made the defensive devil-suppressing power vibration around the seed of Dao of sun vibrate intensively, almost making it collapse. Seeing that the defense was about to be broken and he was going to face the joint-handed attack launched by tens of thousands of sky devils, Ji Hao gave a resonant roar and hurriedly pointed at the Pan Xi divine mirror. A dark stream of water splashed out of the mirror surface which was clear and cold, soaking Ji Hao’s entire body. Ji Hao activated the Pan Xi divine mirror with all of his power, finally released a cooling divine light that could fend against sky devils.

Yu Yu was fighting against the two powerful sky devils at the moment. Meanwhile, he chuckled, turned around and quickly pointed at Ji Hao.

A magic formation blueprint, that seemed to be old and gray, slowly rose from between Ji Hao’s eyebrows, hovered in the wind and expanded to hundreds of thousands of miles in radius. Gently yet firmly, it covered the whole area up. Next, four swords zipped out from Ji Hao’s body and released strong power vibrations. Four sword light beams dazzled straight into the sky, even leaving four huge holes in the sky. The four enormous swords stood on the four corners of the blueprint, giving an unstoppable intent of killing to seal the space and time. This whole area was sealed completely.

"Let’s do it together! These devils are quite interesting!"

Yu Yu’s voice was clear and resonant, cold and filled with the intent of killing as it came from the sky. The space was cut open by a sharp stream of sword light, and from the space rip, Yu Yu walked out. Wearing that vividly red long robe, carrying the wine calabash in his left hand and an exquisite small drum on his right hand, Yu Yu walked down from the air step by step with a serious look.

"Little brother, you're right… These devils are truly interesting!"

An unhurried and vigorous voice also came from the sky. Another huge hole appeared in the sky as an enormous chariot descended. The chariot was wrapped in coiling, warm purple mist, with a dense cloud rolling above it. Inside the cloud, countless stars were faintly visible. Tens of cranes with glowing-white feathers surrounded the chariot. These cranes were huge in shape, their eyes sparkled as brightly and beautifully as stars, and the power vibration released from them was dreadfully strong. The power vibration released from each crane was even multiple times greater than that of Ji Hao.

Sitting straight in the chariot was a middle-aged Daoist priest, wearing a purple robe. His left hand fiddled with a jade ruyi with embossment of dragons and tigers while his right hand gently pressed on the vaguely visible, dim-golden and translucent seal.

The middle-aged priest was handsome, with a glowing and wrinkle-less face. His eyes shone as bright as the sun in the sky, that ordinary people wouldn’t even dare to look directly at those eyes. His entire body was surrounded by coiling purple mist, with waves of indescribable, prehistorical power of Dao surging out from his body. Around twenty-five meters away from his body, the power of Dao he released condensed into countless purple characters, sparkling in the air. Those characters were actually numerous extremely ancient scriptures regarding the cultivation of Dao.

Ji Hao looked at the priest in a purple robe. Although Ji Hao had never seen him before, once he saw this man, he seemed to hear that the whole world was telling with an universe-shaking loud voice — This was Yu Yu’s second brother, Qing Wei.

A colossal pressure came towards Ji Hao, pressing down to him like a mountain. Ji Hao showed a solemn look and lowered his head to show his respect to Priest Qing Wei, then deeply bowed.

Instantly, this destructive pressure, that was great enough to crush Ji Hao’s soul, became as gentle and warm as the breeze and drizzle in spring. A hot stream of power was sent into Ji Hao’s body while three purple lotuses spun above Ji Hao’s head, then quickly merged with Ji Hao’s body.

A pure, nearly inexhaustible power of Dao surged into Ji Hao’s body and merged with the seed of Dao of sun. The seed of Dao shone with a splendid golden light. Meanwhile, Ji Hao’s power of Dao began improving speedily. Within a single second, Ji Hao’s power of Dao became ten times greater than before! All these were only the small rewards given to Ji Hao by Priest Qing Wei when he cast a glance at Ji Hao and found that Ji Hao was quite polite, and had shown him enough respect!

Golden streams of mist rose from Ji Hao’s head and formed a three-feet wide, small cloud above his head. At the moment, Ji Hao’s cultivation of Dao had stepped to a considerable stage. Merely with his power of Dao, he was now powerful enough to rival any high-level Divine Magus.

Priest Qing Wei, what a terrifying man! If Ji Hao had shown any disrespect towards him just now, he would have suffered quite badly without a doubt. But once Ji Hao showed his respect to Priest Qing Wei, he was awarded immediately. Instantly, Ji Hao understood that, disciples of Priest Qing Wei were far less relaxed and free than disciples of Yu Yu.

He couldn’t help but silently feel happy for himself. Fortunately, he wasn’t taken as a disciple by Priest Qing Wei back then. Otherwise, with Ji Hao’s personality, he would have been punished by Priest Qing Wei countless times already.

"My friend, you’re indeed generous. But that makes sense anyway. You’ve occupied so many good places in the world. Any benefit slipped down from between your fingers can raise a powerful disciple of yours." A dry and hoarse voice came from the sky. That was Priest Hua flying down from the sky with a bland look. Ji Hao had met him once before.

Priest Hua glanced at Ji Hao, gave a bland smile and said, "The poor disciples of my brother and mine, our dojos are all savage lands, wild and poor. No matter how hard our disciples work, how much they want to improve, the result they gain wouldn’t be better than the award you conveniently gave, my friend."

Priest Qing We’s chariot stopped in the sky. Gently stroking that seal with his right hand, Priest Qing Wei responded with a resonant, harsh voice, "You think your dojo is poor and my dojo is rich… You’re not thinking about coming to occupy my dojo, are you?"

Giving a cold laugh, Priest Qing Wei continued with that frosty voice, "If you have the interest, my friend, when we both have the time, why don’t we make a bet?"

Eyes shining with a light bright as the sun, Priest Qing Wei sounded a bit excited as he continued, "To be honest, your Spirit Vulture Mountain is a top-grade nice place in the world, and can serve perfectly as a dojo. I’ve been envying you for having that place for many years."

"Why do you have to push it, my friend?" The familiar voice of Priest Mu descended from the sky. Following that, a green light poured down and a tens of thousands of meter tall, enormous linden tree showed up in mid-air. Priest Mu sat on a root of the tree with his legs crossed. While sighing with a bitter, miserable look, he said, "This time, I’ve made a mistake. My two friends, please lend a helping hand!"

Yu Yu threw a sideway at Priest Mu and responded without showing any politeness, "Helping hand? Who would want to do that? If the mistake you made weren't going to throw all living beings in this world into a disaster, your Master Yu Yu would like to see you suffer!"

The clone of Yu Yu, who had been fighting against the two sky devils, laughed out loud. It transformed into a cyan stream of light and rose into the sky, dazzling towards the real Yu Yu who was coming down from the sky.

Yu Yu wielded his hand and that enormous cyan stream of light transformed into an oddly shaped long sword, falling into his hand. He pulled out the sword, slightly flicked his finger on it, then laughed out wildly and said, "Ji Hao, my good disciple, be careful and guard aside. See your Shifu and uncle destroy the devils!"

The long sword vibrated and buzzed shrilly.

Priest Qing Wei, Priest Hua and Priest Mu flashed across the air, each standing under a sword light of Yu Yu’s sword formation.

Yu Yu laughed out again, then grabbed Ji Hao, flashing under the last sword light of the formation.

None of them talked again. Instead, they each glanced at those tens of thousands of sky devils coming from all directions, then rubbed their hands and released thunderbolts towards the four enormous swords.

A strong aura of killing spread out and dominated the whole area, while the roaring intent of killing crushed the sky devils one after another.

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