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Sky devils were terrifying because they were traceless, and targeted especially the original souls. When they greedily occupied the bodies of the others, despite the fact that they could still have their great magic powers, they would be affected by the bodies that they occupied without a doubt.

Just like ‘Priest Mu’, who had been crazily slapping Ji Hao with that branch held in his hand. He was literally slapping at random, just like an old woman from the countryside trying to drive a hen out of her kitchen. His moves were rude and simple, without any plan.

The spear punctured ‘Priest Mu’s body, and the essence sun fire silently burned on his body.

‘Priest Mu’ was a powerful being, and was a prehistorical spirit linden tree. His nature was that of a ‘divine tree’. Ji Hao’s essence sun fire was the most powerful type of fire in the world, the natural enemy of all kinds of spirit trees. The fire burned ‘Priest Mu’s body and made the sky devil inside his body scream in pain. She became angrier and angrier, waved the branch and tried to whip Ji Hao even harder, attempting to kill him with this powerful piece of branch.

However, Ji Hao trod upon a golden light while his body transformed from a hazy golden shred of shadow. The nine suns spear had been lunged by him over and over again, generating a strong wave of attack, as fierce and swift as a thunderstorm. Countless extremely thin beams of golden light penetrated ‘Priest Mu’s body, leaving holes on him. Inside every puncture wound, a stream of golden essence sun fire had been burning silently and unhurriedly. The sky devil in the body tried her best to kill the fire, yet the purely positive fire was her natural suppressor. No matter how hard she tried, the tiny flames remained unmoving in the wounds, burning steadily and continuously.

"Damn it!" ‘Priest Mu’ shouted. A colorful mist puffed up from his head. A beautiful girl was standing upon the cloud, holding a jade drum in her hand. She gave a sweet smile to Ji Hao, with her eyes sparkling with a watery light.

Ji Hao shivered slightly. That thin layer of devil-suppressing power vibration quaked intensely around his seed of Dao. With a solid difficulty but still determinedly, Ji Hao fended against the power of the girl, keeping his mind calm and clear.


Ji Hao roared out while the spear pierced violently into the spot between ‘Priest Mu’s eyebrows, leaving a beautiful arc in the air.

The three-feet and six-inches long spearhead penetrated ‘Priest Mu’s head, making him scream shrilly. A hazy shred of shadow flashed out of ‘Priest Mu’s body, but before it fled far, it was swallowed up by a dim stream of divine light released from the Pan Xi divine mirror.

Gradually, Ji Hao started to discover more magical functions of the mirror. For example, it could create a space inside itself to serve as a prison. The mirror was incredibly sturdy, and ordinary people could never, ever escape if they were trapped inside the mirror.

Ji Hao immediately imprisoned the sky devil escaped from ‘Priest Mu’s body, then swung his arm backward and cruelly beheaded ‘Priest Mu’. ‘Priest Mu’s body exploded and transformed into green light, dazzling for miles. Then, it merged back and transformed into a linden seed that had over a thousand golden lines on it, landing in Ji Hao’s hand.

Ji Hao grinned happily, squeezing his eyes into curved lines. These over a thousand golden lines on the linden seed meant that this clone of Priest Mu was created in 129600 times over a thousand years ago, and it was unimaginably powerful.

"Elder Priest Mu, you’ve been way too nice, you gave me so many gifts. How should I thank you for all this?" Ji Hao happily made a joke, then largely opened his mouth and swallowed this most precious linden seed.

Streams of essence sun fire rose from his internal organs, surrounded the seed and burned it, transforming the seed into a glowing green mist. Wrapped in the flame, the small caldron in Ji Hao’s lower abdomen slightly moved and swallowed the mist, then released an enormous stream of golden sunlight, surging into every acupoint of Ji Hao’s body.

In over a thousand acupoints, dim golden light spots emerged. These were over a thousand spirt stars, expanding and growing inside Ji Hao’s body. Normally, a peak-level Divine Magus could have eighty-one spirit stars at most. Then, he or she would be able to try to break into the level of Supreme Magus. But Ji Hao now had over a thousand spirit stars emerged in his body. When these stars matured, although he might not be able to rival Supreme Magi, he would certainly be invincible among Divine Magi.

As those spirit stars continued growing, Ji Hao’s body was nourished by the strong life-force and power of creation that came from that linden seed. His whole body was burning, scorching hot, while perspiration oozed out of his skin drop by drop. His skin, muscles, tendons, bones, marrow, blood veins, neurons, internal organs, and brain…Every part of him was improving and strengthening at an amazing speed.

Ji Hao’s blood was changing, turning more and more sticky, heavier and heavier. It was gradually becoming the original version of Pan Gu spirit blood. If one looked closer, one would find a faintly sensible layer of original natural power emerging from Ji Hao’s skin. It was cold, and seemed like an immemorial power, holy and majestic.

"Wonderful!" The mysterious man’s voice came slowly from the spiritual space.

A series of clangs could be heard without an end. The two sky devils launched a massive wave of attack on Yu Yu. They didn’t occupy any fleshy body. Therefore, they fought against Yu Yu with their usual forms. They moved magically fast and flexibly; their powers were fierce and nearly inexhaustible.

Yu Yu’s long and wide sleeves fluttered in the air while he was wielding the long sword freely, keeping himself away from all attacks launched by the two devils.

Noticing that Ji Hao took out a sky devil, the one transformed from Priest Mu, so easily, then directly swallowed the linden seed of the clone of Priest Mu, Yu Yu was rather delighted, and laughed out wildly.

"My good disciple, today, I’m going to teach you a set of sword moves! That spear of yours is indeed good, but it’s way too violent, best to be used in wars. It doesn’t fit the style of cultivators like us. When I have the time, I will find you a top-grade sword. But today, you shall just memorize this sword move."

Yu Yu was thrilled by this intense fight, and decided to teach Ji Hao some sword art right now. Ji Hao even screamed out in excitement.

"Yes! Shifu!"

Yu Yu smilingly nodded, then put his left forefinger and middle finger together, slowly taking a few steps according to the positions of the seven stars of Big Dipper. Meanwhile, he raised the long sword with his right hand. Thus, a seemingly slow and gentle set of sword moves, that was actually lethally fierce, able to even to cut the sky, was made by Yu Yu.

Once this set of sword move was made, a series of puffing noise was generated, as nearly a thousand holes appeared on the bodies of the two sky devils.

The two sky devils screamed ragingly and released sky-devouring waves of power, spreading out in all directions.

In midair, countless sparkling streams of mist condensed into legendary creatures and beautiful girls, flying towards Yu Yu and Ji Hao.

With a single glance, Ji Hao saw thirty to forty thousand sky devils approaching!

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