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Ji Hao silently sat beside Yu Yu with his eyes popped out, carefully observing every single move made by Yu Yu.

Yu Yu took a few steps according to the seven stars of Big Dipper, with his left forefinger and middle finger straightened, as he unhurriedly made a mysterious and powerful set of sword moves.

Every move was perfect and amazingly powerful. When Yu Yu pointed his two fingers out, a cyan-colored thunderbolt dazzled out from between his fingers and struck on the enormous sword floating above his head, adding even greater power to the sword formation.

Within every single second, countless sky devils would scream out in despair, then be slaughtered by the frightful sword formation. Yu Yu, Priest Hua, Priest Qing Wei and Priest Mu had now joined their hands to manipulate Yu Yu’s sword formation, which was known as the fiercest magic formation in Pan Gu world. Facing the sword formation and the four extra powerful beings, those sky devils were wiped out in a flash, turned into strands of smoke by the sword formation without leaving even a trace, despite the powerfulness of these traceless sky devils.

Ji Hao’s heart was aching!

In the eyes of Yu Yu and the other three powerful beings, these traceless sky devils were evil things that could bring a disaster to this world. But to Ji Hao, these sky devils were incomparably precious treasures that could allow him to reach to a supremely high level, even climb to the top.

Seeing those potential ‘treasures’ being destroyed one after another, crushed into ashes by the sword formation, Ji Hao was almost crying out. He didn’t have the heart to look at those destroyed sky devils. Instead, he focused on Yu Yu, silently learning this powerful set of sword moves.

Yu Yu’s spirit treasure was a sword. Without a doubt, he was a powerful sword artist. Ji Hao fortunately learned this set of sword moves from Yu Yu, and if he could truly find a nice sword, his power would be improved even further.

Every move, every step made by Yu Yu contained a marvelous feeling of the great Dao. Ji Hao was immersed in the mysteriousness of the great Dao. Gradually, a fierce sword intent began emerging from around his seed of Dao of sun, while dazzling beams of sword light became faintly visible.

The seed of Dao began spinning at its highest speed. Silently, Ji Hao pondered if Yu Yu’s sword move could be combined with the moves of sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow and everything-perish, how powerful would it become?

Gradually, Ji Hao’s hands began moving along with Yu Yu’s moves as well. Invisible streams of hot air puffed out from the tips of his ten fingers, tore the air into pieces and created extremely thin black traces.

Yu Yu delightfully nodded. Intentionally or not, when Yu Yu launched another wave of sword moves, he released a trace of his true spirit that generated an even stronger power of Dao from each of his moves, helping Ji Hao attain a deep understanding of this set of amazing sword moves.

Priest Qing Wei looked at Yu Yu from a distance away, then disapprovingly shook his head. In Priest Qing Wei’s eyes, Yu Yu had always been spoiling his disciples. For a thing like learning a set of sword move, disciples should complete for it by depending on their own talents and diligent cultivation. Why would a Shifu consume his own power to help his disciples learn? When tutoring his own disciples, Priest Qing We was never a silly good man like Yu Yu.

Priest Hua and Priest Mu looked at Ji Hao with sulky faces while sensing the sword intent, spread out from Ji Hao’s moving fingers. The sword intent was growing stronger and stronger, more and more mature.

Watching another powerful disciple of Yu Yu rise, especially one who was the possessor of the Heaven and Earth golden bridge, Pan Xi divine mirror, nine suns spear and the immemorial sun streamer, along with many other supreme treasures as well…This made Priest Hua and Priest Mu feel like their hearts were being bitten by countless rats.

Why wasn’t Ji Hao a disciple of theirs?

Why didn’t those treasures belong to them?

"All living beings are miserable!" sighed Priest Mu while he released a palm move and slapped a few sky devils that rushed towards him into pieces.

"Save them with your mercy!" Priest Hua responded from a distance away with a gentle, singing voice. Meanwhile, he clapped his hands and let a lotus slowly bloom in his palm. Next, countless lotus petals spun swiftly like a milestone, and the divine light released from the petals crushed hundreds of sky devils into a thin stream of mist.

Four powerful beings combined their powers, with the fiercest magic formation in the world to seal the space. Within a couple of hours, tens of thousands of sky devils were destroyed for good.

The four powerful beings slightly waved their wide sleeves and let out a wave of thunderbolts that swept across the ground like a flood flushing through the earth. The thunderbolt waves scanned across this area sealed by the sword formation for tens of times and carefully checked every single corner. After making sure that all sky devils within the coverage of the sword formation were destroyed for good, these four powerful beings dropped their hands and smiled together.

Priest Qing Wei began talking in a serious tone, "Priest Hu and Priest Mu, my friends, the rest of this shall depend on you. More devils can certainly be found out there, "

Priest Mu nodded to Yu Yu and Qing Wei, then gave a long sigh and said in an extra bitter tone, "I was careless. I didn’t think that by cultivating in the Chaos with the primordial spirit power, I could give off a God-like power vibration and attract these terrifying beings."

Shaking his head, Priest Mu continued with a deep voice, "This was started by me, and I shall take the responsibility."

Priest Hua stood aside, grinned and said, "Brother, you’ve been too hard on yourself. These devils followed your power vibration to here. This means they were already not far from Pan Gu world. Even if you didn’t cultivate in the Chaos, they would find this world sooner or later."

Keeping that grin, Priest Hua continued in a relaxed tone, "Brother, you sensed those devils ahead of time and drew them into Pan Gu world to allow us to catch the whole lot in a single move. This is good, virtuous… Why should you feel guilty?"

Hearing Priest Hua, Qing Wei unpleasantly snorted, then gently flicked his dragon and tiger ruyi, prepared to start his chariot and leave.

Yu Yu laughed in a wield tone, then wielded the long sword held in his hand. He gently knocked the side of his right leg with the sword while slowly saying, "My two friends, this isn’t as easy as you think. If my brother and I didn’t come to help you, this time, you might have caused a terrible disaster!"

Reaching his left hand straight to before Priest Hua and Priest Mu’ faces, Yu Yu then grinned and continued, "Cut the crap. This time, your Master Yu Yu has done you such a great favor. Hurry, give something nice to seal my mouth! Otherwise, I will head to Spirit Wa’s dojo right now and tell her everything that happened in here!"

Pausing for a second, Yu Yu carried on with that weird tone, "These sky devils are powerful, we all know that. Facing these devils, people like us can surely protect ourselves. But except for strong ones at our level, the other living beings could never survive. Priest Mu, this disaster you brought could truly be counted as destructive!"

Priest Mu’s face turned darker and darker, more and more bitter. Priest Hua opened his mouth, but didn’t know what to say.

These sky devils were indeed way too powerful.

A long while later, Priest Mu gave a bitter grin and responded, "Priest Yu Yu, my friend, you mean…"

Yu Yu laughed out loud, then he narrowed his eyes and said, "I was going to meet my Shifu and sue you. My Shifu might not kill you, but he will certainly make you suffer! However, as we have been friends for so many years…"

Yu Yu pointed at Ji Hao, grinned and said, "This disciple of your Master Yu Yu needs a nice sword. But you know, not every sword in the world can meet my requirement. Hmm, back then, you had attained an embryo sword from the Chaos, hadn’t you?"

The looks of Priest Hua and Priest Mu changed simultaneously.

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