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Yu Zun chuckled. That faint silhouette of hers wrapped in light cyan-colored mist, flashed across the air and approached Yu Yu swiftly.

She raised her right hand and pierced that foot-long colorful needle towards the spot between Yu Yu’s eyebrows, along with a sharp buzzing noise. The needle was even thinner than a hair, a slight beam of colorful light releasing from it. Meanwhile, Yu Zun remained chuckling.

Once Yu Zun moved, countless abnormal scenes appeared in Ji Hao’s eyesight. He saw a large number of nameless types of flowers bloom. These flowers looked as holy and pure as lotuses, yet as colorful as poppy. Petals still with their covers swayed in the air without being blown by any wind. And in these gradually blooming flowers, countless beautiful girls with jade-smooth skins had been slightly and airily twisting their bodies, exhibiting their perfect bodies.

The looks of these girls were pure and innocent, like the snow on top of the tallest mountain in the world, not stained by any dust. However, their bodies were s*xy and coquettish. Ji Hao clearly saw some changes that happened in the most private parts of their bodies, while the slight streams of enchanting aroma that could shake anyone's soul spread out from their bodies.

The seed of Dao had been blazing in Ji Hao’s body, but sensing this magical aroma, the flame around the seed of Dao was disturbed. Ji Hao sensed a piercing pain from his heart, then a stream of blood was squeezed out of his mouth to far away.

Ji Hao shouted out in shock. Yu Zun wasn’t attacking him. Her main target was Yu Yu, and Ji Hao had only been looking at her from a distance away. But still, Ji Hao was harmed by her without knowing how!

These sky devils were indeed mysterious and immeasurable, truly powerful!

As Ji Hao vomited blood, the Pan Xi divine mirror buzzed automatically. The mirror had just absorbed the true spirit came from Priest Mu and became like a living being. It flew to above Ji Hao’s head, facing the top of Ji Hao’s head with sparkling light beams flashing on its ink-dark surface. Next, countless water-clear but pure black light spots descended from the surface of the mirror. These light spots were condensed from tiny spell symbols, crystal clear and bone-piercing cold.

Those light spots landed on Ji Hao’s body, instantly after which, five-colored mist puffed out from Ji Hao’s body. Yu Zun attacked Yu Yu and Ji Hao cast a glance at her, but this powerful poisonous mist that could cause illusions had already entered into Ji Hao’s body.

The light spots released from the mirror could dispel evil things. As the poisonous smoke was forced out of Ji Hao’s body, Ji Hao’s primordial spirit was cooled down and soon, he cleared his head. Slightly gasping, a golden flame flashed across Ji Hao’s body, burning all the poisonous smoke out.

Settling his mind, Ji Hao began incanting the spell which he learned from a Daoist book back in his previous life, and was created especially for suppressing sky devils.

Without any glow or coiling mist, only a faintly sensible power vibration covered the seed of Dao of sun. This power vibration layer was fragile and thin, yet, it could perfectly suppress the power of sky devils. Ji Hao looked at Yu Zun again, and he still sensed that tsunami-like evil power coming at him. But this time, his seed of Dao stayed as stable as a towering mountain. The thin layer of power vibration had been quaking, fending against the evil power released from Yu Zun with difficulty yet determinedly.

Yu Yu had been smoothly wielding his long sword. Water-clear streams of cyan sword light dazzled all over the sky, like a nimble flying snake. The long needle in Yu Zun’s hand seemed to be made perfectly for Yu Yu’s sword, and clanged against the sword over and over again, leaving that slight beam of colorful light in the sky. Loud clangs could be heard without an end. Every time the needle and the sword clashed against each other, an extremely thin beam of colorful light would drill into Yu Yu’s sword.

Gradually, Yu Yu’s sword was added with a colorful glow, as if a five-colored gemstone sheath had been put on it.

Ji Hao was dumbfounded. Although this was only a clone of Yu Yu, it was transformed from the spirit treasure and a part of the true spirit of Yu Yu, and was incredibly powerful. But fighting against Yu Yu, Yu Zun hadn’t fallen into a disadvantage. Ji Hao estimated that even Po and Gui Ling couldn’t rival Yu Zun, not even by joining hands!

Yu Zun was worthy to be the ‘ancestor’ among sky devils.

During the process of thinking, Ji Hao had also been carefully learning the art of sword performed by Yu Yu. Subconsciously, he wilded the nine suns spear. The golden, shining spear slowly tore the air open and raised a seven to eight feet long, water-clear and cold stream of light.

"Hehe, is your sword still working?" Yu Zun chuckled again and said, "It was struck so heavily by me for so many times. I’m afraid it’s already getting more and more inconvenient, isn’t it?"

Yu Yu sneered and shook the long sword in his hand. Following a cracking noise, the five-colored light wrapped on the sword shattered, then he conveniently lunged the sword.

His move was as simple as a move made by a kid while playing with a wooden stick, that could even be counted as a childish move. Nevertheless, this move was made so smoothly that it made Ji Hao feel that no one in the world could ever possibly dodge it.

Yu Zun paused. Meanwhile, Yu Yu had already moved across and even brushed against her body. The long sword brought up another sharp beam of sword light while easily cutting through her throat. Along with a shrill scream, a cloud of jade-colored mist puffed out from her neck. She covered her neck with both of her hands, then transformed into a jade-colored mist stream, swooshing tens of miles away.

Standing on a cloud, Yu Zun screamed with anger, "This one is awfully powerful. Join hands with me, whoever kills this one can have his body!"

Xia Zun, who had been standing aside and watching the fight, laughed with a sweet and soft voice. She twisted her slim waist while chuckling, then said, "Why didn’t you say that earlier? How does that sword strike feel like?"

The power vibration released from Yu Zun changed, turning especially mysterious. The power vibration was strong and intense as she responded with a deep, vicious voice, "Not good. Do not let his sword touch you. The strike he launched just now almost killed me. This man’s sword intent…It can reach straight to the true nature through all unrealness. He is the invincible enemy of our kind. Be careful, be extra careful, this man’s sword intent is extremely powerful."

Reaching straight to the true nature through all unrealness. Hearing this, Ji Hao looked at Yu Yu with great admiration.

The sword move Yu Yu launched just now seemed to be quite simple, yet it was actually incomparably ingenious. Ji Hao had already boosted his spirit power up as much as he could, but still, he only managed to understand less than ten-thousandth of that sword move.

A high-pitched scream could then be heard, along with which, Yu Zun and Xia Zun rose into the sky, transformed into a dense, colorful mist and descended towards Yu Yu.

Ji Hao had been concentratedly watching the fight. All of a sudden, a fierce gust of wind blew over as ‘Priest Mu’ curved his body and launched a twisted attack, with that colorful branch of his, that was decorated with gemstones. ‘Priest Mu’s face was still filled with a ‘flirting' grin.

Ji Hao snorted coldly and sent out a stream of spirit power to keep watching the fight between Yu Yu and the two sky devils, then wielded the nine suns spear with both of his hands and lunged fiercely towards ‘Priest Mu’.

‘Priest Mu’ had been releasing a strong evil power from his body, but Ji Hao wouldn’t be tricked by it anymore. His eyes were as clear as water while his mind was calm and settled. The nine suns spear swished in the air along with a beautiful arc, dodged the branch held in ‘Priest Mu’s hand, and pierced deeply into ‘Priest Mu’s chest.

Without the power of enchantment, sky devils turned out to be just ordinary.

Ji Hao launched the move of sky-opening with the spear, and easily and severely harmed ‘Priest Mu’.

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