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While giggling, ‘Priest Mu’ ogled at Yu Yu, with his colorfully shining, misty eyes.

Yu Yu was a powerful cultivator. He had been through countless great storms in this world. Even if all beautiful girls from the legendary Qing Qiu Country ogled at him together, Yu Yu’s heart of Dao would never, ever be shaken. To Yu Yu, beautiful women couldn’t even compare with a drifting cloud in the distance. Nevertheless, the one ogling at him just now was Priest Mu!

Looking at that familiar face and the flirting smile on that face, Yu Yu couldn’t help but shiver intensively. Embarrassedly, he flashed across the air and dashed to Ji Hao. Slapping on Ji Hao’s shoulder, Yu Yu pointed at Priest Mu, who was now with a weird look and voice, and asked, "Is this that devil thing?"

Ji Hao seriously nodded. His seed of Dao was activated, letting a golden beam of light out of his erect eye. It transformed into a transparent golden spell symbol and flew towards Yu Yu. Through the spell symbol, Ji Hao told Yu Yu about everything happened earlier, such as Po, Gui Ling and himself encountering those sky devils outside the devil-suppressing divine palace. He gave every detail to Yu Yu, except for the fact that he had digested some sky devils with the small caldron inside his body.

Gently touching the spell symbols with his finger, Yu Yu understood in a moment what Ji Hao, Po and Gui Ling had been through, and what those sky devils were like. Looking at Priest Mu, who looked at Yu Yu with his misty eyes and had been twisting his waist, Yu Yu silently took out an exquisitely crafted recording talisman and began recording Priest Mu’s weird performance.

While recording Priest Mu, Yu Yu laughed silently, with his teeth shining brightly.

"Ji Hao, this stupid wood and his brother, that crappy flower, value their dignity the most. But they are also the most shameless ones. Without a proof, they would never admit the things they’ve done. Whatever they’ve done, they would always pass the buck to the others."

"But this time, I, your genius Shifu, am recording this ugly face of this piece of wood. With this record, I can at least gain a pool of pure virtue water from him."

Yu Yu said with his pair of eyebrows raised in excitement, "That pure virtue water doesn’t have much function, but if your elder uncle makes it into spirit fruit wine with the thirty-six-thousand types of spirit fruit in this world, that will taste…Ah, I can’t even describe it!" Yu Yu clicked his tongue.

Ji Hao was also looking at Priest Mu, whose eyes were shining brighter and brighter with that colorful light. Obviously, the sky devil was occupying Priest Mu’s body step by step. "But Shifu, don’t you worry that they might start a life-risking fight against you when you send this record to their sect?" said Ji Hao in a lowered voice.

Yu Yu grinned. A fierce sword light flashed across his white shining teeth as he gave a frosty laugh and responded, "A life-risking fight against me? Only if they have the abilities! If my two brothers didn’t stop me, back then I…"

An overwhelming intent of killing spread out, tightening every single pore of Ji Hao and squeezing a bone-piercing coldness out of his pores. Just now, Yu Yu accidentally released an intent of killing. That intent of killing wasn’t released towards Ji Hao, but it made Ji Hao feel that the world was turned upside down, and was going to be crushed by Yu Yu right before his eyes.

Ji Hao sensed a great terror, as if he couldn’t control his life and death anymore, and he was like a worm in a thunderstorm, that could die at any moment. Facing the intent of killing released by Yu Yu, Ji Hao silently thought that even if he could improve further by a hundred times, even a thousand times, Yu Yu would still be able to crush him in a flash with a single finger.

That was the true power of Yu Yu!

That was the true dreadfulness of Yu Yu!

Nevertheless, this Yu Yu standing in front of them was only a clone, transformed from the spirit treasure of the real Yu Yu! Ji Hao couldn’t even imagine exactly how powerful the real Yu Yu was, and exactly what level he was at.

Fortunately, this intent of killing faded right away. Yu Yu stopped laughing, and said to Ji Hao mildly, "Cultivators like us are free, away from all worldly affairs. What we are supposed to pursue is the eternal great Dao of nature, the ultimate secret of the great Dao. Things like fighting and killing, I did a lot when I was young and angry. Back then, I often pulled out my swords to hack the others. But in the recent years, I rarely do the same, just having my hands itchy all the time."

Showing a serious look that a Shifu was supposed to have, Yu Yu then smiled to Ji Hao and continued, "Ji Hao, my good disciple, you have to remember this… As cultivators, we need to cultivator our hearts and cultivate our original nature… You have to keep this in your mind!"

Before he finished his speech, the sky devil had already brought the surviving clone of Priest Mu under complete control.

With that wrinkled and bitter face, ‘Priest Mu’ abruptly chuckled, then smilingly waved his hand towards Yu Yu and said, "Ahyaya, this handsome priest here, is your name Yu Yu? Hehe, what a good name!"

Twisting his waist, ‘Priest Mu’ made a sexy posture, naughtily blinked his left eye and gave Yu Yu a wink. Next, with a strong amorous feeling, ‘Priest Mu’ crooked hi scrawny and wrinkled right forefinger towards Yu Yu!

Imagine a bitter looking, scrawny and wrinkled old man, who had absolutely no extra flesh on his face, making a posture of a young girl and winking at oneself, even trying to flirt…

Ji Hao only felt that his internal organs twitched, that even made him throw up.

This sky devil was so impatient. She had just accepted this clone of Priest Mu and didn’t even have the time to transform the shape of this body. But, she had already started to play her old trick! Yet, Priest Mu truly had an indescribably ugly appearance! As an old tree that lived in a river valley for billions of years, he was now trying to behave like a young girl in a brothel… This strong visual contrast just made Ji Hao want to vomit for a long while.

Abruptly seeing this creepy performance of Priest Mu, Yu Yu was enraged immediately. Once again, that destructive intent of killing rose into the sky, along with the tsunami-like power vibration released from his sword. This was despite the fact that the few words he just told Ji Hao to remember ‘we need to cultivator our hearts, cultivate our original nature’, were still lingering in his mouth.

"How dare you do such a thing? You evil being! This old bastard is indeed stupid, but he’s still not for you to insult like this!"

The intent of killing spread in the air while Yu Yu pulled out his long sword with a storm of anger. He leaped straight up, wielded the sword and attempted to kill ‘Priest Mu’.

Clang! A one-foot long colorful needle abruptly showed up around Priest Mu’s body. The crystal clear needle had a faint glow, and was rather powerful. This strike launched by Yu Yu had actually been blocked by this thin and light needle.

"Where are you from?" Yu Yu sounded a lot more serious than before.

"This body is not bad as well. In this case, I shall just accept it." A beautiful, colorfully shining silhouette flashed out from the air. The silhouette was entirely shining, looked like a white jade statue. It chucked, then curled up and pounced on Yu Yu.

"Yu Zun, you’re too impatient…But indeed, such a good body is not easy to found. This time, I’ll just let you be the first."

Another silhouette walked out from the air. This silhouette was surrounded by a faint cyan smoke, looking like a cyan-colored rainbow shining out of the air. It stood aside while chuckling.

‘Priest Mu’ politely kneeled and kowtowed to that cyan-colored silhouette and said, "Ancestor Xia Zun, ancestor Yu Zun."

Ji Hao’s heart drummed. Xia Zun and Yu Zun, were those the powerful ones among the sky devils?

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