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"Eh, I didn’t think you crappy piece of wood can do things like this!" Yu Yu saw the whole process when Ji Hao killed those muscular men, and couldn’t help but praise loudly when those men transformed back into glass beads.

Only with a single glance, Yu Yu saw through these human-shaped battle machines. Priest Mu and his brother Priest Hua were good at making plans. Their fierceness and persistence even made Yu Yu praise. However, they seemed to be poorly talented in tool-crafting, in terms of which, they were not even as good as Yu Yu, not to mention Yu Yu’s two brothers, who were known as the best magic pill maker and treasure maker in the world.

But this time, unexpectedly, Yu Yu saw that Priest Mu had made a batch of magic guards with divine metal materials and some special ingredients. In addition to that, these magic guards could form a powerful magic formation to trap and kill the enemies. This was quite genius.

Yu Yu had to admit that Priest Mu had improved his tool-crafting skills largely, and even had created a unique style of his own.

But the more had Priest Mu improved, the more violently Yu Yu launched his moves. Although there wasn’t any bone-deep hatred between Priest Mu and himself, why would the competition between two sects need any excuse or reason? Sooner or later, this competition would generate an endless hared. Yu Yu was a wise being, and was clearly aware of this.

Sooner or later, a massive war would burst between these two sects. The more Priest Mu had improved, the better he performed, the harder Yu Yu should strike him. Right now, Yu Yu should just kill a few more clones of him and weaken his power even more largely.

Every clone of Priest Mu, every linden seed of his, was condensed from Priest Mu’s spirit power mixed with the essence of his true body. Losing one or two might be nothing to Priest Mu, but if he lost over a hundred of them all at once, Priest Mu would be affected rather badly.

The sword-like stream roared across the air like dragons. As cyan-colored sword light streams fiercely hacked down through the sky, those vividly green branches were chopped into pieces, while the robes worn by those clones were cut. Some of those clones even had their limbs cut off, and blood with a nice aroma spurt out from their bodies. While Yu Yu was crazily hacking at these clones, the divine light beams released from the Pan Xi divine mirror under Ji Hao’s will arrived.

Facing Yu Yu’s crazy attacks, Priest Mu’s clones were too busy to be distracted. The divine light beams struck on the bodies of the one hundred and seven clones of Priest Mu, softening their bodies immediately. Under the effect of the divine light from the mirror, the powers of Priest Mu’s clones were dispelled for less than 1/10000 second. Within this short span of time, all defensive magics cast by them disappeared.

"Break!" Yu Yu laughed out wildly. He turned around and released a miles long, entirely clear and green sword light stream. That finger-thick stream of sword light was as flexible as a snake, that coiled around the bodies of those clones and then hacked down

The one hundred and seven clones of Priest Mu growled out together. Then, their bodies blasted into a bright green light. The green light condensed into over a hundred fist-sized beautifully green linden seeds and zipped up into the sky, fleeing towards different directions as they left sharp green light beams behind.

Looking at these fleeing linden seeds, Yu Yu laughed out loud once again, and so did Ji Hao. Above Ji Hao’s head, the immemorial sun streamer released a strong golden essence sun fire that transformed into a giant golden web. It spread and then tightened, capturing all one hundred and seven linden seeds. Ji Hao grabbed the web back, carrying all linden seeds in his hand.

The web of essence sun fire burned ragingly. Inside the web, those linden seeds were still vibrating intensely, attempting to break the net and flee. However, they were all harmed severely by Yu Yu before, and now, no matter how hard they tried to struggle, they were still as soft as a frog which was boiled in the water for ten days. How could they ever leap up again?

A bright spot of divine light sparkled in the Pan Xi divine mirror. Ji Hao sensed the mirror’s craving. Therefore, he activated the mirror and let it scan across this linden seed. Shrill screams were instantly generated from these seeds as the true spirits of Priest Mu contained in these seeds were killed. Next, the especially pure true spirit power from Priest Mu transformed into extremely thin beams of green light, slowly rose from these seeds and gradually flew into the mirror.

The Pan Xi divine mirror shivered in happiness while airily hovering around Ji Hao, as if it was a puppy which just had a nice meal. The mirror took a few circles around Ji Hao, then intimately rubbed Ji Hao’s forehead.

That true spirit came from Priest Mu himself. The quantity was indeed not large, but the quality was amazingly high. For a supreme pre-world treasure like the Pan Xi divine mirror, its pursuit of powers was not based on quantity anymore. Instead, the quality of power meant everything to it. After the mirror devoured the true spirit from Priest Mu, all understanding attained by Priest Mu regarding the great Dao of nature of Pan Gu world and the mysteriousness of nature, now belonged to the mirror.

Ji Hao clearly sensed that the connection between the mirror and himself had turned tighter by at least one hundred percent. He could now release a stronger power of the mirror, and as a treasure from Pan Xi world, this mirror had now even built a tighter connection between Pan Gu world. It could now manipulate the natural powers in this world to a much greater extent, an amazing extent.

The only remaining clone of Priest Mu fended himself from the Pan Xi mirror’s divine light just now, with the colorfully shining branch holding in his hand, and survived the lethal hack launched by Yu Yu. However, before he could negotiate with Yu Yu, Ji Hao had already done all the work.

Those linden seeds landed in Ji Hao’s hands, and the true spirit was killed and devoured by the Pan Xi divine mirror!

The last clone trembled in anger. He turned away from Ji Hao and put all his attention to Yu Yu.

"Yu Yu, my friend, today, I came here to chase a group of evil beings and to take out a great threat for the whole Pan Gu world." Priest Mu’s eyes shone with a bright green light as he looked at Yu Yu and said harshly, "My friend, you ruined my plan today, so you shall take all the consequences and sins that will be caused in the future."

Ji Hao laughed out loud from the side and said, "Eh? Priest Mu, are you saying that you’ve been stupidly waiting in the sea for those evil beings to come to you by themselves?"

Laughing coldly, Ji Hao continued with a deep voice, "But why have I heard that you and those evil beings are on the same side?"

Yu Yu raised his long and dashing eyebrows, looking at Priest Mu with a faint smile.

Priest Mu blinked his eyes, then abruptly turned to Ji Hao and responded, "Ignorant little kid, I am a decent cultivator. How can I ever have anything to do with those outer space devils?"

Ji Hao clapped his hands and laughed, "Good, outer space devils, I didn’t even know they are from the outer space until you mentioned it!" Clicking his tongue, Ji Hao continued, "So, Priest Mu, how exactly did you collude with them?"

Priest Mu paused briefly again, then he watchfully pointed at Ji Hao, prepared to shout. But all of a sudden, a five-colored mist rose from around him, while an especially silvery voice giggled and said, "Found you, hee hee, I couldn’t deal with the real you. But it’s fine for me to take a clone of you first!"

Priest Mu shivered, then his green pair of eyes abruptly turned colorful and misty.

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