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That clone of Priest My threw out a hundred and eight glass beads, then coldly and scornfully snorted and gave a sneer. Next, he wiped the wound on his chest with his right hand and let it heal slowly. Taking a deep breath, he wielded the green branch and joined the group again in attacking Yu Yu.

A warm strand of power rose, while those beads struck down towards Ji Hao along with thunder-like rumbles. Ji Hao looked at these swiftly swishing glass beads and flashed across the air. He straightened his left hand like a blade and left an arc-shaped light stream in the air while combining the moves of sky-opening and earth-splitting, hacking fiercely on the first bead with his hand.

Crack! The bead and the bones of Ji Hao’s left hand cracked simultaneously. The skin on the edge of his palm was broken, letting sticky and scorching hot drops of blood eject out, then swishing back into Ji Hao’s body.

The bead hacked by Ji Hao let out a cracking noise as well while a hair-thin crack appeared across the entire bead. A large puff of seven-colored mist coiled up from the bead, like ceaseless water streams.

The one hundred and eight clones of Priest Mu turned around simultaneously, staring at Ji Hao in shock.

"How can it be? Is the skin of this little bastard truly so sturdy?"

As the power streams descended, seeming to strike on Ji Hao’s body right away, the looks of those clones turned a lot softer. Even if Ji Hao had a sturdy body, that allowed him to crack a glass bead, he would never survive the coming attacks.

"This little bastard will be so unfortunate today."

Those clones laughed together, but as they were distracted by Ji Hao for a single moment, Yu Yu’s body had already been shining with a bright sword light while his cyan sword was launched swiftly like a ragingly pouncing dragon. Immediately, tens of cyan-colored sword light streaks rose into the sky, and next, over thirty clones of Priest Mu were sent flying away, while vomiting blood.

"Damn it! Yu Yu, after today, you will be like a broken mirror, and you will never recover from what you’re going to suffer!" Priest Mu’s clones growled out furiously. They had no spare attention to pay to Ji Hao, who was an ‘insignificant’ kid. Instead, they focused on dealing with Yu Yu, a fearful enemy.

The other glass beads zipped over. Ji Hao had already measured the power of these beads. Compared with his own body, these beads were only slightly sturdier, and would not cause any severe threat to him. After finding out the quality of these beads, Ji Hao would never idiotically meet these deeds head on once again. Instead, the Pan Xi divine mirror buzzed, then the dim divine light released from it transformed into a round-shaped screen, firmly shielding Ji Hao behind.

Those glass beads suddenly froze in the air. Meanwhile, the thunder-like fierce power vibration released from them disappeared suddenly. Following a slight buzzing noise, dazzling spell symbols flowed on the surfaces of these beads in streams and sparkled for a while. A splendid seven-colored glow was released, while every bead transformed into a three-meter tall muscular man.

The bodies of these muscular men were translucent and entirely shining with a colorful light. They each held a three-meter-long square, golden stick, with eyes burning with a raging fiery light, fixed right on Ji Hao.

These muscular men moved swiftly like flying dragons, leaving shreds of afterimages around Ji Hao. They slightly wielded their square golden sticks, which stirred the air, causing a sharp swishing noise. Abruptly, one of these muscular men gave an order, and then all muscular men cast a roar. The colorful light emitted from their bodies grew brighter and transformed into a golden flame lion, roaring thunderously towards the sky. At the same time, a hundred and eight square golden sticks brought up strong gusts of wind, blowing towards Ji Hao from every single direction.

Ji Hao was startled by the sudden roars made by those muscular men. Their voices were incredibly loud, that sounded like ten thousand thunders striking straight on Ji Hao’s forehead. It even made smoke puff out of his ears and nostrils, and vibrate his soul out of his body.

Seeing the golden flames burning more and more ragingly behind those muscular men, and those lions that looked more and more like golden statues, Ji Hao’s internal organs were vibrating intensively, while his eyes were dazzled. He couldn’t even tell directions anymore.

"Lion roar!" Ji Hao murmured with difficulty.

‘Lion roar’. In his previous life, Ji Hao had indeed encountered a few people who cultivated themselves with this ‘martial art’. Back in his previous life, magic barely existed in the world, and ‘lion roar’ had already degenerated into a ‘martial art’. But right now, what these muscular men had been casting was the genuine, original version of ‘lion roar’, the version with ‘magic’!

The wave of thunderous roar almost shook Ji Hao into parts. Ji Hao’s limbs were now limp, and he could barely grip the nine suns spear, nearly letting it drop from his hand.

Seeing those square golden sticks smash down along with fierce gales, Ji Hao didn’t even have the strength to dodge, but could only watch those sticks approach him.

Fortunately, he had the Pan Xi divine mirror.

With some solid efforts, Ji Hao barely maintained a slight consciousness, and with that, he activated a thin stream of spirit power, giving a clear order to the Pan Xi divine mirror. As a deep, divine light flashed across the mirror, a misty stream of light was released from it, swiftly coiling around those square golden sticks.

A puffing noise could then be heard without an end. Those square golden sticks were made from pure gold mixed with a great number of divine metal materials. But suddenly, these metal sticks turned glowing red sticks with smoke puffing up, as they were forcibly transformed into ‘earth lung explosive flame crystal’ sticks by the mirror! The earth lung explosive flame crystal was the most unstable type of natural material in the world.

In shock, those muscular men lowered their heads, looked at their sticks which had already turned into glowing-red crystal sticks. Their eyes sparkled brightly, but before they figured out what had just happened, these unstable sticks turned by the mirror exploded intensely. Flame swallowed these muscular men while the strong explosive force sent them far away.


On the other side, clones of Priest Mu, who had been fighting against Yu Yu, couldn’t restrain the shock in their hearts. They turned around, looked at Ji Hao, and were all stunned.

Did Ji Hao just break the golden steel datura magic formation formed by those muscular men in such a weird way?

The steel datura magic formation was a pure killing magic formation. Priest Mu created it with a great effort, for strengthening and expanding his sect in the future. The formation was mainly designed as a security one to guard the base of his sect, after his sect reached an ideal scale. Therefore, this magic formation was powerful and violent, and was controlled by the one hundred and eight powerful magic guards secretly cultivated by himself. In Priest Mu’s estimation, even if the few elder disciples of Yu Yu were here, the magic formation could stall them for quite a while.

Nevertheless, with the immeasurable power of the Pan Xi divine mirror, Ji Hao broke the magic formation so easily. Was that even true?

"Good treasure!" A clone of Priest Mu sighed, but before he voice faded, Yu Yu’s sword pierced into his throat and almost cut his head down.

Ji Hao laughed out loud while spreading his spirit power out, locking the one hundred and eight muscular men who were sent flying away.

The Pan Xi divine mirror quaked and released a hundred and eight beams of divine light, accurately landing on the heads of those muscular men. Silently, the defensive powers of those muscular men were speedily weakened by the mirror, quickly down to zero.

Ji Hao wielded the nine suns spear. An arc-shaped light beam sparkled in the air as it sliced across the air in a mysterious way. Then, the spearhead landed on the necks of all those muscular men almost simultaneously, even though Ji Hao had only launched one strike. Shrill howls were generated right away, following which, the heads of those muscular men flew up into the sky while their bodies collapsed, turning back into glass beads.

Ji Hao reached out his arm and grasped all one hundred and eight glass beads in the hands.

The Pan Xi divine mirror quaked once again, released another one hundred and eight beams of divine light, dazzling towards the clones of Priest Mu.

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