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Human beings had souls; each human being had three souls and seven spirits. Spirits were the outsides, while the original souls were the insides.

Back in the stage of a fetus gestating in mothers’ wombs, a human being merely had a slight true spirit contained in the body. But where would the three souls and seven spirits come from? The slight true spirit of a fetus was also the original soul of a human being. It would be nourished by the mother’s spirit blood and natural powers and grow stronger like a seed, gradually generating the three souls and seven spirits. Therefore, the original souls were the base and the core, while the three souls and the seven spirits were like branches and leaves.

If the souls and spirits of a cultivator were damaged, even if all his or her three souls and seven spirits were destroyed, as long the true spirit remain unharmed, the original soul would be able to survive. Thus, this cultivator could reincarnate, live another life and start cultivation again.

The original soul was mysterious, such that ordinary human beings could not see it or look into it. Only greatly powerful beings who could see through the mysteriousness of the whole world and understand the ultimate secrets of the great Dao could be able to trace that slight trace of original soul in the great Dao of nature. Powerful beings like this could reach a corner of the secrets of original souls, but only through countless years of severe cultivation.

Therefore, among all those powerful beings in the world, many could destroy people’ souls and spirits. A large number of Magi Palace Magi were able to easily destroy the souls and spirits of enemies, but speaking of destroying the true spirits and killing the original souls, only a few in the whole world could do it.

Only a top-grade powerful being could cultivate the original soul.

Only a top-grade powerful being could destroy original souls.

For the so-called top-grade powerful beings, even if they weren’t as powerful as Yu Yu and his brothers, they could only be slightly weaker than them. At least, with Ji Hao’s current power as a Divine Magus, he couldn’t sense his own true spirit. Normally, in his cultivation, Ji Hao could only sense the changes and improvements of his souls and spirits from primordial spirits.

This was as if Ji Hao had been carefully cultivating a tree. Every single day, he could see the tree grow a couple of inches taller, and more leaves growing out from the branches. But with his current power, he could not see the roots of this tree underground.

But today, as the round cauldron in his body was continuously transforming those sky devils into that magical aroma for Ji Hao’s seed of Dao of sun to absorb, Ji Hao now clearly sensed that, deep inside his primordial spirit, some weak and slight thing had been growing and changing.

An extremely fresh and sweet juice had been generated from that slight thing, being absorbed by the seed of Dao of sun without an end. Ji Hao felt like his physical body didn’t exist anymore. His body felt so light that it even seemed to fly up, and his soul was too relaxed and conformable.

Additionally, a great confidence grew from Ji Hao’s heart.

Powerful, he felt more powerful than ever, and he was becoming more and more powerful.

In his previous life, he was named Qing Long. He cultivated himself severely and created the Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words. As a result, his soul power was much greater than ordinary people. After reincarnating, he was born in Southern Wasteland and named Ji Hao. Ji Hao was born with a much stronger original soul than all ordinary people.

If the power of the original soul of an ordinary human being was one, the power of Ji Hao’s original soul could reach a hundred to two-hundred.

With a powerful original soul, Ji Hao’s souls and spirits were naturally strong, that gifted him a sharper sense of natural powers and allowed him to cultivate himself with a high efficiency. Therefore, ever since Ji Hao became Yu Yu’s disciple and started his cultivation of great Dao with Yu Yu’s guidance, he had been improving at an amazing rate. However, Ji Hao’s cultivation efficiency was only much higher than ordinary cultivators.

Compared with Po, who was one the first batch of living beings in this world, Ji Hao didn’t know about Po’s exact background, and even didn’t know what kind of creature he was. But Po’s original soul was incredibly powerful, tens, hundreds of thousands, millions or even tens of millions of times stronger than Ji Hao’s original soul!

Compared with Gui Ling, Gui Ling was a well-cultivated turtle born in the prehistorical era. Her real body was tremendous, and to control such a tremendous and strong body, how powerful did her soul need to be? Therefore, Gui Ling’s original soul was also millions of times stronger than Ji Hao’s original soul.

Although Ji Hao’s cultivation efficiency was incredibly high, in comparison with Po, Gui Ling and the other disciples of Yu Yu, that cultivation efficiency of his might even be pathetically low! If Po and Gui Ling concentrated on their cultivations, the improvement they achieved through every single breath might be equal to the result Ji Hao gained through tens of years of severe cultivation.

This was not about body conditions, this was purely about the differences of talents. Ji Hao was indeed talented, yet he was an ordinary human being, while Po, Gui Ling and the other disciples who followed Yu Yu since the prehistorical era were all extraordinary, and they once were famous, powerful prehistorical beings! If one compared Po and Gui Ling to a seed of a divine tree, Ji Hao was only a bean seed. Planting these two seeds in the soil and letting them root and grow, the seed of the divine tree could grow to hundreds of meters tall within twenty-four hours while the bean seed could only grow to a foot tall within the same period of time, and that was already its upper limit!

Ji Hao was indeed especially fortunate. What he learned all these years allowed him to slowly improve the limit of this talent through cultivation. But that would be a long and extremely slow process, because he needed to transform and change from the base of his soul.

Nevertheless, at the very moment, those sky devils were digested by the small caldron, transformed into the most original and purest original soul power and directly nourished Ji Hao’s original soul, making him stronger, and forcing him to improve and change.

Ji Hao was born like a seed of bean, but nourished by the power transformed from those sky devils, his original soul had started growing and improving. Gradually, he became like a seed of shrub, a seed of arbor…Step by step, he was evolving, reaching closer and closer to the level of seeds of divine trees.

The improvement of his original soul triggered the improvement of Ji Hao’s primordial spirits and seed of Dao.

The size of the seed of Dao of sun hadn’t changed, and the sun power contained it had either grown, but the color of it turned purer and purer, clearer and clearer. On the surface of the seed of Dao, numerous beautiful golden chains emerged one after another.

These golden chains shone dazzlingly, and were condensed from countless mysterious, ancient-styled spell symbols which were filled with pure positive power. These golden chains were the embodiments of the great Dao of sun. Every chain proved that Ji Hao had completely understood a part of the great Dao of sun and had reached a new level of his cultivation based on the great Dao of sun. His power hadn’t improved, yet, in terms of quality, Ji Hao’s power had changed thoroughly.

Ji Hao could also feel that his spirit power became more and more sensitive while his mind turned clearer and clearer. Before, he used his spirit power like how a giant wielded an iron stick to smash his enemy. But now, he was like a powerful being with thousands of hands, and that thick iron stick had been turned into thousands of needles. He could now manipulate the thousands of needles all at once to embroider a detailed piece of art.

Gradually, Ji Hao’s original soul had swollen to an extreme extent. The small caldron was still transforming those sky devils as eighteen to nineteen percent of those sky devils hadn’t been digested yet.

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