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Yu Yu’s sword formation gradually stopped working.

Ji Hao stood in midair with a golden glisten in his eyes. If one looked closer, one would find countless tadpoles-like spell symbols wriggling in this golden light, happily and quickly. By merely watching these spell symbols, one would feel a strong warmth.

In his spiritual space, a golden glow had reached to every corner. Before, Ji Hao’s spiritual space was empty, only with a faint gray mist drifting around. But now, the gray mist had gone, and that magnificent golden glow had suffused the entire space.

The seed of Dao of sun was like a tangible golden ball, floating within the golden glow. Countless thin golden chains swiftly hovered around the seed of Dao. Occasionally, raging golden flames would roar across these chains.

Ji Hao raised his head, looking at the sky. In his eyes, the sky seemed to be thickly dotted with tiny holes, such that with a single glance, he could faintly see the traces of natural laws. He then lowered his head and looked at the ground. On the ground, countless faintly visible streams had been flowing rapidly, coiling around. Before, he couldn’t see all these, but right now, as his original soul had been improved, his true spirit had broken the limit of ‘ordinary living beings’, after which, he could now clearly sense the flow of natural powers on the ground.

The eighteen muscular men and the six women, these twenty-four sky devils had been digested completely by now. The power transformed from them allowed Ji Hao’s original soul to been through a thorough change, to evolve into a ‘divine being’ from an ‘ordinary being’. In terms of potential, Ji Hao had already reached, and even slightly surpassed the level of Po and Gui Ling.

"These sky devils are actually supreme treasures to me, the more the better!"

Ji Hao held his hands behind his body, narrowed his eyes and looked down at the gate of the divine palace.

As Ji Hao flicked his finger and pointed upwards, a needle-sized golden light beam flashed across, dazzling to three-thousand miles away from Ji Hao’s fingertip along with a puffing noise. Immediately, the especially sturdy space of Pan Gu world was burned broken, showing a three-thousand miles long black rip.

The space was penetrated.

This rip was slightly curved, similar to the arc Ji Hao created every time after he launched the move of Sky-Opening. Normally, even if Ji Hao launched Sky-Opening with all of his power, he couldn’t possibly create a rip in the space for three-thousand miles. But now, as his original soul had improved and both his primordial spirit, seed of Dao and spirit power had been through a thorough change, he could now even turn the rotten into miraculous by manipulating his power of great Dao.

Just now, with a slight little bit of his power, he achieved the result that he could never attain even by using all of his powers before.

Smiling faintly, Ji Hao gently flicked his fingers. Those fingers shook like blooming petals while countless extremely thin light beams screamed out like a thunderstorm. Along with a quick series of puffing noise, countless black space rips appeared before Ji Hao’s eyes.

The number of the space rips was so large, and the space between each rip was so small, that at last, the area with a radius of three-thousand miles around Ji Hao looked even like a black sphere.

If anyone bumped into this area at the moment, his or her body would certainly be torn apart by these space rips. For causing such a severe damage to the surrounding space, the power Ji Hao used only equaled the power that would be consumed for launching an ordinary thunder magic before.

"My power is truly inexhaustible now. I don’t even need to worry about the power consumption during fights now!" Ji Hao stopped, and the countless space rips around him quickly healed themselves. He then lowered his head and murmured to himself, "Wonderful, just wonderful. With my current power, no matter how many enemies come…The number of enemies now means nothing to me, unless they can kill me with a single strike."

The effects of his attack had changed completely. Ji Hao calmed down and looked into his own spiritual space. His mind was now as clear as a crystal piece. Within a single second, countless thoughts could flash across his mind. Ji Hao started to read an especially profound article in one of Yu Yu’s scriptures, regarding how to control the powers of mountains and rivers with primordial spirits. With the methods introduced by the article, a cultivator could even move a mountain and turn an ocean upside down.

Ji Hao had read this article once when he had some spare time. But back then, Ji Hao only felt that this article was very hard to understand. Even with the great faith power that came from countless Yao Mountain people, he could only read the article at a poorly slow speed. After all, he was pursuing the great Dao of sun, and this method regarding how to control the powers of mountains and rivers didn’t fit his cultivation of Dao.

But today, right now, as Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and pondered briefly, he completely understood this profound article with seven to eight hundred characters within the span of a breath. Such an amazing learning efficiency even shocked Ji Hao himself and made him speechless.

"Move!" Ji Hao cast a resonant grow while slightly wielding his right hand towards a towering mountain in thousands of miles away, on the edge of the lava ocean.

The ground silently quaked while that mountain disappeared from its original spot, then momentarily reappeared under Ji Hao’s feet. The enormous mountain fell into the lava and raised a sky devouring flame.

Ji Hao looked at his own hands in a great surprise.

He didn’t use his strong physical strength, neither did he activate his power of Dao. Instead, he used the method mentioned in the article, and with a tiny little bit of power, he triggered the power of earth meridians and made this mountain move itself to where Ji Hao wanted it to be.

This was not physical power, this was true magic!

Ji Hao now sensed a great pleasure, given by his ability to control nature. He looked at his hands and sincerely murmured, "This…This is the feeling a true Qi cultivator should have, isn’t it?"

Murmuring for a while, Ji Hao then sighed and continued, "I didn’t think brother Po and sister Gui Ling were actually so powerful!"

Right after that, Ji Hao couldn’t help but quiver intensively while his face turned especially dark. Po and Gui Ling were powerful prehistorical beings, with immeasurably great powers. Their original soul powers were equally great as Ji Hao’s current original soul power, but still, Po and Gui Ling couldn’t deal with those sky devils...

"I survived from the hands of those sky devils only because…Hehe, just as I thought, the more treasures you have, the easier you can save your own life!" Ji Hao showed his teeth in the lingering fear, then a sharp beam of light flashed across his eyes.

"Good, good, good, a big one is still inside. I have to figure out a way to take it out!"

"These sky devils are disasters to the others. But to me, they’re great fortunes!"

Laughing coldly, Ji Hao flashed across the air and airily teleported himself to the divine palace, slightly patting his hands on the gate.

The gate opened instantly, then Zhu Hong’s voice came out.

"Kid, are you okay?"

While snorting, Zhu Rong continued yelling, "Come in and watch the show. These two devils have met their rivals!"

Chi You’s gentle and clear voice could then be heard, "You little fire boy, you’re right. This evil thing can indeed be counted as my rival."

"It’s just…Are you trying to kill my soul and occupy my body? It’s not as easy as you think, isn’t it?"

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