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"Abba, brother, sister, you go deal with the one inside!"

Ji Hao activated Yu Yu’s sword formation. He wasn’t powerful enough to trigger all of the sword formation’s power, but he successfully sealed the area with a radius of a hundred thousand miles. The four sword lights with different colors flashed across the whole space while Ji Hao shouted to Zhu Rong, Po, and Gui Ling.

Zhu Rong, Po, and Gui Ling didn’t have the time to think too much. Instead, they each released their powers and tore the space open, moving into the divine palace in a flash. They clearly understood that if the great powers of these mysterious beings were added with the deathless body of Chi You, a disaster would definitely come. If that truly happened, all living beings in Pan Gu world, no matter the non-humankind or humankind, would face a destructive disaster.

They broke into the palace, and then the gate of the palace suddenly shut. Countless flame streams rose from all directions and circled the divine palace up. All kinds of natural fires wove into a giant web, covering the entire area up.

Ji Hao stood in midair, silently looking at the eighteen muscular men and the six seriously injured women on the square outside the palace.

"Little thing, you’re interesting, but a hero will always die the first, and will always be the most miserable one after death." said a muscular man who was holding a golden staff. Looking at Ji Hao, this man laughed with a soft and sweet voice, then continued, "We’ve seen countless heroes, so we know how heroes will end up like."

"Little thing, don’t try to be a hero. Why don’t you just…be our slave?" Another muscular man looked at Ji Hao with sparkling eyes. He was frightened slightly by the four fierce swords light that had almost covered the whole world. Therefore, his tone was especially gentle and mild.

"Although we will destroy all living creatures wherever we go, exceptions can exist." said the man with a smile, "For example…"

A hissing noise came from the square as these few women tremblingly stood up. One of them waved the skeleton arm and screamed, "Cut the crap! Just kill him! Tear his soul apart! I want the largest piece!"

Thin streams of mist coiled onto these women’ bodies. As the faint, colorful mist rose, their broken bodies began recovering speedily. Soon, they turned back into breathtakingly beautiful women.

The eighteen muscular men stopped talking to Ji Hao. Instead, they raised their weapons, flashed to before his face and encircled him.

Ji Hao locked his fingers together and prepared to trigger the sword formation. From the spiritual space, the mysterious man’s voice could be heard, "You can’t kill these things…Hm, try that!"

Ji Hao paused slightly. Three muscular men had their bodies expanded to a double size while wielding their golden staff, dragon-head staff and fiery ax, fiercely hacking onto Ji Hao’s body.

Ji Hao gave a deep shout. The Pan Xi divine mirror released a dim stream of light and flashed across the surface of his body. Next, these three weapons hacked on the bodies of another three muscular men. Along with their screams and shouts, the three muscular men were sent flying far away by their own people.

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes. Guided by the mysterious man, he put all his attention on the small caldron in his lower abdomen, which was now clearly visible and almost tangible. The three-legged, round-shaped small caldron glowed with a faint light while releasing streams of strong yet warm power, spreading in Ji Hao’s body making him feel comfortable.

These sky devils were especially hard to deal with. Physical attacks could do no harm to then, the sun power or thunder magics could only deliver limited effects on them. Could this small caldron really defeat them?

The eighteen muscular men rushed to Ji Hao together. On the square outside the palace, the six beautiful women chuckled and raised countless flower petals while waving their crystal sparkling jade pipa, playing a beautiful melody. Meanwhile, they rose into the sky and airily approached Ji Hao.

The mysterious man began talking again, "Just try it. Yu Yu’s sword formation has sealed the space, so none of the others can easily find out that you’ve triggered it. Besides, I will hide the power vibration for you. Thus, no one in the world can find out that you used this treasure. Just try it, I don’t believe that these things are truly invincible."

Ji Hao nodded. He opened his mouth and let a colorful stream of low flying out of his mouth. For the first time, the small caldron, which had been hiding inside his body for all this long, came out of his body along with the glow.

The small cauldron hovered in the wind and quickly expanded to ten meters tall from the size of a fist. The three-legged round caldron was with a simple, ancient style, without any embossment on its body. However, inside it, clouds had been rolling while countless layers of spell symbols had been forming speedily. From time to time, the translucent caldron had images of stars, mountains, rivers, plants and animals flashing across its surface.

The images flashing on the caldron included almost everything in Pan Gu world, as if the whole world was showing on the caldron.

Once the caldron came out, a thriving, energetic and vigorous life-force was released. Ji Hao didn’t recognize it, and neither could he describe it. Afterwards, the eighteen muscular men and those six beautiful women all screamed out desperately and hoarsely while turning around and fleeing at their highest speed, just like weak chicken seeing a hungry tiger.

With an unknown language, they howled shrilly and screamed something, but Ji Hao couldn’t understand it.

The lid of the caldron flew up and released a five-colored clear stream of light, dazzling into the sky for hundreds of meters high, then falling down towards all directions like a fountain. All those muscular men and beautiful women were caught by the light.

These things struggled as hard as possible, leaving hazy afterimages in the air, seeming to fly away anytime. However, the light released from the caldron seemed to be able to suppress their powers perfectly. Ancient styled patterns rotated on the surface of the caldron while these people screamed and cried as they were sucked into the caldron.

The caldron spun for a few times in the air, then shrunk back to the size of a fist and flew back into Ji Hao’s body. A five-colored flame surrounded the small caldron while the lid quaked slightly and screams and wails could still be heard from the caldron. The five colored flame grew stronger, and gradually, a strange yet amazing aroma was released from the small caldron, slowly merging with Ji Hao’s body.

Ji Hao’s seed of Dao of sun suddenly began quaking intensively. The magical aroma was absorbed by the seed of Dao. Ji Hao popped out his eyes in both surprise and shock. He found out that the original power of his soul, which was the core and the most important source of his primordial power, had been speedily improving and boosting at an amazing, unreasonably high rate!

"Ah, their foundation turns out to be the most important original spirit power…But where did they get their powers? I have to spend some time to find this out."

The mysterious man murmured while his figure gradually faded in Ji Hao’s spiritual space.

Ji Hao didn’t have the time to talk to him. Instead, he hurriedly sat down, crossed his legs, and with all of his powers, began absorbing the original spirit power that had been ceaselessly surging into his body.

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