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Sky devils were terrifying, because they were invisible and traceless.

One didn’t know where they came from, or where they would go. They came like a gust of wind, and would also leave like a gust of wind. They were raised in one’s heart and came through the mind. They were not defendable, as everyone had weakness in the heart, through which, sky devils could drill in immediately, strike the primordial spirit and harm the foundation of the cultivation of Dao.

Walls could not stop sky devils; cities with strong defenses were just the same as flat areas in the eyes of sky devils. Countless layers of magic formations could deliver no effect to sky devils, and numerous seals were nothing to sky devils.

The scariest thing about sky evils was that they came from one’s heart and through the mind. Therefore, even if one protected yourself with countless walls, magic formations, and seals, with a slight carelessness, with a single thought, sky devils could come straight into one’s body, and the primordial spirit would be harmed already.

In front of sky devils, all walls, magic formations, and seals were ineffective. Many times, those were completely useless. Except for some extremely rare and powerful treasures that could suppress sky devils especially, the other treasures or weapons could barely do anything to sky devils, even if those treasures could turn the ocean inside down, move stars in the sky, or even destroy the world and replace it with Chaos.

The information regarding sky devil flashed through Ji Hao’s mind. Over quite a long period, these traceless sky devils were the most frightful things to Qi cultivators. Countless powerful cultivators were destroyed and killed by sky devils. Therefore, many special records regarding how to deal with sky devils existed in Daoist books, as well as some creation methods of weapons and tools that could effectively suppress sky devils. However, in Ji Hao’s previous life, magic barely existed in the world, and Ji Hao couldn’t even find the materials to make those tools and weapons. For this reason, he had only memorized those creation methods but never actually made one of those weapons and tools.

At the moment, he saw Po and Gui Ling unable to do anything to the sky devil despite their powerfulness, such that Po could only take the attacks launched by the sky devil with his own body. Such a passive way of fighting…Ji Hao couldn’t help but wonder if this was the first time for Po and Gui Ling to encounter a sky devil.

The Pan Jia sun floated above Ji Hao’s head. Looking from a distance, the sun seemed to be a three meters in radius fire sphere that wasn’t too large in shape. However, the closer one got, the huger the fire sphere would seem to be.

The air around Ji Hao’s body had magically layered up. Consequently, the area ten meters in radius around him was now actually hundreds of thousands of miles in radius. The power of the Pan Jia sun had been compressed to an extreme level as it floated above Ji Hao, shining with a dazzling golden light. The golden light suffused the entire hall, filling every single corner just like water.

Dazzling light shone on the entire hall, after which came the water-clear essence sun fire, burning intensively. It filled every inch of the space of the hall without leaving any blank.

The power of the sun was purely positive and could naturally destroy all evils, along with largely suppressing sky devils. Ji Hao filled the entire hall up with the essence sun fire, right after which, a shrill series of howls could be heard, as those beautiful girls all froze in the air and couldn’t move anymore. Next, their skins began breaking and falling off, while their blood and flesh began corroding, turning into ash. Soon, the ten girls turned into ten pale skeletons, floating in the air, each holding a splendidly glowing pipa while laughing with creepy voices.

Ji Hao fixed his eyes on these skeletons, and found out that the standing positions of these skeletons were around ten meters away from the standing positions of those beautiful girls just now!

"Good magic," Growled Po angrily, "You have actually tricked my eyes, and even misled my spirit power. I didn’t even figure out your true locations, no wonder this tower of mine couldn’t seal you."

Ji Hao locked his fingers together and gave a deep shout.

His shout burst beside Po and Gui Ling’s ears like thunder, making those two angry and anxious cultivators quiver instantly. Po and Gui Ling felt like someone had just poured a bucket of iced water onto their heads, that allowed their bodies to cool and their minds to calm.

Gui Ling’s eyes shone with a dark light as she looked around, laughed and said, "Brother, you figured it wrong again. These skeletons are not their true bodies either. Everything is unreal. We’re all fooled by our own eyes."

Po paused, and his facial muscles twitched intensively while his face blushed. He gritted his teeth an said, "I’ll be too ashamed to face Shifu now, I’ll truly be too ashamed to face Shifu now. What is this? How can it be powerful enough to trick our eyes?"

The ten skeletons laughed loudly. Blue fires rose from their eye sockets while blood-red tears flowed out, dripping on the ground through their sharp chins. They raised their pipa together and wielded. Immediately, their pipa transformed into bone whips which were thickly covered in thorns. Loud clapping noises were generated as those skeletons gently wielded these bone whips. Meanwhile, large streams of green flames roared out from those bone whips.

Within the blink of an eye, those beautiful girls became scary skeletons. They flew in the air, surrounded by the essence sun fire while laughing loudly with sharp, creepy voices.

Ji Hao stopped looking at these skeletons. Instead, he turned around and looked at a corner of the hall.

"Can you please show your real face?"

The essence sun fire suffused the entire hall, and any strange power would cause an intense reaction of the essence sun fire. Through it, Ji Hao sensed something different from that corner.

A clear voice could then be heard. The voice sounded like the voice of a young girl, yet also like a young man. But if one listened more carefully, one would be able to discover the calmness of middle-aged people, and the oldness of old people, from the voice.

This voice made Ji Hao’s heart itchy, because he discovered too many things from it. Hearing this voice was just like hearing the first cry of an infant, but from this first cry, one could also hear the whole life of this infant. One could hear the infant die in old age a hundred years later, and also hear the unsettling screams of the ghost of the infant coming out of the grave.

Ji Hao’s face trembled. This thing’s voice could even be counted as the supreme sound of evil, that the primordial spirit of any relatively weaker Qi cultivator would be harmed by this voice.

"Truly impressive, for breaking my magic in this way."

A sphere of light, that seemed to contain all colors in the world, puffed out from the corner. A slim silhouette gradually emerged from the light. This ‘man’ was strong as a man, yet gentle and beautiful as a woman. His skin was as tender as the skin of a baby, yet his eyes showed the wiseness and calmness of an elderly man.

His face was covered in a faint layer of colorful light, under which, his face changed constantly. Countless different faces showed alternatively under the light, gradually merging into a unique, quite charming, yet indescribable face.

Incalculable oddly-shaped flowers that were ever discovered in Pan Gu world emerged from the light, airily rotating around him and making him as beautiful as a dream.

Meanwhile, a faint and magical aroma spread out, filling up the entire hall.

"This is a wonderful, wonderful world." That ‘man’ looked at Ji Hao and said blandly, "So many living creatures, so many fresh delicious preys. My people just can’t wait to come."

Narrowing his eyes, this ‘man’ continued slowly, "We’ve been searching in the boundless chaos for countless years, and finally found such a thriving world again. This is our luck…But it’s your misfortune."

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