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Po’s face was badly darkened. But before he said anything, Gui Ling gave a resonant roar from the side.

She was a prehistorical turtle. Back in the prehistorical era, she was one of the most powerful living creatures in Pan Gu world. According to the legends, she even fought against the oldest dragon and the oldest phoenix. She was one of the top-grade predators, staying on top of the food chain of Pan Gu world ever since the start of time. Except for a few especially powerful beings, living creatures in the whole world were her prey.

But, did this strange being from an unknown place say that all living beings in Pan Gu world were his prey? By saying this, he despised Gui Ling, who was a powerful living being; he offended and provoked her greatly. Therefore, Gui Ling took the first move, raised the black jade ruyi held in her left hand and smashed it straight down towards the man’s head, leaving a dark stream of light in the air. Meanwhile, she swung her left arm and threw three dark-colored water thunder bombs out silently.

"Powerful creature, your blood and soul has aroused me."

The man smiled faintly and said with that clear and beautiful voice of his; the voice was manly, girly, young and also old.

Facing Gui Ling’s attack, he flicked his left little finger and released a dark stream of light as well. Following the moves of his finger, that tens of meters long, thumb-thick black light stream rolled up, fiercely clashing against Gui Ling’s jade ruyi.

A thunderous boom was generated. The man stayed perfectly unmoved while Gui Ling trembled and took three steps backward in a row, as if she was struck by a thunderbolt. The three water thunder bombs silently flew to the man’s face. He smiled, slightly crooked his left finger and flicked, sending the three bombs far away, before the bombs exploded.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Following three muffled noises, the water thunder bombs blasted on the wall of the hall quietly, without emitting any light. Nevertheless, three three-hundred-meter radius holes were opened up on the purely golden wall of this divine hall.

Looking out of the three holes, Ji Hao couldn’t help but have his heart beat faster.

No blue sky and clouds could be seen on the outside. Instead, Ji Hao saw a splendid light hovering in streams. Floating in the light, were countless different sized, golden and transparent datura blooms, and standing in the middle of each bloom was a beautiful girl.

Those girls were holding all kinds of musical instruments, playing, dancing and singing in those flowers. Their slim and curvy bodies were glowing with a bright, warm light, while releasing waves of magical, enchanting power, roaring towards Ji Hao. By simply taking a quick glance at the outside, Ji Hao felt that his primordial spirit begin shaking. Ji Hao was frightened. He hurriedly activated his seed of Dao, released a dazzling golden light to protect himself.

The entire hall was surrounded by that sky-swallowing evil power, as if the hall was isolated from Pan Gu world, and everyone in the hall was now under the control of this man.

Po and Gui Ling also saw the abnormal scene outside the hall. Same as Ji Hao, their looks turned especially serious as well. Without knowing how, they were trapped in this strange magic, which proved that this ‘man’ was truly immeasurably powerful.

Zhu Rong showed his human body again. Beside him, a meters thick flame screen rose silently. This colorful flame screen seemed to be simple, but in fact, it was formed from tens of thousands of different types of rare flames in Pan Gu world; it was variable and powerful.

Sparkling pipa strings zipped out of the air one after another, fiercely striking on the fame screen and generating a loud sizzling noise. The strings were soon burned out by the flame screen. However, more and more strings zipped out of the sky, screaming and coiling around the flame screen, violently attacking without a break. Gradually, Zhu Rong’s face was darkened as well.

Ji Hao couldn’t see Zhu Rong’s body anymore, because around his body were countless extremely thin, sparkling strings interweaving, constantly causing a shrill swishing noise. But with Zhu Rong’s power, Ji Hao didn’t need to worry about him.

Calming himself down, Ji Hao then looked at that man, cupped his hands towards him and said, "Ah, I didn’t know your name yet. Can you tell me your name?"

That ‘man’ paused slightly. The dark light stream released from his little finger was hacking towards Gui Ling. Hearing Ji Hao, he frowned, then shook his head and responded, "Name? This…is too useless to my kind. We don’t need a name to differentiate each other.

With a humble yet proud smile, he raised his head, sighed and said, "You people are shallow, you don't understand our existence. We are formless, intangible, we are even traceless. Time and space mean nothing to us, we’re just a ‘concept’."

‘They’re just a concept…’ Ji Hao silently pondered over the man’s words, trying to understand him.

They were intangible and formless. Therefore, ordinary attacks were not effective on them, no matter hacking with blades of attacking with magics.

Time and space meant nothing to them. Therefore, it was almost impossible to attack their true bodies, no matter through what method.

They were just a ‘concept’, aiming at the souls and primordial spirits of people. Therefore, if one wanted to attack them and kill them, one would have to start from their ‘mind and thought’. Invisibly and tracelessly, they could harm the souls and primordial spirits of Qi cultivators. Therefore, one could also launch counter-attacks invisibly and tracelessly. This was also the best way to deal with sky devils, mentioned in the Daoist book Ji Hao read in his previous life. Or in other words, this was a way learned from sky devils by powerful human beings.

Ji Hao took a long gasp, boosted up his Qi and spirit blood. Gradually, the power vibration released from his body became strong and regular, while the power of his spirit blood was perfectly gathered in his body, without leaking out by even a little bit. Ji Hao fixed his eyes on that ‘man’ and said blandly, "Ah, no name? Indeed, names are not important, but are you sure that you can deal with so many of us all at once?"

The Pan Jia sun floating above Ji Hao’s head suddenly dimmed down, as all sunlight had compressed into a thumb-thick beam, surging into the nine suns spear pulled out by Ji Hao.

Attaining the nearly inexhaustible sunlight from the Pan Jia sun, the nine suns spear shone dazzlingly while countless spell symbols emerged from its body. Those almost tangible, purely golden spell symbols hovered crazily fast around the spear.

With a slight fear, that ‘man’ looked at the spear. As a powerful weapon that had absorbed the power of the sun, the spear could largely suppress his power.

However, Po made his move before Ji Hao.

"Brother, chill… Let me try his power." Po sounded angry as well. This ‘man’ had been seeing him as prey, but who was he? He was Priest Po! He had been living freely in this world for countless years ever since this world was created. Even the most powerful beings in this world would not talk to him like that!

This was the very first time for Ji Hao to see Po release all of his power.

Po straightened his ten fingers, and from the tip of each finger, a dreadfully sharp sword light dazzled out. Ten sword lights sliced the air open, flashing towards that ‘man’s head, seeming to cut the whole world into bits.

Ji Hao realized that Po was truly worthy of being the first disciple of Yu Yu, that the sword light released by him actually sensed rather similar to Yu Yu’s sword formation. By merely watching from a distance, Ji Hao felt that his primordial spirit was going to be swallowed and ground by the sword light, which was truly scary.

That ‘man’ chuckled, then the black light stream released from his left hand slightly shrunk, clashing against Po’s ten sword lights.

Following a thunderous gang, Po quivered intensively, then staggered backward.

That ‘man’ laughed out loud while swiftly flicking his ten fingers, sending waves of sword lights out, striking towards Po like rain.

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