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The tower should be one of the most powerful treasures possessed by Po. Ji Hao couldn’t see the shape of the tower clearly, but merely the power vibration released from it made Ji Hao tighten his entire body, as his seed of Dao instinctively alarmed him of the danger. It was just like a newborn chicken abruptly seeing the shadow of an eagle flashing across the ground, which would instinctively sense the danger. This was the feeling given to Ji Had by the tower.

Ji Hao widely opened his eyes and clearly saw countless splendid, colorful streams of light gathered into rapid torrents, roaring down along with the power that was great enough to even shake the whole world. The ten beautiful girls were swallowed by the colorful torrents, without being able to even try to dodge.

The splendid colorful light froze suddenly, and every stream of light transformed into an evil-suppressing spell symbol. Countless spell symbols shone brightly in the air. The shine of those spell symbols was clear as water, looking like colorful crystals, that sealed those beautiful girls like coffins.

The girl in front of Ji Hao was also sealed by a colorful crystal block that was transformed from a light stream. The crystal block was enormous, like a hill, while the girl’s stunned face was clearly visible in it, like a bug in amber. The crystal shone brighter and brother while countless tiny spell symbols sparkled in it. Colorful beams of light dazzled across the air along with a dreadful power, striking onto the bodies of these beautiful girls from all directions.

Abruptly, warm and clear tears flowed out of the eye corners of the girl in front of Ji Hao, as she pitifully looked at Ji Hao and talked to him with a weak, soft and sweet voice, "What a merciless man! Can you please save me?"

This enchanting voice drilled into Ji Hao’s head. Ji Hao was protected by the Pan Xi divine mirror, but the moment he heard the girl’s voice, he was already affected.

A strong stream of warmth gushed directly towards Ji Hao’s lower belly. Ji Hao’s spirit blood gathered in the spot three inches lower than his lower abdomen, but he couldn’t help it. His skin turned extremely sensitive, such that a gentle breeze and the falling dust could cause him a great pain, as bad as being hacked with a blade or ax.

"You!" Ji Hao stared at that girl in shock. The girl was sealed in the crystal, yet she wasn’t disabled from moving at all. Beautifully and elegantly, she twisted her waist slightly, raised her foot and exposed half a lower leg, that was snow-white, smooth as jade…

Ji Hao gave a muffled moan, then, he shamefully realized that he had just ejaculated. Meanwhile, his life-force uncontrollably surged out of his body like a flood. Spirit blood rapidly flew in his blood vein while the warmth in his lower belly grew stronger and stronger, but his body turned softer and softer.

Ji Hao was scared to death. His life-force was being lost at such a crazy rate, and if he wasn’t a Divine Magus but an ordinary Qi cultivator, if he didn’t have that strong body and thriving spirit blood, he would have been drained by that girl within the span of a few breaths!

"Seal!" Ji Hao gnashed his teeth and growled.

Tens of acupoints around his lower belly were tightened, momentarily sealing his life-force and stopping it from continuously leaking out. Ji Hao felt that his body was aching and limp. With a blushed face, Ji Hao looked at the girl in the crystal while hurriedly setting a fire and burned out the thing that came out of his body.

Ji Hao worryingly glanced at Po and Gui Ling, as he truly didn’t want them to see what happened to him just now.

Zhu Rong took a suspecting glance at Ji Hao, but right after that, he didn’t have the time to worry about him. Zhu Rong threw his wine calabash away, then transformed his body into a sphere of fire, swooshing all over the sky. Wherever he reached, sparkling pipa strings would zip out of the air, piercing towards him like sharp needles, along with thin and faint space ripples.

Zhu Rong’s body had transformed into intangible fire, without any bone or flesh. Therefore, no matter how hard the enemies attacked, the fire would sway at most, but Zhu Rong would never be harmed like this.

After transformed into fire, Zhu Rong became the first one who had taken an invincible position in this fight. He hovered around the hall, and within the blink of an eye, hundreds of thousands of different types of fire, including divine flames, spirit flames and all kinds of evil and negative fires descended like a storm.

Except for the essence sun fire and the other few top-grade fires, Zhu Rong controlled the original power of all kinds of fires in the world. He turned all those fires into a sky-devouring flame sea and roared down from the air, bumping against those sparkling pipa strings and generating muffled, thunderous booms.

The fires surged and released a great heat. Pipa strings screamed across the air but failed to cause any harm.

Ji Hao looked at Zhu Rong, but the girl sealed in the crystal in front of her called him once again with that sweet soft voice, "Young man, do you think I’m pretty? You’re so cruel, why don’t you let me out?"

The girl moved her arms and started waves of ripples in the crystal. The sealing crystal, which was created by Po with all her power seemed to not exist at all, as it couldn’t cause any effect on the girl’s moves. Ji Hao watched the girl slowly reach her snow-white arm out of the crystal.

"This isn’t right!" growled Po aside, "Even if you’re all as powerful as my Shifu…Even my Shifu can’t break this seal of mine so easily…You…What are you?!"

Slim silhouettes flashed across the air while the ten girls sealed in the crystal disappeared simultaneously.

Bang! A girl suddenly appeared behind Po, with her pipa dazzling with a seven-colored light. The girl had the pipa raised high, then smashed heavily down onto Po’s back.

Po didn’t dodge, neither did he have to time to dodge. He cast a magic and made himself as sturdy as a mountain, then took the strike with his back. He swayed slightly while a dark-yellow light flashed behind him, and next, he shouted in surprise, "Eh? So weird, so weird. You’re not so powerful, but how can you be so hard to deal with?"

Before his voice faded, the other girls pulled the strings of their pipa together. A quick series of music came like a thunderstorm that didn’t give Po and Gui Ling anytime to react. They quivered and vomited blood once again.

The pipa music vibrated Po and Gui Ling’s primordial spirits. Even though their primordial spirits were all under the protection of supreme treasures, the pipa music seemed to directly reach the cores of their souls. The music was invisible, but could drill into every corner of their souls. They protected their primordial spirits with powerful treasures, tried to suppress the evils with their powers, but still they were both injured by the music in a moment.

Ji Hao popped out his eyes. Looking at the girl in front of him, who was slowly coming out of the crystal bit by bit, a thought popped out in his head all of a sudden.

In his previous life, and from a Daoist book, he had read a description about the ‘outer space Sky Devil’, given by some powerful beings.

‘From unknown places, going to unknown destinations, they abruptly come and go, with a faint, magical aroma, with heavenly girls scattering blossoms; flying, dancing, with hundreds of dragons hovering in the sky, with all kinds of supernatural phenomenon that can’t be named one by one. The power of sky devils aims at the primordial spirit. It comes along the wind, and fades along the wind as well. Wherever the wind blows across, a dark fire will burn the primordial spirit, and an evil sound will affect the heart. Evil shadows will flash and evil light will break the Dao. All these are fake."

‘Outer space sky devil? These were outer space sky devils! It can’t be wrong!’ thought Ji Hao.

Recalling the book he read in his previous life, Ji Hao gave a resonant shout. Then, a sun rose from his head into the sky. The Pan Jia sun floated in the hall, shining with a golden, bright light.

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