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Zhu Rong Mountain reached straight into the clouds and was entirely glowing red. No matter in the daytime or during the night, Zhu Rong Mountain would be like an enormous torch, releasing inexhaustible light and heat that shone on the surrounding area.

On top of the mountain, in a great hall that was entirely carved out of a whole piece of flame gemstone, Po squatted beside the man who was captured alive by Zhu Rong. He was slowly pressing his fingers on the man’s skin, inch by inch, from the head to the bottom of the feet.

Ji Hao stood aside, carefully watching Po’s moves.

Po’s fingers seemed to be normal, yet, the colors of all his fingernails had changed. Red, white, black, cyan, yellow, the colors of his fingernails had constantly been changing while countless tiny spell symbols emerged ceaselessly from his fingertips like bolts of lightning, drilling into the man’s skin. Wherever Po’s fingers reached, the man’s skin turned transparent like a crystal. Po’s secret magic allowed the others to clearly see the inner structure of the body of this man.

Gui Ling stood beside Ji Hao, lowered her voice and explained to him, "This is ‘big world and small world devil and God secret sealing magic’ created by our big brother himself, especially for dealing with all kinds of spirit treasures and holy weapons. No matter natural-crafted treasures or artificial ones, this magic is effective against all kinds of magic treasures."

Zhu Rong stood in the distance, raised his wine calabash and, took a few gulps of wine from time to time.

With envy, he observed the magical changes of the man’s skin delivered by Po’s fingers while murmuring to himself, "Gods…hehe, we’re just a bunch of boorish fellows. Except for playing with our spears, swords, and blades, we’re far weaker than some of the others in other fields."

Taking a large gulp of the wine, Zhu Rong lowered his eyelids and continued murmuring, "After all, human beings are chosen to be dominators of this world. Therefore, the bloodline of Zhu Rong Family was allowed to merge with the human bloodline. In this way, we can at least avoid extinction in the future."

"But Gong Gong, hehe, how many years has it been? He still believes that he can stand high above all human beings, insisting on maintaining the purity of the Water God bloodline. Look, look, the population of his family is reduced, generation after generation. For the youngest generation, Gong Gong Wuyou is the only direct descendant. Gong Gong, you can be proud indeed, but what can you do with your pride? When you no longer have any descendants, all that you’ve earned with your efforts would land in the hands of the others."

Narrowing his eyes, Zhu Rong fixed his eyes on Po’s moves, while slightly raised his voice and said, "Shame, shame, my seventh son is not a talented kid. Otherwise, if he could become Yu Yu’s disciple as well, I could worry less about him."

Po slightly paused, then continued checking the man’s body, as if he heard nothing. Gui Ling’s smile froze for a short moment as well, then she continued explaining Po’s sealing magic to Ji Hao while conveniently teaching Ji Hao some basic hand motions and spells of this magic.

Ji Hao smilingly glanced at Zhu Rong, ‘You surely want Zhu Rong Tianming to become Yu Yu’s disciple, but Yu Yu might not want to be his Shifu! After all, Zhu Rong Tianming is following the guidance of Yu Yu’s enemies at the moment, hehe.’ thought Ji Hao.

Clang! Po crooked his fingers, and following his move, a piece of bone popped out from the man’s little finger and clanged on the ground for a few times. The skin of that man remained perfectly unharmed, but a piece of finger bone was drawn out of his body by Po, and even Ji Hao was stunned by this.

That piece of bone was as big as a finger of an ordinary human being, crystal clear like a piece of glass. Po took out some small chisels, knives and hammers, and the other few tools that were crafted by himself. He knocked, cut and sawed this piece of bone for quite a while. Afterwards, Po turned around his palm and let out thousands of type of natural divine flames, spirit flames and ordinary flames to burn this bone. After the flames, Po took out thousands of type of divine water, spirit water, and ordinary water to soak this bone. Then came lighting bolts, thunderbolts, fierce gale, sand and dust, and all kinds of powers generated from the basic five natural elements. Po used all of the above on this piece of bone, worked pretty hard for a couple of hours, but this bone still remained glistening, without being harmed even a little bit.

"What a magical thing." Po finally began talking. "This man’s bones seem not to be natural. Instead, his bones are like artificial treasures. The marrow inside his bones does not seem like natural marrow either. It is like natural essence, such as ten-thousand years old earth milk, providing life-force for his body."

"Hmm!" Po then gave a loud and muffled snort, then flicked his finger and sent out dazzling streams of light into that bone.

Puff! Followed by this loud noise, this bone suddenly exploded into countless tiny light spots, that then turned into a three-thousand-meter radius light screen, rotating slowly around the people on the scene. Inside the light screen were countless different sized spell symbols in groups, forming a series of magic formations. The last move made by Po had completely revealed the secrets of this man’s bones.

Ji Hao hadn’t been working too hard on Yu Yu’s Study of Magic Formation. But after all, he was a strangely lucky genius, and he had been receiving the power of faith from countless Yao Mountain people, that allowed him to dive into the mysteriousness of the great Dao of nature with an especially high efficiency. As a consequence, he had been improving more speedily than the other cultivators, on the cultivation based on the great Dao of nature. Therefore, despite the fact that he hadn’t been paying extra attention to the study of magic formation, he had indeed reached a considerable level on that field already. Among Yu Yu’s young disciples, those who had learned the art of magic formations for hundreds, even a thousand years, might not be better than Ji Hao in this field.

As the light screen sparkled, Ji Hao took a glance at those spell symbols and magic formations in the light screen, and saw through around ninety percent of them. Many of those magic formations were new and creative. Those magic formations were well designed, with all kinds of functions, including absorbing natural powers, transforming natural resources, improving the defensive power, improving the speed, sturdiness, healing ability…Over ten-thousand magic formations with different functions could be found in the light screen, and the functions of these magic formations covered all kinds of situations that could happen in battles and fights.

"His internal organs are stoves that can transform the natural powers into energy, while his limbs and bones are magic formations, turning the natural powers into attacks." Po looked at this man, smiled coldly and said, "Every piece of bone of his is a killing magic formation, while every meridian of his is a seal. Lethal powers are contained in every corner of his body. He’s not a human being, and neither his body is a fleshy body. Instead, he is a human weapon made with countless powerful natural materials."

Po then pointed his finger heavily on his man’s head and turned the head transparent instantly. No brain could be seen inside the man’s head, and only a large, dimly golden bead was seen spinning and rotating. Within the bead, the silhouette of the man was faintly visible, sitting with crossed legs. Countless extremely thin beams of light flew out of the limbs of this man, connected with the silhouette through the bead.

"His soul has merged with the bead, and the bead is the core of the great formation based on his body, while his soul is the spirit of the great formation."

"He has no sense of pain or fear, neither is he afraid of the soul-searching magic. No soul-targeting magic can ever touch his soul, unless we destroy this bead. But once this bead is destroyed, his soul will collapse."

Po praised sincerely, "Such an ingenious design, the designer must be as powerful as our Shifu."

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