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"Save it." said Zhu Rong while looking at Chi You coldly, "This son-in-law of mine is Yu Yu’s disciple. You fought Yu Yu and his disciples back then, so you should know about the tempers of his and his disciples."

"That odd Yu Yu? The stubborn one who always protects his disciples unreasonably?" Chi You popped out his eyes, reached out his tongue, licked his lips and said, "Why didn’t you tell me that you’re Yu Yu’s disciple? Why should I waste my saliva on you?"

Shaking his head and sighing, Chi You closed his eyes and murmured, "This crappy place, not even a single drop of water can be found here. You think it’s easy for me to save some saliva in my mouth?"

Ji Hao looked at Zhu Rong and remained silent.

As he thought, Zhu Rong knew about Yu Yu. Zhu Rong Family had been keeping their own version of historical records, and still had the records regarding Yu Yu and people like him. Although the humankind had already tried their best to destroy some ancient records, what they did couldn’t affect Zhu Rong Family.

"Abba," Ji Hao carefully called Zhu Rong. He was curious, as he wanted to know Zhu Rong’s opinion of Yu Yu.

"Yu Yu is a good one. It’s a good thing for you to become his disciple." Zhu Rong smiled and said seriously, "Fortunately, it’s him. If it were his two brothers…hehe, although I never met them, my ancestors left their words pretty clearly. Those people are proud, and they don’t seem to think highly of Gods like us."

Snorting slightly, Zhu Rong narrowed his eyes and continued, "I don’t know where they came from. Gods like me, we are generated by natural essences, we are the embodiments of the great Dao of nature… We are noble beings in this world. But, how can they so proud that they even look down upon us?"

Ji Hao remained silent. The two brothers of Yu Yu were indeed proud, but Ji Hao believed that they did have a good reason to be so proud.

Zhu Rong shook his head and didn’t want to waste any time on this topic. He moved swiftly and took a circle around a few fire columns. As shreds of afterimages flashed across the air, as Zhu Rong dragged out a tall man, who had white skin, from behind a fire column.

He threw this man down and let him softly thud against the ground. Then Zhu Rong crooked his ten fingers, quickly ripped off the broken dragon-skin armor worn by this man, and exposed his silver-white skin.

Chi You opened his eyes again, looking at this man with curiosity.

Ji Hao took two steps forwards, went near this three meters tall man, who had silver-white skin that was as smooth as the best jade, even having a faint pearl-like luster. He looked at this man from head to tow while the man opened his eyes, silently looking at Ji Hao as well. Fierce beams of light flashed across this man’s faintly golden eyes from time to time.

Once this man opened his eyes, Ji Hao discovered the strangeness about this pair of eyes. No pupils could be seen in that faintly golden pair of eyes. Instead, that was a pair of compound eye, like the eyes of some insects. Countless hexagon shaped compound eye units were in ordered lines, forming this man’s faintly golden eyes.

Ji Hao slightly touched an eye of this man and grasped a faint stream of power. Ji Hao couldn’t help but gasp in shock — This man’s eyes were not natural. Instead, same as his eye of Dao of sun, someone especially powerful made this pair of eyes. However, Ji Hao couldn’t figure out what this pair of eyes could do.

Zhu Rong stood aside. He took out another wine calabash and poured some wine into his mouth. The dense aroma of wine spread out as Chi You suddenly turned his head around with his eyes popped out widely, thirstily staring at Zhu Rong. However, he seemed to know that Zhu Rong would never share the fine wine with him. Therefore, even though Chi You’s eyeballs were about to pop out from his eye sockets, he didn’t say a word.

Gulping a few mouthfuls of wine, Zhu Rong pointed at the man and said, "I don’t know how this guy broke the great magic formation outside, but he had indeed reached to this divine palace. Unfortunately, the seal of this palace was set by my ancestors, and the opening method is passed by word of mouth between every generation of Zhu Rong."

"He didn’t know how to unseal the palace, but he used a secret unsealing magic that was rather complicated, which even I don’t understand, to try to break the seal of this divine palace. I caught him by the gateway and then there was a great fight. Two escaped, and only this poor guy had his limbs broken, and was captured alive by me."

Pointing at the ceiling of the divine palace, Zhu Rong continued with a cold voice, "This divine palace is specially designed to suppress Chi You. Except for flame spirits and living creatures with the fire power, injured living beings could never recover in this place, not even by a little bit. So I threw him in here."

Ji Hao squatted beside the man and gently pressed his finger on the man’s golden eyeball.

The man fiercely glared at Ji Hao and let out a heavy breath, but still didn’t say a word.

"Did you torture him?" Ji Hao glanced at Zhu Rong.

"Sure, do you think that I’m a softhearted man?" Zhu Rong took another few gulps of wine, helplessly sighed and said, "But what I did to him was all useless. This guy seems to feel no pain. I did all I could, but I couldn’t make him talk."

Pointing at the man’s head, Zhu Rong continued in a deep voice, "In the aspect of soul, like all Gods, my soul and my body are an integrity. Therefore, I couldn’t go too far on the cultivation of soul, which means I can not directly torture his soul. Therefore, I brought you here, to see if you can do anything to him."

Ji Hao looked at this expressionless man and pondered for a while. Then, a dim stream of light flashed across his palm. He cast a primordial-spirit-shaking magic that he learned from Yu Yu’s scripture. With this magic, a Qi cultivator could shake the primordial spirit of a living being out of its body, that would allow this Qi cultivator to capture the primordial spirit.

Buzz! Followed by this noise, a dense, colorful stream of light was released from this man’s head. Ji Hao’s magic was broken by this strong light stream, and didn’t manage to deliver any effect.

"Eh?" Ji Hao looked at this man in surprise. Through the magic, Ji Hao clearly sensed that this defensive light released from his body also came from an outer force, and didn’t seem to be natural and real, just like his eyes.

"You’re quite interesting." Ji Hao looked at the man, laughed and said, "Do you want me to do the work or you will just tell us what you know now?"

"Ignorant kid." The man finally began talking. His voice was cold and strong, sounding like the clangs of two pieces of frozen gemstone.

"Do what you can." The man closed his eyes, "What can you do to me?"

Ji Hao raised his head and looked at Zhu Rong.

Zhu Rong slightly nodded.

Ji Hao took out a sharp jade dagger. On the edge of the dagger, a few silver spell symbols had been sparkling brightly with a cold light. He sliced the man’s skin open with the dagger tip.

A loud noise was generated. Ji Hao felt that he wasn’t cutting human skin, rather he was cutting an iron board. This man’s skin was incredibly strong, such that Ji Hao put forth all of his strength to finally cut that skin open.

From under the silver-white skin, beautiful lights were released. The flesh, muscles and bones of this man were all crystal transparent, with different colors. His muscles were like pink crystals. Blood was like flowing, cyan-colored, sparkling liquid, while his bones were like golden glass. As for his internal organs, those were even more vividly colored, glistening like gemstones. It didn’t seem like a fleshy body at all.

This man, his entire body was like a puppet, crafted by Xiu Clan masters with all kinds of rare gemstones. He was nothing like a human being.

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