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As powerful as Yu Yu?

Ji Hao sensed a piercing coldness from behind his neck while his scalp was numbed as well, such that even his hair were straightening up. This expressionless man, did Po say that he was a human weapon made by someone as powerful as Yu Yu?

Po’s eyes shone brightly, as if he was a starving wolf which had its eyes fixed on a bloody piece of fresh meat. A fierce power vibration released from Po’s entire body, and that power vibration made Ji Hao feel strange.

All this while, Po had been a gentle, nice and generous person, that Ji Hao had never seen Po showing such a strong desire towards anything. Obviously, this human weapon had aroused Po’s strong interests.

With natural materials, turning a living being into a weapon, who had no sense of pain and fear, and even the soul-targeting magic could do nothing to it, was a nearly perfect weapon. Such a magical ‘tool-crafting’ method had made Po more than just excited.

"Under our elder uncle’s command are some yellow scarf warriors for his disciples to use." murmured Po. "Those were spirit creatures or healthy human beings who willingly took the secretly concocted golden pills given by our elder uncle, then had their bodies remolded by jade, gold, bronze and all natural materials and cultivated for a hundred years. After that, they attained incomparably great strength, and their bodies are now as tough and sturdy as peak-level Divine Magi."

Zhu Rong’s eye corners twitched intensively, then cast a complicated glance at Po, as if Po was a ghost.

‘Yu Yu’s elder brother cultivated yellow scarf warriors himself, and within a hundred years, he made those warriors as powerful as peak-level divine magi?! Such a great creative power…He deserves to be one of those famous prehistorical beings in the world, and one of the top-ranked, terrifyinglu powerful beings on the ‘never-offend’ blacklist made by Gods in Pan Gu world.’ thought Zhu Rong.

Ji Hao carelessly looked at Po. With the power of Yu Yu’s elder brother, not to mention peak-level Divine Magi, he wouldn’t be surprised at all even if Po told him that his elder uncle could make Supreme-Magus-level yellow scarf warriors.

Po then continued, "My two uncles and my Shifu have different specialties. This secret ‘warrior-cultivating’ magic of our elder uncle, I’ve been admiring it for years. But our elder uncle only teaches it to his disciples, and that’s why I never asked him to teach me. I have no reason to disgrace our Shifu after all."

Excitedly patting on the face of the man, who lied on the ground and was disabled from moving, Po grinned and said, "What a great treasure! Although it’s slightly weaker than our elder uncle’s yellow scarf warriors, it’s similar to those yellow scarf warriors, and quite ingenious. If I can dig thoroughly into the secrets of his body, I can also create a secret magic to pass down to my disciples as well in the future."

Gui Ling also showed passionate look. The number of yellow scarf warriors under the command of Yu Yu’s big brother was not big, yet every single one of them was incredibly powerful. If Po could really dig thoroughly into the secrets of this man, in the future, every single Yu Yu’s disciple could have one or a few yellow scarf warriors to command when they traveled across the world. How wonderful would that be?!

Ji Hao’s look slightly changed as he shouted in surprise, "Brother, how’s the power of this thing?"

Po glanced at the man lying on the ground, slightly knitted his eyebrows and responded, "Hmm? Roughly as powerful as a high-level Divine Magus."

Both Po and Ji Hao looked at Zhu Rong. Ji Hao asked in confusion, "Abba, only six high-level Divine Magi, how could they ever hurt you?"

Zhu Rong raised his calabash, poured the wine into his mouth and then laughed bitterly, "If those were only six high-level Divine Magi, I could crush them all by simply turning around my palm. But they were with a powerful weapon. That was a greatly powerful magic talisman, and even I could not stop it…If I weren't with the strong defensive treasure that was passed down from my ancestors from the ancient heaven, I would have probably ended up much worse than this."

Ji Hao, Po, and Gui Ling glanced at each other, and couldn’t say a word for quite a while.

Zhu Rong had a powerful defensive treasure that was from the ancient heaven. Inherited treasures of Zhu Rong Family must be top-grade pre-world supreme treasures, but under the protection of such a treasure, Zhu Rong was still injured by six high-level Divine Magi, who were even weaker than peak-level Divine Magi. How strange was this?

The greatly powerful magic talisman mentioned by Zhu Rong, who made that?

As the magic talisman was powerful enough to hurt Zhu Rong, its creator must be incredibly powerful as well.

The atmosphere in the hall became quite strange, as everyone on the scene had been thinking about the same thing. In this world, people with such a great power, who had been hiding in deep corners of Pan Gu world, could be counted on one’s fingers. But the ones who might do things like this, as sneaking into the divine palace with Chi You sealed in it…Whatever he or she did that for, Chi You was an enemy of the entire humankind, the whole Pan Gu world. This meant that by simply doing this, whoever sent the six human weapons had already touched their bottom line.

"Can it be them?" Ji Hao looked at Po and asked.

"Don’t say it." Po cautiously looked at Ji Hao and said, "For people as powerful as our Shifu, Ji Hao, you have to remember this. Normally, don’t even mention their names unless you have to. Otherwise, who knows what will happen unexpectedly?"

‘What will happen unexpectedly?’ Once Po let out these few words, the man lying on the ground howled out.

That hysterical howl was generated from a soul-deep pain, which would make any living being want to die.

The body of the man exploded into countless grains. Like an expanding nebula, those faintly glistening grains spreading towards all directions. Countless sparkling grains gathered together and quickly condensed into a series of spell symbols.

A buzzing noise could be heard without an end. Following that, these sparkling spell symbols gathered into groups while streams of light dazzled between each group. Within a twinkling of an eye, a great teleporting magic formation, which was over three miles squared, was formed!

A human weapon changed into a teleporting magic formation all of a sudden. This was indeed an unimaginable change. Ji Hao was stunned completely. With what method could such an amazing change be delivered within such a short span of time?

This ingenious, amazing change must be designed at the beginning of the design of this human weapon, and all spell symbols of this teleporting magic formation must be hiding inside the body of this human weapon. But a teleporting magic formation was so complicated, how could it be torn apart and hidden in a human body? What a great controlling force and advanced technique did that require?

Neither Zhu Rong nor Po could manage to take the move to stop it, as a weird gust of wind blew out of the teleporting formation, along with a strange aroma.

The wind was warm and contained a dense aroma. It blew onto Ji Hao’s body and made him feel that his body was softened, while an itchy happiness drilled directly into his marrow through his pores, disabling him from boosting any power up.

Numerous beautiful silhouettes walked out of the teleporting magic formation.

Long hair and long dresses fluttered in the wind. Around ten stunningly beautiful girls trod on flowers and walked quietly out of the teleporting magic formation. These girls were breathtakingly beautiful, as tall as Ji Hao, with slim body shapes. They each held a white jade pipa[1], as they gently crooked their fingers, while a magically beautiful melody was played.

Ji Hao lost his eyesight temporarily. The seed of Dao of sun suddenly burst with a dazzling light while Pan Jia sun automatically released a raging fire, wrapping Ji Hao up.

Swoosh! Strong sound waves bumped against Ji Hao’s body, that sent him flying away.

Zhu Rong, Po, and Gui Ling growled out simultaneously, then all vomited blood.


[1]The pipa, a Chinese stringed musical instrument somewhat resembling a guitar.

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