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Ji Hao ignored Kappa’s begging and boosted the essence sun power up to continue burning him.

Along with Kappa’s shrill howls, Kappa was trapped in the core of the sun. His entire body was set ablaze, and every single cell of his was burning. The cold power accumulated in his body for countless years had already been released completely, and the great spirit blood power came from the hundreds of millions of aquatic creatures had been dispelled as well. By now, the essence sun fire had been burning his body, inch by inch.

Kappa sensed a soul-deep great pain, as if his soul was burning as well.

He cried, screamed, swore that he would do whatever Ji Hao said, and would never, ever want anything that he shouldn’t have. By the end, when the enormous frog transformed from Kappa had shrunk to half size, Pan Jia made the move and grabbed Kappa out from the sun.

A few large stars were floating in the sky, letting large streams of, dark blue starlight pour down.

From a distance away, thunderous roars could be heard, as countless evil mermaids and mermen had still been attacking Bao Xiang and his people. Different colored thunderbolts burst along with sky-shaking booms, and even seemed to quake the entire world.

The clear water surface was perfectly still. The water had condensed into a platform, allowing Kappa to huddle on it. Kappa was severely injured by the essence sun fire. Showing his sharp teeth, Kappa looked and Ji Hao and said, "Earl Yao, you little bastard. You defeated me with an outer force, that’s nothing! Unseal me if you dare! Fight me with your own power, until one of us die!"

Thin streams of watery light flew around inside Kappa’s body like glowing threads. These bone-piercing watery light streams pierced into Kappa’s internal organs and sealed all of his powers. By now, he couldn’t even move his little finger, and except for speaking, he could now do nothing.

However, after being saved from the terrifying sun, Kappa showed his fierceness again. Angrily, he looked at Ji Hao, attempting to enrage Ji Hao and let Ji Hao fight him. His eyes rolled inside his eye sockets, as he was considering that if Ji Hao was stupid enough to unseal him, should he just run or should he find a way to kill him?

Pan Jia smilingly sat on a water flower and looked at Kappa with narrowed eyes. She looked at Kappa from up to down, with eyes filled with a faint viciousness and curiosity.

Kappa was quite unconformable because of Pan Jia’s gaze. He glared at Pan Jia, but right after that, he thought of just now when Pan Jia easily sealed his power, like a giant playing with an infant. He instantly realized that this woman was even more terrifying than the combination of Po and Gui Ling. Therefore, he hurriedly turned around and continued showing his teeth to Ji Hao, but dared not to take one more glance at Pan Jia.

Many people liked to bully the weak but always feared the strong. Among these people, Kappa was an extreme one.

Ji Hao stood beside Kappa, fiddled with an entirely transparent dagger while looking at him with a faint smile. The dagger was thin, as thin as cicada wings, and light as wind. The tagger was a world-accompanying spirit treasure, shining and powerful.

Right in front of Kappa, Ji Hao handed the dagger to one of Gui Ling’s disciples, who was the nearest to him and said, "Here you go. I, as your uncle, don’t have many nice things. This is a small piece I gained conveniently. Take it."

The female disciple gave a large grin, even squeezing her eyes into a pair of curved linea. She hurriedly took over the dagger and happily stroked it.

Kappa’s lips even turned purple because of the wrath. He gritted his teeth and said with a cold voice, "This treasure was gifted to me by the third generation of Gong Gong. This belongs to Gong Gong Family. Kid, you take my treasure, you better be careful. Our Gong Gong Family…"

Ji Hao stomped his foot on Kappa’s mouth, breaking every single one of his sharp teeth.

"Revenge? I’ll be expecting it." Ji Hao shook his head at Kappa with his mouth corners curved upwards and said coldly, "But before you take revenge, just tell, how did you discover Pan Jia world? How did you get here? You raised an aquatic army in this place, what do you want to do?"

Laughing with a hissing voice, Kappa showed the whites of his eyes, then scornfully threw a sideway glance at Ji Hao.

"Not telling?" Ji Hao knitted his eyebrows.

"I won’t tell a word. What can you do to me?" Kappa showed a fearless attitude, chuckled and said, "You dare not to kill me, do you? I’m one of the eight senior ministers under Gong Gong’s command. Nominally, I am a minister of the human emperor. You don’t dare to kill me."

Taking a deep breath, Kappa narrowed his eyes, looked at Ji Hao and continued in a cold voice, "I am telling you about the things that will happen in the coming days."

"You can not kill me. Instead, you can only bring me back to Pu Ban City. Whatever excuse you have, whatever accusation you put on my head, you can only hand me to the human emperor. But what did I do wrong? What crime have I committed?"

"Therefore, even the human emperor cant do anything to me. And everybody knows that human emperors can never do anything about Gong Gong Family and Zhu Rong Family. Zhu Rong Family people are still willing to listen to the human emperor’s orders, but what can the human emperor possibly do to our Gong Gong Family?"

"Lord Gong Gong will find out what happened to me very soon and will go straight to the human emperor. In less than a quarter of an hour, I will be freed safely. After all, I am not guilty. What did I do wrong? Nothing, I just discovered a new world, and raised an aquatic army in this place."

"After I am freed safely… Earl Yao Ji Hao is your title and name, right? Whichever clan you are from, whichever noble family name you possess, I will find your hometown. I will crush your father, grandfather inch by inch. As for your mother, your sisters and all women in your clan, I will kill them slowly, very slowly, in the cruelest way, right in front of you."

Kappa transformed back into the human shape from a giant frog. As saliva flowed out of his mouth corners, he looked at Ji Hao and provoked, "Do you know what I will do to your Amma? I will…"

Ji Hao pulled out the nine suns spear and punctured Kappa’s head.

Kappa’s ceased to talk suddenly. Before the pride in his eyes faded, fear occupied his entire face.

He didn’t understand why a small human earl dared to launch a killing move against him. He was one of the eight senior ministers under Gong Gong’s command, and Gong Gong Family was a greatly powerful family of Gods. Even generations of human emperors couldn’t do anything to this family!

"In recent years, I have become quite soft-hearted." Ji Hao looked at Kappa and murmured, "Not because my heart is truly softened. Instead, because I know that without enough power, reckless, violent moves can only bring disasters to my families, friends and myself. Therefore…I’ve been laying low and cultivating myself. tThis is reasonable!"

"But now, do you think I should stay laying low and enduring all this? Who can you possible frighten with the name of Gong Gong?"

Sneering coldly, Ji Hao turned around his palm and set Kappa's body ablaze with a raging fire.

A clearly visible hazy silhouette flashed out of Kappa’s body, screamed and attempted to flee, but Ji Hao grasped it immediately.

Wisps of essence sun fire spurted out. Kappa’s primordial spirit screamed shrilly, cried and begged, promising to Ji Hao that he would tell everything he knew. But without any hesitation, Ji Hao burned Kappa’s primordial spirit into a strand of ash, bit by bit.

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