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Kappa underestimated Ji Hao, and as a consequence, he died.

Thunder burst out without an end, as Bao Xiang, Kong Chan and their people were still being attacked by evil mermaids and mermen. The golden steel defensive magic formation had already been shaking, seeming to fall apart anytime. They had killed countless evil mermaids and mermen, but facing more and more evil mermaids and mermen surging out from every corner of Pan Jia world, Bao Xiang, Kong Chan and their people were almost exhausted. The number of evil mermaids and mermen around them had only been growing bigger and bigger.

Ji Hao didn’t mention these poor people, and neither did Po and Gui Ling notice their existence. Therefore, Pan Jia just smilingly letting those evil mermaids and mermen attack them. No one helped them at all.

Pan Jia didn’t even have a home, neither did she have any family or disciples. They just stood on the water surface, watching Bao Xiang and his people cast all kinds of magic to fight against those evil mermaids and mermen.

Watching for quite a while, Ji Hao abruptly began talking. Honestly, Ji Hao told Pan Jia that in the near future, some his friends would come to Pan Jia world. He also straightforwardly told Pan Jia that those people would come to this world for all kinds of benefits, tangible or intangible.

Pan Jia narrowed her eyes, grinningly looked at Ji Hao from head to tow, then turned around and looked at Po and Gui Ling. Afterwards, she slowly proposed her condition — If Ji Hao, Po and Gui Ling are willing to become the protectors of Pan Jia world, she could allow Ji Hao’s friends to freely come to Pan Jia world.

As long as the existence of Pan Jia world was not threatened, Pan Jia was willing to share Pan Jia world with Ji Hao’s friends. For example, the dragon-kind represented by Ao Li, could raise an aquatic army in Pan Jia world. If they didn’t set up all kinds of great magic formations intentionally and extracted the original natural powers of Pan Jia world with secret methods, Pan Jia wouldn’t mind having some more aquatic creatures, such as fishes or crabs, to live in her world.

To Pan Jia, any quantity of aquatic creatures, even non-indigenous ones, would be able to generate a power of Dao. If they lived, bred, died and reincarnated, if they had happiness, joy, anger, and sadness in this world, they would help in improving Pan Jia’s cultivation of the great Dao.

If only spirit mermaids and merman and evil mermaids and mermen, which were all generated by her own soul, lived in this world, this world would be way too lonely.

"World protectors?" Ji Hao looked at Pan Jia in shock. Her tail was slowly swaying, and her beautiful smile contained a trace of naughtiness that Ji Hao couldn’t see through.

"World protectors!" Pan Jia chuckled, as her sparkling eyes turned to Po and Gui Ling. Glancing at Po and Gui Ling, she said, "If you have other friends, and if they are also willing to become protectors of my world, I won’t let you carry this responsibility for nothing."

Remaining silent for a while, Pan Jia seriously nodded and said, "I will dispel all natural powers in this world, except for the water power. Only the purest water power can stay existing in this world. Although it’s extreme, it will generate countless possibilities. Quite a lot rare and valuable natural materials and magic herbs with extremely pure water power will emerge in this world. Those things will be useless me, but I can give them to you as your rewards."

Natural materials and magic herbs with extremely pure water power?

Ji Hao grinned. He was pursuing the great Dao of sun,. Therefore, natural materials with water power would be useless to him. However, many of his friends needed those things, like Yu Mu. After all, the nature of Yu Mu’s power was rather close to water.

Po grinned as well. As the big brother of Gui Ling and Ji Hao, and the oldest disciple of Yu Yu, many times, his words could even represent Yu Yu himself. Pondering for a while, Po looked at Pan Jia and responded seriously, "You trust us, which is our honor and luck. Since you’ve already given your offer, my friend, we should make this a deal then. In the future, if you ever face any danger or disaster, my friend, we will definitely come to help, to the best of our abilities."

Pausing for a second, Po grinningly and deeply bowed to Pan Jia and continued, "Ah, I am now asking you a favor already."

Pan Jia grinned, and even her eyes turned into a pair of curved lines. She turned around, looked at Bao Xiang, Kong Chan and the other sixteen cultivators on their side, who were already soaked in sweat, and had been gasping loudly and quickly. Their bodies were all quivering intensively, as the golden steel defensive formation was about to collapse.

"No need to explain, I understand." Pan Jia chuckled, then gently clapped her hands. Instantly, a dark whirl cloud emerged above Bao Xiang and his people’s head. Black thunderbolts silently dazzled out of the cloud and slowly descended like boas wriggling towards their preys.

Bao Xiang and Kong Chan roared out simultaneously. They were exhausted already. Therefore, before they could activate their life-saving treasures, the black thunderbolts struck on their bodies, making their fine hair stand up and streams of black smoke puff out of their bodies.

All eighteen of them were struck down. After that, Ji Hao trod on a cloud and flew over while laughing loudly. Quickly, he stripped the eighteen people and took every single piece of treasure of theirs. Even their spirit treasures, those that had been nourished by their primordial spirits and were hidden deeply inside their bodies, were dug out by Ji Hao with secret methods under Po’s guidance.

If Pan Jia and Gui Ling weren’t on the scene, Ji Hao would rip the last piece of cloth off from their bodies and make them completely naked, with nothing left to cover their bodies.

After robbing those poor people, Ji Hao, Po, and Gui Ling then started a long conversation with Pan Jia. They planned and arranged a series of things, after which, Ji Hao and the other cultivators bowed and said goodbye to Pan Jia.

As a golden stream of light dazzled into the sky, the Heaven and Earth golden bridge wrapped Ji Hao and the other cultivators up, along with Bao Xiang and his people, who were all fainted. It flew into the sky, flashed across and left Pan Jia world immediately, disappearing in the vast void.

Pan Jia stood on a dense dark cloud with her head raised, looking where Ji Hao and the others disappeared in a daze.

A while later, she murmured to herself, "I sensed the power of Gu and Spirit Wa from them. Are they from the world created by Gu? Did Gu finally make that step? Did he succeed? A large world with endless secrets of creation… Ah, I do envy Gu’s power."

"Spirit Wa, Spirit Wa, I haven't seen you for many years. Do you remember me? I am Spirit Jia… Back then, we struggled for survival in the Chaos, together. Ji Hao and the other few kids, they traveled across the Chaos and came to my place, helped my true spirit to remerge. Was this a coincidence or…"

In the Chaos, the golden bridge moved forward swiftly.

Standing on the golden bridge, Ji Hao fiddled with the golden pestle he took from Bao Xiang. While smilingly wielding the golden pestle, Ji Hao said, "Brother Po, sister Gui Ling, I bet, with ten-thousand vats of wine, I know what Gong Gong wants to do."

"Because I know what he wants to do, I need to back to Southern Wasteland first, to bring my Amma and my clansmen to Yao Mountain City."

"I am going to take a detour. If anything happens on our journey back, brother and sister, I might need your help."

Po and Gui Ling paused slightly, looking at Ji Hao in confusion. ‘Have you figured out what Gong Gong wants already? Well, did you just take a guess or you truly have a great power, a great ability to foresee the future?’ thought Po and Gui Ling.

The golden bridge moved amazingly fast. At last, it penetrated the protective screen of Pan Gu world and bumped into it. Meanwhile, it slightly turned in the air, flying swiftly towards Southern Wasteland.

Southern Wasteland turned larger and larger, closer and closer in Ji Hao’s eyes. When the thriving primitive jungle filled up Ji Hao sight, they had arrived in Southern Wasteland.

After so many years, Ji Hao finally stepped in the Southern Wasteland once again.

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