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Back in Pan Jia world, the sun was blazing in the water.

Kappa’s face was covered in sweat with his eyes popped out, staring at the sun right in front of him.

The seven sea water was condensed from the purest negative power and bone-piercing cold. It could suppress almost all positive powers in the world. Most of divine flames and spirit fires in the world could be suppressed by the seven sea water, and only the essence sun fire was an exception. The essence sun fire was the extreme of the positive powers of the world. It could destroy all evilness, and was unstoppable.

Through the seven sea water, the essence sun fire burned Kappa. The Long black robe worn by him transformed into large and sticky streams of water, swiftly rotating around him. It was constantly generating ice crystals and snowflakes to protect Kappa, fending against the sun power.

Kappa was protected by powerful treasures, but still, he was soaked in sweat. He was inside the water, but his sweat was as sticky as glue, as heavy as liquid silver. Even in the water, one could clearly see the streams of sweat on his body.

The other tens of powerful beings under Gong Gong’s command, and countless aquatic warriors who were hatched in Pan Jia world, screamed while desperately fleeing towards all directions. They cried so loudly, as if their butts were on fire.

They had to run. All shrimps and crabs already had their shell burned red while fishes had their scales cooked. The skins of water snakes and eels had almost fallen off. Even those turtles, who had thick shells to protect themselves, were also screaming because of the great heat while throwing their weapons away and fleeing away from the sun as quickly as possible.

Only a few dragon whales, who had enormous bodies, especially thick scales and skins and extra strong life-force, guarded around Kappa with their teeth gnashed, while trying their bests to withstand the power of the sun.

Dragon whale was a legendary creature from the North Sea. Most of the dragon whales were born in the deepest water areas in the North Sea, and also lived in that area. Those water areas were incredibly dangerous and extremely cold. But in some areas, volcano vents could be found, and the water temperature around those volcano vents could even melt gold and iron. Nevertheless, dragon whales could still live safely and freely in places like those.

With the heat-resisting power they gained back in the North Sea, these dragon whales gnashed their teeth tight while keeping Kappa guarded. However, after guarding Kappa for less than a quarter of an hour, the skins of these dragon whales were burned broken, while differently sized blisters appeared on their bodies. Helplessly, these dragon whales screamed out, turned around and escaped with all of their powers, without being able to protect Kappa anymore.

Kappa stood still in a daze for quite a while. Then, with a great rage, he screamed towards those desperately fleeing aquatic warriors, "Fight! Fight with your lives! You useless idiots! Where can you run? When the seven seawater is boiled, you will all become a pot of fish soup!"

Pointing fiercely at Ji Hao, Kappa continued screaming, "Rush up! Rush up and kill them! Kill this sun! Kill this sun! This is the only way to live! The only way to live!"

Those aquatic warriors kept fleeing without even turning around and glancing at Kappa.

‘What a joke! Kill this sun? Do you even know what are you talking about? Kill a sun?! Not to mention you, Kappa, even the Black Emperor from the north, who once was the leader of all water Gods in Pan Gu world, could never kill a sun!’ thought Ji Hao.

Ji Hao crossed his arms before his chest, chuckled while looking at Kappa, who was so furious, laughed and said, "Kappa, if you can kill this sun, I could let you go without punishing you for insulting the human emperor!"

Kappa’s face twitched. He looked at Ji Hao, then raised his head and cast a resonant growl. All of a sudden, a terrifyingly great cold power roared out from his body. Great dark power streams transformed into rampant waves, surging out. Meanwhile, the seven sea water began waving as well, along with Kappa’s waving arms.

Ji Hao’s body instantly shook. What a great power, Kappa was indeed a powerful creature, who existed ever since the prehistorical era.

He moved the seven seawater single-handedly, and even made the sun of Pan Jia world, which was compressed by Ji Hao, quake intensively, that affected Ji Hao as well.

"Earl Yao Ji Hao? You’re nothing but a human earl. How dare you go against our Gong Gong Family? One day, you will all kneel under our feet, be slaves, and serve us forever and ever, generation after generation." Kappa growled in a deep and hoarse voice while black smoke puffed out from the top of his head. Within the black smoke, countless oddly shaped, hazy silhouettes of aquatic creatures could be seen, roaring furiously.

Harshly, Kappa shouted, "You useless things, why would I raise all of you? What can you do? Just die!"

Following his voice, the bodies of all those fleeing aquatic warriors paused in the water, then exploded simultaneously. Except for the tens of subordinates of Kappa, hundreds of millions of aquatic creatures all turned into streams of blood in the water.

Kappa took a deep breath, then all the blood began surging into his mouth. The blood was swallowed and absorbed by Kappa. Gradually, black scales grew out from his skin, layer by layer. Soon, Kappa became a black ball, which was thickly covered in scales, that looked seriously weird and disgusting.


Along with a resonant shout, Kappa’s body started expanding speedily, as more blood was absorbed by him. Within the span of a few breaths, his body expanded to thousand miles. The ball-like body of his then turned into a gigantic frog, which was covered in scales, and had sharp teeth filled in the mouth. The frog opened his mouth and released a dense stream of black smoke, roaring towards the sun.

The black smoke contained immeasurably great cold power and negative power, which clashed violently against the golden glow of the sun, generating a loud sizzling noise. The golden sunlight pushed forward inch by inch, while the black smoke was dispelled inch by inch. Nevertheless, Kappa had actually been fending against the power of the sun single-handedly. Although he was suppressed, at least for now, his life wasn’t threatened.

"Priest Po, Priest Gui Ling, the agreement made on top of Sky Pillar, do you still remember it?"

Kappa gnashed his teeth and said with a twisted voice, "You people are not allowed to step into internal affairs of the humankind, unless human beings are facing a true destructive disaster. Although I am a minister of Gong Gong, I am also a minister of the human emperor…"

Po smilingly looked at Kappa and said, "Therefore, my sister and I will never step into the fight between you and Earl Yao Ji Hao!"

Kappa paused, then leaped up in surprise. His body was like a mountain, smashing down towards Ji Hao’s head. This strike he launched contained the spirit blood powers that came from hundreds of millions of aquatic creatures. It was overwhelming and unstoppable. Only the fierce gale started by it almost broke all of Ji Hao’s bones.


Ji Hao roared while a dim stream of light flashed across his head. The Pan Xi divine mirror was activated. Kappa’s enormous body bumped into the dim light. He suddenly burst with a shrill scream while he was teleported away by the Pan XI divine mirror straight into the sun!

Inside the ten-thousand miles in radius sun, an entirely black frog was screaming and struggling. Through his mouth, eyes, nostrils and ears, the strongest essence sun fire in the core of the sun drilled into his body, burning all of his internal organs.

Kappa, struggled desperately, attempting to save himself. But Pan Jia finally made her move. She slightly waved her hand and turned the seven sea water into nothingness. The greatest defensive force possessed by Kappa was suddenly gone. Therefore, he could never escape from the sun.

Struggling for half an hour, Kappa finally gave a sad howl.

"Stop, please stop…I…I…please stop for now!"

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