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"Bai Rouzi!" Kua E growled out and looked at the divine God who stood up.

Bai Rouzi was short and slim, and was stunningly beautiful. If she didn’t have those long silver hair covering all over her body, she would look like a breathtakingly beautiful young human girl. However, the silver hair on her body didn’t do any harm to her beauty. Instead, it made her look magical and mysterious.

Among the group of captured divine Gods, only Kua E and the other few showed despair on their faces, while the others were mostly confused and shocked. Some even whispered, "Do we truly have a gatekeeper? Bao Rouzi, a little girl? What gate has she been keeping? Is there still something in the heaven that we don’t know about?"

"Kua E and Qiang Liang seem to know something about it, right? Eh, the heaven has fallen already. What gate still requires a special gatekeeper? So all those legends turn out to be true?"

The group of divine Gods whispered to each other. According to their conversations, they had heard about the gatekeeper once, but most of them didn’t believe it. They thought that it was only a story. However, with such an extreme method, Gong Gong forced Bai Rouzi to stand out. Meanwhile, Kua E, Qiang Liang and the other few, who were the leaders of the young divine Gods, showed despair on their faces. Obviously, this was a great secret that ordinary divine Gods didn’t have the right to know about. But none of them knew how did Gong Gong find this out.

"Are you the current gatekeeper?" Gong Gong walked to Bai Rouzi, raised her chin with his long and slim finger, curiously looked at her young face and said, "A little girl, can you even take such a heavy responsibility?"

Bao Rouzi tremblingly remained silent. In a great panic, she turned around and looked at Kua E.

Kua E had taken Xiangshen and was paralyzed, so he couldn’t even move his fingers. But at the moment, he suddenly boosted up his strength and leaped straight up, pointed at Bai Rouzi and screamed, "Bai Rouzi, you cant…"

Snake Xiu gave a malicious smirk while suddenly dashing to before Kua E’s face, cutting into Kua E’s chest with his right hand, which was as sharp and hard as a blade. His arm penetrated Kua E’s body, and Kua E opened his mouth, but could only breath loudly and desperately, without being able to say one more word.

Bai Rouzi was frightened so badly that her face had turned dreadfully pale. Gong Gong showed a warm grin, rubbed Bai Rouzi’s head and said, "You don’t want your Abba and Amma to die in front of you, do you? Gods, if they die, they will die for good. Nothing will remain. You don’t want your parents to die, do you?"

Bai Rouzi quickly shook her head. Tears gushed out of her eye corners, being sent flying away along with her moves.

"So, just take me to there." Gong Gong gripped Bai Rouzi’s neck with his long fingers. Bai Rouzi’s neck was slim, and couldn't even fill his hand. Gong Gong then laughed, "Take me to there, then we can negotiate anything. You will be fine, your friends will be fine, your families, these old things who had themselves sealed, will also be fine…Alright?"

Bai Rouzi raised her heads, seeming to say something. But Gong Gong sensitively realized that she was struggling in the heart.

While sneering, Gong Gong continued slowly, "You are going to tell me how important is your responsibility, how many lives that are related to it, aren’t you? Just wake up, little girl. If that responsibility is truly so important, why are you, a little girl, carrying it? Not Kua E, not Qiang Liang, not Kaiming beast?"

"Your responsibility is not as important as you think it is, neither is it as important as they told you it is."

As a dim stream of light flashed across his eyes, God Gong said tauntingly, "You are tricked. The so-called responsibility of yours, of a gatekeeper, is just a dream of those idiots, who weren’t willing to admit that the heaven has fallen forever."

Bai Rouzi opened her mouth, looking at him without knowing what to do.

Qiang Liang suddenly leaped up, raised a fierce gust of wind while pouncing on Bai Rouzi. He clenched his fists, punching straight down towards Bai Rouzi’s head. Frightened by Qiang Liang’s sudden moves, Bao Rouzi subconsciously screamed out.

Wuzhi Qi rushed up and violently smashed his stick on Qiang Liang’s neck. Qiang Liang gave a muffled moan as his neck was nearly struck broken, and his body was sent flying away like a broken kite. He vomited blood, struggled for quite a while but still failed to stand back up.

Kaiming beast roared despairingly. Large streams of brightly shining warm power emerged from under his feet, carrying him up and allowing him to bump towards Bai Rouzi.

River Earl gave a vicious laugh while turning a black jade bottle held in his hand around. A bone-piercing cold power screamed out, that froze Kaiming beast into a giant block of ice. The huge ice block banged against the ground. Inside the dark ice, Kaiming beast shivered intensely, but didn’t have any more power to struggle.

"Little girl, take me to the place you’ve been guarding." Gong Gong gently smiled to Bai Rouzi and said, "Just obey. Do what I say, so you can all live. Otherwise, I will order my people to kill all living beings in this place, except for yourself, right now."

Bao Rouzi slightly trembled, then gnashed her teeth and slowly nodded.

Among the thousands of captured divine Gods, three to five stood up and growled hoarsely out, "Bai Rouzi, do you remember…"

Xiang Liu laughed, then a few snakeheads of his flew out and thudded against the bodies of these few divine Gods, breaking their bones and sending them flying away. Gong Gong abruptly laughed out with a gentle voice, "A bunch of silly kids, they take this quite seriously. Bai Rouzi, take me to where you’ve been guarding. Don’t waste time, alright?"

While gently and slowly scratching Bai Rouzi’s slim neck, Gong Gong continued with that deep, creepy voice of his, "I am a bit impatient, and I really want to kill a few now."

Bai Rouzi hurriedly shook her head, pointed at the inner area of the heaven as she stuttered, "Don’t kill anyone. The place I’ve been guarding is right in the Lihen Palace."

Pausing briefly, Bai Rouzi continued with a low voice, "Be careful, do not break any hair of mine with your fingernails. The divine magic formation for opening that gate is extremely complicated. Each of my 129600 hair is corresponding to a spell symbol. Only when all spell symbols merge into one can the gate can be opened. Therefore, among all the entire heavens, only Gods from my family can be gatekeepers."

Gong Gong immediately took his hand back, as if he was struck by thunder. Laughing embarrassedly, he said, "Alright, hmm, your hair is indeed valuable. Hurry up, hehe, your hair won’t fall off for no reason, will it? Eh?"

An hour later, layers of complicated divine seals were opened, while Gong Gong, his people and Bao Rouzi came to before an enormous palace, which was wrapped in dense gray mist. This palace had a simple and ancient style design, and was enormous in shape, but no door or gate could be seen; not even a slight slit existed on the wall.

Bao Rouzi stood in front of the Lihen Palace, with her silver hair slowly waving. Beams of silver light burst from her hair, transforming into countless complicated divine spell symbols. Then, these spell symbols started to combine, forming small groups.

At last, a human-head sized, lusterless, bronze-colored divine seal emerged in front of Bai Rouzi. She waved her hand, and the divine seal silently flew into the Lihen Palace.

The enormous palace split into two while a misty gray gate appeared in front of the group of people.

On the misty gate were three large characters formed from Chaos thunderbolts — Divine Origin Pool!

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