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The gate of the heaven was opened. Xiang Liu, Snake Xiu, River Earl, Wuzhi Qi, these four senior ministers under Gong Gong’s command held their breaths together while looking at those splendid palaces and mansions, which were surrounded by dense cloud and mist, behind the gate.

Even Gong Gong subconsciously popped out his eyes, looking at those palaces with incomparably greedy and passionate eyes. He held his hands behind his body, pretending to be calm and careless, but his pair of hands hiding in his sleeves, which were larger than ordinary human hands, were clenched tightly into fists. Because of the tightness, his knuckles had even turned pale.

A dim black stream of light spread out from deep inside Gong Gong’s pupils, and gradually formed a dark swirl in each of his eyes, seeming to swallow the entire heaven up, digest it then turn into a part of Gong Gong’s body.

"The heaven…My ancestors, today, my Gong Gong Family finally returns." Although Gong Gong had been trying quite hard to pretend to be calm, his body had still been shaking without his control.

Qiang Liang and Kaiming beast were carried on the shoulders of a group of Gong Gong Family warriors. Haring Gong Gong, Qiang Liang abruptly teased, "Finally return? Back then, you deviated from the heaven yourself!"

Gong Gong took a deep breath and responded blandly, "That’s an old story. Zhu Rong could leave the heaven, so why couldn’t I?"

Qiang Liang answered in a cold voice, "Zhu Rong left the heaven to be the Great Libation of the humankind, to spread the fire for human beings, and he is worshipped by generations of human beings. They are the family of the Fire God. Without the fire, human ancestors could never survive. They left the heaven with the permission of the divine emperors!"

Kaiming beast spat loudly then continued with a cold voice, "Zhu Rong Family served as the Great Libation of the humankind, generation after generation. The Fire God Family shielded human beings from all kinds of evils and dangers, and opened up homelands for the humankind. Therefore, they are worshipped by generations of human beings. Your Gong Gong Family can do nothing but start floods. You forced those weak human clans to serve you, and you…"

While Kaiming beast was accusing Gong Gong for all the bad things the Gong Gong Family had done, Wuzhi Qi abruptly burst with a wild roar and slapped on its face with the stick. The force hollowed a half of the beast’s face and made his sharp teeth fly out of his mouth.

Blood gushed out of the beast’s face. Kaiming beast howled in pain, then couldn’t speak anymore.

Gong Gong snorted coldly, gnashed his teeth and said, "Anyway, the heaven is mine now! The heaven belongs to our Gong Gong Family now! From now on, the heaven is one of my properties! It will shine upon generations of my descendants, until forever!"

Laughing wildly towards the sky for a short while, Gong Gong suddenly rushed up for a few steps. However, from the broad path in front of him, which was embossed with the patterns of dragons and phoenixes, large clouds of mist suddenly burst out, that made Gong Gong hurriedly take tens of steps backward like a frightened bird. He almost stepped out of the gate of heaven.

Not only Gong Gong, but the four senior ministers of his also shouted out, turned around and fled at their highest speed. Just now, Snake Xiu suffered a heavy strike of the five-colored divine thunder by the gate. As a consequence, his body was severely damaged already. Therefore, none of them was willing to try those defensive traps set in the heaven with their bodies ever again. Besides, anyone could easily figure out that more defensive traps were definitely set inside the heaven, in all kinds of important spots, than outside.

Snake Xiu was nearly killed outside by the divine thunder. If another divine thunderbolt struck on his head in the heaven, wouldn’t he be killed for real?

Gong Gong was the descendant of the ancient divine Water God, but Xiang Lou, Wuzhi Qi and Snake Xiu were famous evil prehistorical creatures. Even though they had boosted their courage up to walk into the heaven, their hearts were still filled with fear and awe to the heaven, just like River Earl. River Earl was one of the official regional water Gods entitled by the ancient heaven. But he was only a regional god, and couldn’t compare with those real divine Gods. Back then, River Earl only had limited chance of coming into the heaven. Therefore, he also had fear and longing to the heaven.

For the above reasons, Gong Gong was frightened, turned around and fled. The four ministers of his followed closely behind him and desperately fled as well. Each of them showed an ugly and embarrassing shape, such that their dignities were nothing now.

Dashing backward for tens of steps, seeing nothing happen on the path except the clouds rising out of the mist, Gong Gong instantly had his face darkened. He snorted coldly and embarrassedly, then growled at his ministers in anger and said, "What to be afraid of? Why are you all in a panic? Everything is under my control. It’s nothing…nothing but a dead thing, without an owner."

The group of people under Gong Gong’s command dared not to make any sound. Still, they looked at the heaven, which was covered in splendid streams of light and clouds, in fear and awe.

The heaven wasn’t built artificially. Instead, back when the world was created, the heaven was generated naturally. The heaven was generated by the natural will of this world, or in other words, the heaven was a greatly powerful world-accompanying spirit treasure, and it was the absolutely most powerful one among all world-accompanying spirit treasures in Pan Gu world. No other treasure could ever be compared with it.

Right in front of Gong Gong and his people, standing on the layers of purple, golden, cyan and green clouds, was a series of palaces, which were built in an ancient style, beautiful, magnificent and exquisite. Every single detail of these buildings was stunningly beautiful, and every brick of these buildings was filled with the power of Dao of nature.

Every palace, every hall, every mansion, every nursery garden, all of these buildings were surrounded by different colored, breathtakingly beautiful divine lights, that descended straight from the sky. These divine lights had different colors, pouring down straight from the sky. These lights were the magical power of creation that came from nature. The Heaven and Earth great formation had been absorbing essence powers from the world, transforming the power into these divine lights and nourishing those buildings. Therefore, buildings in heaven were all perfectly clean, despite the fact that no one had been taking care of them for countless years. The heaven was empty, but not tumbledown at all. In addition to that, the defensive power of every building had been ceaselessly improving, which meant that the defensive power of the entire heaven was improving as well.

In front of Gong Gong and his people was a hundred miles wide, ten-thousand miles long golden path. Thin streams of mist coiled in the path, while the path glowed like an enormous piece of treasure. The surface of the path was embossed with countless patterns of legendary creatures and rare plants, among which, the patterns of dragons and phoenixes were the most.

Gong Gong walked on the path and led his group of people to carefully move forward. Soon, they walked through the ten-thousand miles long path and entered into the Light Palace, that was the first palace in the heaven, and located at the end of the long path.

This palace was the core of an outer defensive formation of the heaven. The palace was thousands of meter tall, tens of thousands of miles in radius. Every single thing in the palace was gorgeous and brilliant, and enormous, because they were designed for those gigantic ancient Gods, who were hundreds, and even a thousand meters tall.

Gong Gong carefully walked to the throne of the owner of the Light Palace, put the pass on the enormous golden long table in front of the throne, then bit his tongue broken. He spread his own spirit blood on a divine talisman that emerged from the long table, then began incanting a complicated spell.

A quarter of an hour later, the Light Palace quaked slightly. Then, the first layer of defensive divine magic formation of the heaven was completely brought under Gong Gong’s control.

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